The Death of John McCain: Finally, Lucy won’t be able to pull away the football–Charlie Brown isn’t there to try and kick it

I typically don’t pile on when someone I don’t care for dies. It is good to just let things go when they are not necessary for strategic implementation. But with John McCain, there is so much being made about his death that it has to be addressed. Greatness, as it is being sold to us through the various aspects of our culture is not what John McCain was. It is stunning how many liberals are yearning for him now that he has died. There is more unsaid than said in this case as McCain represented a Republican Party that Democrats could easily beat. In the manner for which he is being celebrated, it is not for his courage and triumph but for his complacency and defeat, so that his humble nature might be copied by current Republicans so that Democrats might aspire to new life. John McCain is not being paraded around for all his great deeds but simply that he was until his last dying breath of servant of the state, and it will be the state that misses him. To me John McCain will always be the loser of two presidential runs, the guy who prevented Obamacare from being scrapped with his late night no vote, and he’s the Never Trumper who helped put the Steele dossier against Trump in the hands of the FBI. When I heard he had died I changed the channel to watch something else.

Yet now for days we have been hearing about how great John McCain was and how his sacrifices for our country were so magnificent—which is why we have to talk about this issue. Anymore, in this era of the Donald Trump presidency that it is the people who believe so intensely in the value of institutions that are against the new president. They have a visceral hatred for him and his independence, as well as the independence of the people who support him. If you really peel back the onion it is the institutionalized state and its servants who hate Donald Trump like jealous caged animals stuck in a zoo hates the spectators who observe them from the freedom behind a moat. John McCain was on full display from a kind of guerrilla pin watching people watch him in his natural habitat, the cages of Capitol Hill, the former POW captured behind enemy lines and tortured by the little Vietnamese. John McCain wasn’t the Rambo type of soldier that Americans fantasized about, he was the compliant soldier who did what everyone told him to, even when captured by the communists. Again during his own run for president when he had an opportunity to slam President Obama, he gave up on the chance and surrendered behind politeness while real evil did its work. The reason John McCain is being celebrated now is not for all the good things he did, it is for essentially being a Republican who left the door open for all the insurgents against America to sneak in, and for that they called McCain a patriot.

The institutionalized state views people like McCain patriots because they will sacrifice themselves so that the state can live, which is why McCain’s time as a POW is such a sentimental endeavor. While the typical Trump supporter would find heroics in killing all McCain’s captors and making belts out of them, McCain was a good prisoner who did what they told him to. He was a good Senator who lost when the institutions told him to and to yield his hopes and dreams for the highest office in the world to a young black Senator named Obama. When 700 WLWs Bill Cunningham set McCain up to take some shots at Barack Hussain Obama during the 2008 election McCain attacked the popular talk radio host for conduct unbecoming. McCain lost the election and America ended up with a socialist as its president for the next 8 years. Markets plummeted just as they do in every country where socialists are put into positions of power because the smart money left the country and took their jobs with them. McCain losing that election followed by a poor performance by Mitt Romney the following cycle created Donald Trump. For McCain to hate Trump the way he did by not even wanting the President to attend his funeral says everything about the deceased senator. He wasn’t one of the good guys. He was a Trojan horse who sided with the insurgents and encouraged those protecting the gates of Americanism to let down their doors and work with their enemies.

McCain is being celebrated as a politician who could work with both sides, when civility ruled the Senate. But what the institutions that miss him now are really mourning is that the days of Republicans leaving the door open so that bad people could take over the institutions is over, and now they miss those easy victories. While McCain probably did love his country and believed that everything he did was for the better, it all goes back to him being a prisoner of war in communist Vietnam and growing empathy for his captors and putting his faith into the institutions for which the war was fought and resigning himself to just being one little speck in the grand scheme of things that made him dangerous as a major player within the institutions which seek power at any cost—because he was all too willing to give it to them. John McCain was not a great man by my definition, nor by Trump apparently where judgments are made about conduct successfully done. McCain was the professional Charlie Brown that always had the football ripped away by Lucy at the last-minute and for that the institutions will miss him. But to the real achievers in the world, they’d rather forget that he was on their team at all.

I don’t blame Trump for not lowering the flag to half staff on Monday. McCain did everything he could to feed the phony Russian story back to the FBI which started the whole process in an effort to make it look legitimate. McCain always the good institutionalist tried to use his experience and levity as a former presidential candidate to make the Steele dossier look legitimate which started this whole mess with Mueller which is in Trump’s back pocket every day. Then to make matters worse, McCain hated Trump so much that he made it clear that the president wasn’t invited to his own funeral.

Yet that is what the institutionalized state will miss about John McCain. His death is actually the death of easy Republican defeats and a propped up Democratic Party, so of course they are sad. But why should the rest of us be? Honestly, I’d rather forget about John McCain, I certainly won’t miss him. He was a loser who hid his failures behind the sacrifices that state control required, and he renamed them victories. And for that he is being propped up as a great man being paraded around the country for the people to mourn. Will we do the same for other senators in the future, will we do such tributes to Senator Bob Dole, or Mitch McConnell? No, because what is being celebrated is not the life of John McCain but the willing servant of the institutions themselves, a feeder of evil to the causes against individual liberty. And that is what modern institutions call—good. Yes they will miss John McCain, but I certainly won’t.

Rich Hoffman

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The Jacksonville Killer David Katz: Gun control is impossible in this modern age of self production

One of the reasons I have been so interested in Cody Wilson’s quest to print 3D guns and build firearms from the comfort of our own homes is that his approach does great work for the Second Amendment that not even the NRA is daring to pursue. Wilson is actually making a successful argument for the expansion of the Second Amendment as opposed to just trying to stave off incursions against it, as the NRA and most members of congress are relegated to do. Every time there is a mass shooting, such as the one on Sunday at a Madden video game tournament at the Jacksonville Landing in Florida the very first thing that politicians and anti-gun activists did is beg for more gun control. Yet that is never the real answer to the problem of mass shootings—or shootings of any kind. It is only the state’s desire as an institutional element to squelch threats to its existence and it uses every tragedy to propel its argument. So, when the 24-year-old kid David Katz got angry that he lost in the Madden tournament which was taking place that Sunday afternoon he went to his car and grabbed guns to shoot up the people who beat him. The result was 3 people were killed and 11 wounded. Katz killed himself once he had instigated the carnage.

Of course the swell of gun control advocates piled on, but in this shooting, even more so than those in the past, the cries for change were bouncing off hollow walls. Gun control would not solve this problem, the conditions that brought Katz to shoot a bunch of innocent people is much more systemic. He was apparently in turmoil over his divorced parents, like a lot of young people are these days because marriage and family life are not stable for the growth of children as they have been in the past. Intact family development is crucial to the proper mental health of children—one could argue successfully that it is the primary reason to get married in the first place—to properly create children in society.

Additionally, the video game culture is now one of the biggest entertainment platforms in the world, they outsell movies and regular sports events now. That raises the stakes for people like Katz who had won the Madden tournament in the previous year to use that activity as his calling card for peer respect. But even going further, the kid was an anti-Trumper in a political climate that saw great Trump successes and all that was fed by the anti-Trump media, so there are lots of complicit elements that prevented Katz from behaving in a rational way.

For Katz, if it wasn’t guns it would have been a car, a knife or a baseball bat. Clearly, he had mental health problems yet the institutions that were supposed to be doing their jobs on him failed and the kid was a menace to himself and those around him. So the question has been brought up concerning gun control, should the state be able to control his access to firearms because he has a history of mental illness and social instability? Then who is going to decide whether or not Katz is socially stable enough to have a firearm? The same FBI that allowed Bruce Ohr and his wife to create fake documents to fudge up a FISA warrant to spy on the President of the United States—so to dig up dirt on him to get him thrown out of office on impeachment and leaked information to the press to psychologically destroy him. Or a CIA that sends guns to enemies in many countries to topple governments? Deciding who is right and wrong is a matter of perspective on which state-run power is holding more assets, but that does nothing to resolve the matter of individual rights. And that is what the Bill of Rights was all about, particularly the First and Second Amendments.

That is why the Second Amendment needs to be expanded, not weakened, even to issues of common sense such as mental illness, because the state control really isn’t qualified to determine such things. They are not capable, as David Katz is a prime example. Now that guns are invented, even if they are illegal, Katz could always get his hands on them. Someone out there in the world is going to make them in some market and we cannot allow villains to have them and good guys not to. As much as gun control advocates hate the idea of a “wild, wild, west” world where everyone is armed and can kill a bad guy quickly, that is the only way to view the world of today where decentralization of ideas is the cornerstone of our present existence. The very nature of the Madden tournament there at the shopping center in Jacksonville is the evidence of a new world not controlled by the state, and people must adapt to that world. The more centralized the controls are, the more vulnerable the people are who are now operating in a decentralized world, where we order most of our consumer goods on websites like Amazon and get our entertainment on Netflix. Video games have taken the place of actual sports because they are more inclusive, and more immediate than traditional games in the backyards of our homes. And with the divorce rate up, families destroyed, and personal phones giving people more individualized options than ever before, the concept of a centralized state controlling even guns is ridiculous.

While its true that all this technology gives the state more power of surveillance than ever before, that information is useless to that power because the state is too centralized and cannot move fast enough to protect people from threats. It can only clean up the mess afterwards. There were plenty of messages provided by David Katz to attract the attention of the FBI, but what would they do to stop such carnage? Nothing. They could only file a report later and use that information to fuel the anti-gun crowd because at least the deaths might give more power to the state for which the FBI serves. The best way to deal with loose cannons like David Katz was to just shoot him right at the point of the threat. Some of the fellow video gamers at the tournament should have been armed, but the Chicago Pizza restaurant where the tournament was held was a gun free zone. It shouldn’t have been. There should have been many people there armed, not just the killer.

Even at this point if all the guns in the world were confiscated, and possessing guns or gun plans were illegal, there would be massive noncompliance. It would be worse than all the drug laws we have, where compliance never stopped anybody from smoking pot or using cocaine. The drugs came illegally, just like illegal immigration have also come. More gun laws will never stop guns. It will just destroy American jobs. The guns will be made in people’s personal machine shops and from other countries as part of a black market that nobody has any control over, and that is the only path that more gun control will take us on. That is the essential message of Cody Wilson. That now technology has been introduced to our society and that it cannot be reversed. The state forces can seek to eliminate and even rewrite history to keep that information from the minds of people, but with the quick rise of information and the public hunger for it, whether it is in the form of video games, weapons or grocery delivery there is no way to stop what has been unleashed without destroying society itself, which the state has been unwilling to do. The presidency of Donald Trump is an aspect of that new technology, without it, and Wikileaks he likely wouldn’t have ever come close to winning the office of the President. That same technology makes gun control impossible so why even entertain the idea and delay a real solution. The way to stop the crazy loser David Katz was to shoot him dead right there on the spot with Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law. The two impediments to that were the nature of the youth themselves which has not been taught the value of gun ownership from either their parents or their institutions. The other was that the restaurant that the Madden tournament was being held in was a gun free zone. Those two things need to change to truly make events like that one safe. More gun control is not only unrealistic, it runs counter to the very nature of progress itself—and that Genie at this point isn’t going back into the bottle.

Rich Hoffman

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Cody Wilson’s ‘Come and Take it’: They don’t like ice in their English drinks, but Americans do

They don’t come along too often these days, but occasionally I read a book that really hits home with me. I am often very surprised when I read them, especially when they come from someone younger than me, but it does happen sometimes. And that is certainly the case with Cody Wilson’s 2016 book Come and Take It: The Gun Printer’s Guide to Thinking Free. It was remarkably well written and provided real insight into the mind of Millennials and how they view liberty. Wilson was remarkably colorful in his literature as he traveled all over Europe and the North American continent from San Francisco, Austin and New York on a journey of self-discovery while taking on the basic understanding of legalisms insulating the federal government from the people they intend to rule. Wilson considers himself an anarchist in the book and takes readers on an almost cryptic behind the scenes look at how such figures think in their natural habitats of London, Austin and even Spain, but what I hear from the young man is a staunch Republican the way they were always supposed to be, and his journey of self-discovery from a sympathetic liberal to an Alex Jones conservative is quite fascinating, largely because he is working with an extensive vocabulary and a real knack for literature and understanding law.

As I was reading this book literally enjoying every page, I kept thinking of how they don’t give you ice in your drinks in London unless you ask for it. When you do ask they treat you like some second-class citizen which of course to an American is a real insult. Who in the hell doesn’t want ice in their Coke? When you go to a McDonald’s or a Burger King in England and you ask for a large drink, what they give you is what we’d consider a child’s cup in America and they think of it as “big.” And it’s not just England, I remember trying to get a large Coke in Paris and what they gave me was this little mini can of pop that was ridiculously small. It was gone in one drink from the can. It reminded me that Europe and America really aren’t compatible. Of course, the rest of the world views both as part of the western world, but the differences are quite extreme and as Cody Wilson reported in his book Come and Take It, he was advised to print something else on his 3D printers, not guns, because Europeans didn’t like them.

Yet that is the point of Come and Take It, Americans love their guns because of what those guns mean and Cody Wilson has done something quite remarkable from a legal perspective. He is challenging in this book and his work at Defense Distributed the very legal foundation for any form of gun control. He’s not just doing what the NRA is committed to, which is preservation of the Second Amendment through activism and legal pressure on the Hill. Cody Wilson is attacking the legal premise for any gun control by a state, and I found him to make a compelling argument that makes a lot of sense. That makes his book Come and Take It one of the greats of American literature right up there with Ralph Waldo Emerson and Ayn Rand—because what he is challenging is a premise that has long been surrendered to all state-run authority and his idea of freedom is at the core of our very Constitution. His position is something that has been nagging at the back of my mind all of my life, but what he has managed to do is put a fine point on it and approach the topic as something we all fear to lose—access to the Second Amendment—but something we can never lose so long as we dare to live, and by the time I closed the book I realized he was 100% correct. He had figured out the answer to a long-mused problem in America, what does the right to bear arms mean and can it be regulated away? The answer is no.

When I first heard about Cody Wilson it was years ago when he first started trying to print a gun on a 3D printer. That is after all what brought so much attention to Wilson, was that he proposed that we were in the age of 3D printing and no matter what kind of gun legislation politicians could come up with that guns were here to stay forever in America, and the world, because the ability to make them and use them had become decentralized through technology. Only back then, I wasn’t too impressed with his Liberator as a weapon. Being made of a kind of plastic, I never had any thoughts that it would hold up as a weapon, so I didn’t pay it much mind. But that was me thinking of the problem in terms of the past, a past that I grew up in where things were manufactured at a store and purchased by driving to the store and picking up what it was you wanted. A society to a large degree decided how you would get those items, whether or not there was a road to even drive on to get to that store. So a certain assumption about the regulation of the manufacturing process was always on my mind. Yet we are living in the age of immediate gratification. My daughter was telling me that she was having her groceries delivered to her house the other day because she didn’t have time to go and that seemed odd to me. There are so many things that you can get brought to your home now, everything from movies to any information in all the most well stocked libraries in the world—everything is literally at our fingertips, and it is happening so rapidly that no government can really hope to regulate it all. It has evolved beyond their control.

Wilson even diagnosis this issue with himself in the book, he correctly understands that the reason the federal government gave him an FFL to begin with is that he stated that he intended to sell firearms, which makes him a contributor to the state. If you contribute to the state’s coffers, they will love you, even if they hate you. Why is Sean Hannity not in jail, because he overpays his taxes. That is why he’s still on the air. Wilson managed to put real thoughts and definitions to this global problem in Come and Take It which was truly fascinating—and refreshing. Why is Paul Manafort in jail, because he sought to deny the state of income—its that simple. Yet how can the state properly regulate firearms when it needs the freedom of the people to perform in order for it to get its money. There lay the problems for the state in regulating firearms in any manner. If the state, whoever the state may be—America, Germany, or China—if they turn off the means for a people to be informed and protect themselves with printable firearms, they also lose the type of economy that produces other forms of great wealth for which the state hungers. Quite and interesting paradox.

Once Wilson won parts of his court case recently and got the attention of President Trump did I revisit some of his work and buy Come and Take It: The Gun Printer’s Guide to Thinking Free. I figured it was worth reading since the kid was in the news so often these days. I wanted to know more about him. I was worried that he’d be one of these Antifa freaks, but as it turned out, he is quite a smart young man who truly does love guns and the Second Amendment. And that love of resistance comes out in this very articulate book that written by anybody else would have been boring and all too legal. Instead, colored by Cody Wilson it has become a work of art and law, and a philosophy that is taking America in a direction it was always destined to take. And gun control is not part of that future because control is not to the state’s advantage. The state needs the freedom of people to feed its massive appetite for taxes and wealth building. And so long as Cody Wilson operates his company Defense Distributed and makes his new Ghost Gunner milling machines, and pays his taxes, the reality of gun control is that it doesn’t exists and can never exist without crushing the very essence for which the state strives. And that is a realization that is very powerful.

Come and Take It: The Gun Printer’s Guide to Thinking Free is a remarkable book, a real treasure. If you haven’t read it yet, you should.

Rich Hoffman
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I Stand With Sheriff Jones–ARM THE TEACHERS: HELL NO on the 1.5-mill Butler County school security levy

Of course, people want to know what I think of the 1.5-mill levy that five Butler County schools are trying to pass together to boost school security. The five schools are Hamilton, Fairfield, Monroe, Edgewood and New Miami, and if the levy passes they intend to increase their school entry security, and hire mental health employees to help in what they think will help make schools safer. It’s a ten-year deal which effectively avoids the entire problem. As a long-term anti-levy advocate for public schools I am on the record at Lakota as saying if they allowed a policy of arming their teachers that I would support a levy to increase teacher compensation and help them purchase firearms. As anti-tax as I am, I support the Betsy DeVos federal purchase of firearms to help teachers get their hands on them so obviously this issue means a great deal to me. I think firearms on a teacher makes schools much safer and ultimately prepares children for the kind of world they are going to have to live in as adults. The Hamilton school board actually yielded rightly to Sheriff Jones and his billboards by voting to support arming teachers, then under great pressure and in hoping that this levy would pass, they backtracked to await the results of this election. That pulled Jones off the fence of neutrality on this particular levy to speak against it. And on that issue Sheriff Jones and I might as well be identical twins. I am with him in saying what I have said many, many times in the past. This school levy is a money grab by these school districts who are very intent to ignore the problem of school shootings and are attempting to yield to the pressure of the teacher unions and their anti-gun progressive political philosophy against the nature of this threat.

Guns and how people think of them has largely been shaped by our public education system and ultimately the liberalism of modern politics. That essential vantage point is that guns are dangerous and just looking at one is a kind of taboo and that is a far cry from how things have traditionally been in this country. As an example, obtaining a gun in America was like getting the first responsibilities into adulthood, which is the central premise to the movie that comes out every year on all our televisions during the Holiday season, A Christmas Story. Getting a gun and learning to use it responsibly was the first access that many had in their journey toward adulthood. But since that movie and the period it covers, American youth have lost that basic stepping stone into adulthood and public schools have attempted to steer minds away from such individualized ritual into accepting more state control, which is what you hear from virtually every school official as pressure mounts to arm teachers. The positions of government schools are to rely on centralized authority as opposed to individualized first responders.

Hoping to ride public emotion away from making that critical decision to individualize security in the hands of first responder teachers this Butler County school levy is one last leap to keeping that centralized authority model alive in the context of the core philosophy of public education. That assumption is a progressive belief that guns should be removed from society and that children should grow up into adults and not have their minds on guns at all—so that an eventual federal ban will occur by those future voters. By allowing guns to be part of the solution, the fear is that this new generation of young people will grow up once again accepting that guns are a critical part of American society, which of course they always have been.

I have come to think of guns as more of a philosophy than an imminent threat. Personal firearm ownership is a declaration of independence in a lot of ways and a commitment as a first responder to law enforcement. Gun ownership is not a threat to law enforcement, it is a great assistance if done properly and it is that reality for which Sheriff Jones and President Trump support arming teachers in schools to put the whole school security issue to bed for good, before more people get hurt.

We have all talked about doing something after the most recent rash of school shootings, but the real answer is to decentralize the process and give teachers the ability to be those critical first responders when danger happens. The philosophy of guns is that by owning them, we make each owner an extension of law and order rather than hiding under a desk or behind a door while we wait five to ten minutes for the police to arrive. The fantasy that many progressive people have, which many school board members are dedicated to, is that guns will be removed from American society at some point and they think by resisting a move to the other direction that they are facilitating that inevitability. But I would point out correctly that the trajectory of gun legislation is not getting more restrictive, it is getting less so. If you track gun laws back to 1992 it will become apparent that the Second Amendment has been strengthened even under the most rigorous debate, because as an invention of individual protections, guns are at the core of everything our American society stands for. And schools should be part of that instruction, working with the NRA and even gun manufacturers to facilitate great understanding of what guns are all about and how to properly use them so that young people grow up to be good gun owners in the future. Denying this reality is where all these school board members are going wrong, because they are missing the essence of educating young people in modern-day America. Taking a political stand is reckless when the evidence shows that the world is wrong on this issue. We need more guns and gun ownership, not less to make a society built on justice, honesty, and valor.

The five schools mentioned are avoiding the inevitable. They are hoping to take this money grab to appease the unionized teachers but to act as an insurance policy if something does go wrong, because they can at least say then that they tried. But we are looking for more than trying, I certainly expect there to never be a school shooting in my county schools. And if someone tries, then I expect some first responder to put down the threat right then and there and get the students back to class learning valuable things, not sitting around crying about how emotional everyone is. There shouldn’t be a need for more mental health experts in schools because the message would be quite clear, if danger erupts, the teachers are armed. And that the way to better mental health is in conducting lives in a more individualized responsible manner. In their most basic form, firearms teach their users to be more responsible people which translates to every action a person participates in. So, the benefits are many in arming teachers in public schools.

That leaves the point of this article as to whether or not the Butler County school security tax should be passed, to be answered. And I say HELL NO! It’s a chicken approach to a hard problem and for the schools themselves it is just as Sheriff Jones articulated, it’s a money grab. I hate tax increases and I think the schools cost way too much money currently, and kids don’t learn nearly enough of what they need. I would argue that the entire government school system needs to be rethought. But I stand by my previous statements on approving levies if school boards adopt arming teachers. I sympathize with the tremendous intellectual challenge it takes for them to make the switch in thinking from a centralized safety response to a more individualized one. So I’m willing to sweeten the pot for them to bring them to the right side of the argument. I personally think everyone should learn to shoot a gun. There is nothing like going to a range and respecting the people around you who are all armed with deadly weapons because it teaches the process of being safe and conducting yourself responsibly. Those basic procedural respects are missing from today’s youth and I think they would do well to get it from their teachers in school. But better yet, it is best for kids to know that their schools are truly safe because any teacher could be armed and if danger breaks out, someone is there to respond in seconds rather than minutes. And that has a direct impact on whether there is a body count or not.

Rich Hoffman

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The Liberty Township Killer, Michael Anthony Strouse: Most of the time, it is good to pass judgment

One thing’s for sure, Michael Anthony Strouse who was arrested for the murder of a 23-year-old West Chester girl looks like a loser. We don’t know much about the case as of this writing other than it took good police work to discover the body which led to the arrest near the intersection of Millikin Road and Maud Hughes. Of course, I have spoken at great length about what has happened at that particular intersection and the turmoil from many deceased persons is quite extensive. If you believe in ghosts, this is not the place for you, yet that is where the body was found, along a tree line at the back of a farm-house at the corner of that intersection across from the neighborhood of Hawthorne Hills.

This case hit home with me a bit for many reasons, not just because the body of a young person was found only a few miles from my home, but because I have a personal history with the farm the body was found on. In fact, all up and down Millikin Road are the older homes of members of the Hoffman family most of them long gone. That particular farm-house was the rowdy residence of some of my cousins who were very well-known several decades ago as some pretty crazy lunatics. That particular location has a reputation for bringing out the worst in unsavory characters. It might be that well before the British settled the area before and after the Revolutionary War that many Indian mounds from ancient cultures were built upon and destroyed by farms that the spirits of some pagan deities take over the mind of the weak and inspire them to evil. It’s hard to say. But what we can determine is that by just a look at Michael Strouse, who was servicing a year-long probation for exposing himself, that the guy should have been arrested just for looking like someone who might kill somebody.

Naturally, we just can’t go around arresting people, or killing them because they might be a menace, but this Strouse guy was living in Liberty Township, one of the best places on earth to live, but he was obviously showing signs of harming other people’s lives and his appearance projected those intentions like a lit-up billboard in Las Vegas. Strouse has quite a police record, mainly for drug use and possession. Looking at him it doesn’t take much imagination to conclude that he looks like the kind of loser who would kill someone, so it’s a shame that we couldn’t have acted on him sooner, before some family lost their daughter to this guy.

They say that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Well, “they” are usually idiots, most of the time you can. If a person looks like a derelict and they present themselves to the world the way that Strouse did, something bad is bound to happen around them, and our first defense is to judge that they are dangerous and should be avoided, or destroyed. Speaking of that area I did get involved with the confrontation of just such unsavory characters that led to the death of one person in a shoot out just a few hundred yards to the west of the location of the body in this Strouse case. It was a long time ago and under very unfortunate circumstances, but sometimes you have to do what has to be done. In that case it was friends of mine who had actually pulled the trigger ending the life of a young juvenile delinquent. Most everyone else survived, and even though it’s not fashionable to talk about the deceased because the people who are left behind are often emotionally affected, it is individual behavior which ultimately is to blame.

It doesn’t matter if its evil spirits from some ancient culture residing in the burial mounds of a region that has long destroyed them which whisper in the ears of the drunk and drug induced young people to kill themselves and others, it is ultimately those who fail to filter out the voices who are at fault. A place may have a past, but it is how people deal with the present that either fuel evil or repeal it. A guy like Michael Strouse was dangerous, he was on probation so that what we could assume was a caring family could watch over him. But you could tell just by looking at the guy that he was trouble. With a history of using drugs and exposing himself to women, what good could possibly come from the guy? It’s not like he was going to invent the next cure for cancer or find a way to colonize space. He was just an idiot who was proud to be a parasite on the human race and he advertised his disrespect for the human condition with every cell in his body. Judging people is a good thing and if there is anything to learn from this case it’s that we should judge others more, not less.

I’m sure this is all very shocking to the residence of Hawthorne Hills across the street from where the unidentifiable body of the victim was found but they had to know by just one look at the loser Michael Strouse that someone was going to be hurt sooner or later by the guy. As I said, I know the area well and could tell stories all day long before there was ever a Hawthorne Hills of the people who fought and died in that very region out of conflicts that arose for many reasons. Why there and not someplace else? Speculation can only do its work, but in my personal case its better if its people who are trying to bring harm to other people who end up laying in a field dead to life than some innocent person. It’s always sad because whoever ends up dead is always someone’s child who had all the potential for a good life straight out of the womb. But when they get up into their mid-twenties and they look and act like Michael Strouse did, it’s too late. Nothing good is going to come from a life like that and I’m sure the neighbors in Hawthorne Hills knew, they just didn’t want to get involved.

Evil must be confronted, and when a person presents themselves with an obvious embrace of such evil, they declare themselves a threat and it is up to our judgement to engage them. I’m sure we’ll find out the details of this tragic story and it will make us sick, but the crime happened because too many people were minding their own business, and were not willing to confront evil as it was on full display. That allowed this Michael Strouse to sneak in and out of the house undetected and put in danger young women who are not yet old enough to have their wits about them. And it is that very circumstance that allows the wrong kind of people to end up dead. History may say that by the nature of human activity somebody at the corner of Millikin Road and Maud Hughes will die for one reason or another, but we should all be more engaged with our surroundings so that we can ensure that it’s not the innocent who become victims. Sometimes the villains of our world make it easy for us, and Michael Strouse will dare us to pass judgment, but for the sake of the innocent we should do so much more often.

Rich Hoffman

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The Most Durable Person in the World: Donald Trump and the Ohio Republicans

I think I was born a Republican. I’ve never had a period in my life where being Republican wasn’t part of my behavioral characteristic. But I can’t say that all Republicans were always committed to the degree that I have been. There was a period over the last twenty years where I wondered if Republicans were really conservative, people such as John Kasich for instance. I can think of lots of names where Republicans acted more like very liberal Democrats and were certainly not conservatives. But these days I am very proud of the Ohio Republican Party. Everywhere I look at all levels of politics there are some really great Republicans in office or running for office, people like Warren Davidson, Jim Jordan, George Lang, Jim Renacci, Ann Becker, Mark Welch, Mary Taylor Sheriff Jones and now Troy Balderson who was personally backed by President Trump. There are more, but those are just some at the top of my mind that have emerged in Ohio as Trump has taken control of the Republican Party as a whole and centering a lot of that new power in Ohio. Ohio has become once again the center of politics within the entire nation and it was obvious at the Ohio state Republican Dinner which is held annually. Only this time Trump was the headliner in a way that showed that the philosophy of the party had been corrected from past dinners away from the governor John Kasich who didn’t go. He said he had to take one of his daughters to college, but we all know that the crowd at that particular dinner was way too conservative for him.

Watching Trump speak at this event I could help but feel some pride. These modern Republicans are certainly a group of people I can get behind. I enjoy them as people and for the first time in my memory I don’t worry so much about them being so far off politically that I can’t have a conversation with them. Many critics say that my particular brand of Republicanism is way too far to the political right. I think that is ridiculous as my brand of conservative thought would be right at home in the many westerns that Hollywood used to make, and on television shows like Little House on the Prairie, or even a Clint Eastwood cop drama. It wasn’t that long ago where my type of conservative thinking was mainstream. I mean I grew up thinking of Ronald Reagan was a Hollywood liberal, so that’s where my mind was and continues to be. Over the years I have rejected the pull of Republicans to the political left thinking they had to move in that direction to win elections. Obviously, Donald Trump has proven that the John Kasich formula of essentially becoming a liberal to win elections was wrong.

Instead Trump has moved more to the political right as he grew older and wiser giving us the man we have today. As he spoke in front of that particular crowd in Ohio it was obvious to me that he is probably the most durable person in the entire world. I can’t think of anybody else who could have gone through what he did this past week and even want to step out of the house, let alone speak in front of people and give interviews to the press. Trump is simply amazing and it was on full display that night in Columbus, Ohio. I have never been prouder to call myself a Republican than at this present moment.

In this new era the names I mentioned earlier are climbing to the top of the party and for good reason. To be truthful it is because of them that all the powers of established government are trying with everything they have to destroy Donald Trump. I mean they are furious, if you look at the immunity deals being given to the CEOs of all these companies that are attached to Trump in some way it can easily be seen what the plan of the open-ended Mueller investigation is. It’s certainly not to find any kind of truth—its to destroy Trump and his family politically forever so that the needed changes in Washington D.C. cannot take place. Its to put Trump on his heels so hard that he might never get up. Mueller is playing hard ball to get revenge for his friend James Comey’s termination as the FBI Director and for pulling the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan. Up until Trump did it, nobody challenged the authority of these intelligence agencies and they evolved into a kind of “deep state” where they think they are running the whole show. Heck, just a few months ago people thought that Comey, Mueller and many others at the center of the fake conspiracy against Trump were Republicans, but now we see what they really are. Comey himself has been calling for Democrats to win in this upcoming midterm election to stop the Trump agenda which would be pretty scary stuff if the President wasn’t so strong. But Trump is like a tank, he takes the hits, and just keeps moving forward. And he fires back which has been the foundation of this new Republican Party which is emerging in Ohio.

With Trump’s leadership the decks have been cleared, and the RINOs are off taking their kids to college instead of attending the annual Ohio dinner for Republicans. Jim Jordan actually has a shot at becoming the next Speaker of the House. And Jim Renacci has a real shot at beating Sharrod Brown, the long-time progressive Democrat in the Senate. As polling goes right now it looks like Renacci is going to beat Brown which will send shockwaves across the nation. I know Jim Renacci a bit and I know he’s going to turn up the heat over the next few months in a way that Sharrod Brown won’t be able to compete against. There are three debates scheduled between now and then and there is no way Brown wins those. He can’t due to his progressive views in this modern economic climate. All Brown can do is hope to hold onto the union vote, but those people are split. Cuyahoga county and Youngstown machinists are voting Trump and Renacci is Trump’s hand-picked candidate. The Trump factor will become the deciding element after all the hard work is done. When the smoke clears I’d put my money on Renacci being the winner.

Yet it was the election and sustainability of Donald Trump that has made all this possible. Other Republican dinners like the one witnessed on August 24th 2018 did not have this level of pizzazz to it. Only Trump could have brought that to the table and provided an environment for these truly conservative voices to emerge the way they are and that is the reason for the viciousness. The other side knows that if they can’t stop Trump then the Republican Party will be impossible to defeat in the future. This midterm election is essentially their last stand as Democrats and it has exposed even the RINOS who have been hiding in plain sight all along. I thought Trump was magnificent at the Ohio state dinner for Republicans and he had united the party by sheer will and leadership. And Ohio once again will be the center of the political universe when Jim Jordan and Jim Renacci emerge in November as powerhouses of political power. For a change I will be very proud to be associated with all things Republican. It’s nice to see the party coming back to where it should have always been, and we all have Trump to thank for that.

These are not the Republicans of our parent’s party.  These guys hit back………….and they expect to win.  Let me make a few predictions, which people who know me understand I am very accurate.  Republicans will hold the House on the Hill.  They will gain seats in the Senate, including Jim Renacci which will shock the political left in a severe way.  Jim Jordan will be the next Speaker of the House mainly because he has been very active of late and President Trump will support him behind the scenes.  That doesn’t mean that Republicans can take anything for granted, but it does mean that the fight is more than achievable to win.  Once the smoke clears after the election Trump will fire Jeff Sessions.  The House and Senate will confirm Rudi Giuliani and by March of next year Robert Mueller and the bad guys in the FBI and Justice Department will have a whole lot of trouble.  Revenge is served best on a dish named Trump.

Rich Hoffman

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When It’s Time to Revolt Against the Government: I put up with Obama, its time the other side put up with my guy, Trump

I am absolutely sure that the other side—the never Trumpers, the Democrats, the swamp dwellers of Washington D.C. culture on both political sides have not thought this thing through. All they know is that they want things to stay as they always have, where government service ties to big private sector pay checks as advisors later on, is a preserved system which stays intact. After all, they spent their entire lives boot licking their way into those positions and they expect to be paid. So they have not thought of the wider implications of removing Donald Trump from office. I’ve thought about it hard and can only say that an impeachment proceeding that removed Donald Trump from the presidency would represent to me an abandonment of our Constitution and would open up the necessity for armed rebellion. It would be hard, but I was at that point before this last election, putting my hopes for a change to the wind and hoping for the best. Luckily it worked out and our nation is going through one of its most prosperous periods in history. But if anybody thinks that I’m going to sit around and accept a removal of my president from office and that the FBI is going to come to my house and arrest me because I’m on a hundred different lists that the new regime thinks is dangerous to them, and I’ll go quietly into the night, they have another thing coming.

I had a little Twitter fight with a liberal screenplay writer the other day over this very issue. The scandal of Trump potentially paying off two women while on the campaign trail during the election of 2016 had put wind in his sales and he was feeling quite empowered. Eventually he called me a “birther” which was one of those controversial people who didn’t believe that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, but in some other country. The controversy of the birther movement was that Barack Obama did not meet the minimum requirement for the presidency and should be removed from office. Of course, the political left rallied behind defending the president even though there was some compelling evidence that created lots of questions in favor of these so-called “birthers.” Ultimately Obama stayed in office and fulfilled his two terms. The issue never really went anywhere, but watching how the Democrats have pushed things with Trump, I’m starting to feel that the situation is very disingenuous. If the shoe had been on the other foot and Donald Trump for instance had been born in England or Switzerland but had documents that showed doubtful elements showing an actual birth certificate in New York, they would have stopped at nothing to remove Trump from office. Nothing. And even ten years later, when they can’t win an argument they use the “birther” name as a way to try to discredit any critic and supporter of Donald Trump.

Republicans, including me, tend to follow the rules. I don’t cut in line, I treat everyone fairly. And in politics when someone I don’t like is in office and I want to replace them, I work to support candidates who can legally replace them with a vote. And that’s how it was for me during Obama’s presidency. I was at the front of a lot of resistance groups helping wherever I could, and I can say that nobody I dealt with planned to go nearly as far as the Democrats have in overturning an American election. There were a lot of things that could have been argued in favor it such a position by Republicans, but because we tend to follow the rule of law, we put up with the guy and waited our turn. I gave their guy, Obama a chance. Now I expect the same respect, and I’m not getting it, and its pissing me off. I use that pronoun because I can only speak for myself, but by experience know that I am not alone in that sentiment. To the extent that the Democrats have abused law in order and tried to alter the election of my candidate into office to give my side a crack at running the country properly has been personally very disrespectful and I think more than justifies an abandonment of the law to kick the shit out of that other side since proper political discourse is not something they are interested in. So to back what Rudi Giuliani said about a revolt by the American people if Donald Trump were to be impeached, he is absolutely correct.

If Democrats want to make a legal standard as to paying off women from Trump’s playboy days to keep quiet during an election then they have to live by that same standard. You can’t bust Trump for these types of things and not bust Democrats for the same thing, even though the evidence is many times worse that Democrats are much guiltier of even harsher crimes. Just as Democrats protected Obama from the “birther” claims and attempted to use the legal system to punish American sheriffs such as Joe Arpaio in Arizona for even investigating the matter the same standard should be applied to Republicans. Donald Trump legally won the election of 2016 and if the election were held today would win again. The Democrats have not put forward any ideas or candidates to refute Trump, instead they have resorted to bending the legal system to their favor while not expecting equal application of it in their direction. Isn’t that just a little too obvious? Our legal system is corrupt beyond any respectable recognition so what other recourse is there but violence if it is used to control one kind of political thinking and not the other.

At some point you just have to say, what the hell. I’m just not going to take it, and that’s where I’m at. I don’t think Democrats have a leg to stand on politically or legally, so I’m not too worried about it. I don’t think the House or Senate are up for grabs and I don’t have any doubt that Trump will win the next election in 2020 because the Democrats literally have nobody to run against them. But I have seen these fangs from this dangerous dog before, and you just don’t turn your back on such a dangerous creature. I would never let what happened to Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort happen to me. And I certainly wouldn’t sit back and let the Democrats in the Justice Department come after me the way they did Joe Arpaio. When Jeff Sessions says that he’s running a Justice Department free of political influences, he’s obviously smoking crack, because those employees are some of the most partisan government workers on planet earth. I don’t trust any of them, and I certainly have lost respect for the FBI. Don’t come knocking on my door.

I’m one of the most law biding people there is so there is no reason to even try it. But my compliance only goes as far as the Constitution of our nation for which all our laws are flowed down from. If the enemies of Donald Trump abandon those rules, they can’t expect to hide behind those rules to protect themselves from me, again the use of a pronoun because I can’t speak for you dear reader. I worked within the system to put up with Barack Obama, George Bush and even Bill Clinton. I didn’t pick up a rifle and organize a militia against the forces of tyranny, I simply worked within the election system to make changes legally. But if Trump is removed from office by any other means than with an election, I will organize a resistance, and I will promise one thing—I won’t be on the losing end of that exchange. It won’t matter if it’s just me or a million people. The odds will not work out in favor of the villains. It won’t matter if its 50,000 black masks of Antifa, the socialist brats of California, or the entire Democratic Party using our own military as a blanket to hide under—it won’t matter. Count on it.

Rich Hoffman

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