Welcome to the Long Lost American Demographic of Right Leaning Fly Overs: Where guns and Donald Trump are not dirty words

I remember all too well when the Koch brothers were considered the radical fringe of the Republican Party—the more libertarian wing. That was sad, because they were our only option as conservatives because they had an open check book and were funding the campaigns of several politicians who they felt embodied their view of the world. Harry Reid thought of them as Satan himself incarnate in politics. Nobody ever mentioned that George Soros on the other side spent a lot more money on liberal politicians, or that the labor unions provided a much less fair exchange of funds going into progressive political candidates—it was the Koch brothers who got all the attention and were thought to be such crazy extremists that the entire political spectrum had been pulled so far over to the left that nobody knew literally what was right anymore. Yet I always knew what was right and that’s why I was an early supporter of Donald Trump and now the differences between then couldn’t be more extreme. The political spectrum had shifted in great ways to the right and it looks like its going to stay there for a long time. The Koch brothers are now nearly considered to be as left leaning as George Soros in comparison and that’s good to see because that reflects the world we live in.

There are reasons that communist and socialist countries have closed societies full of censorship and extreme methods of keeping their people contained behind their borders. North Korea, East Berlin even modern-day China are very closed societies that do anything they can to keep their people suppressed and in place within their borders so not to lose them to another competitive nation. That reason is that socialists and communists cannot compete with open markets and that is why the Koch brothers and their paid off politicians like open borders in the United States and unbalanced trade tariffs because they are all about keeping markets closed to protect their own investments. In the Koch situation over half of their business assets are on foreign soil and the ones they do have in the United States are reminiscent of third world countries.

For over 15 years I’ve been going every year to the Annie Oakley festival in Darke County, Ohio during the last weekend of every July and I have watched carefully how the politics of the outside world influenced this yearly event. This past year I was at the Ohio Fast Draw competition tent explaining how the shooting worked to some spectators. I had my .45 on my hip along with my bullwhips that I had just used in a show across from my location and the subject of politics came up for the first time in that entire 15-year period. The week prior there had been some considerable buzz on talk radio that the leftists control of the entertainment industry and the press had not converted people in places like Wichita, Kansas into rabid progressives they were supposed to become and that was certainly true in Greenville, Ohio. The people I was talking to around the Ohio Fast Draw tent were never going to be members of the political left. They were never going to adopt left leaning political philosophies. The only reason they were suddenly interested in politics was because for the first time in their lives they liked the president in the White House. Ask them who the Koch brothers were, and they’d think they were the founders of Coca Cola. Ask them who Donald Trump was and they’d say, “He’s that New York billionaire who f**ks Playboy models and lowered our taxes. I love that guy!” Welcome to the long lost American demographic of right leaning fly overs.

There are millions upon millions of these types of people who I described from the Greenville event spread all across the United States, and Trump has reached them directly. There is a reason Fox News is so popular and that Rush Limbaugh has such big numbers. It’s not because they did anything special, only to fulfill a market niche that evolved out of necessity. Since America is a free society, there is always competition for attention and it is the people of the flyover states who live between the big cities who really make up the character of the United States. Those people don’t like government, they want it as small and unobtrusive as possible. Political leftists in order to sell their view of the world must have a society like East Berlin and North Korea where censorship from the state keeps voices from expressing themselves. Given a choice most people will side with the small government conservatives, such as the type of farmers and hard-working people who find events like the Annie Oakley Festival a nice vacation in the summer months of God’s Country.

During the height of the Obama years there was talk of pushing guns out of the Annie Oakley Festival all together as big city progressivism had seeped into Greenville, unwelcomed I might add. How could you have an event that celebrated one of America’s first female celebrities without admitting that she gained her fame through trick shooting with guns? To celebrate Annie Oakley’s life without celebrating the gun was like celebrating a fine dinner without the food. It just didn’t make sense and the rumor had an impact on attendance at the event. But now that Trump was in the White House everything had shifted in the other direction and now guns were everywhere, as they should have been all along. Even the mounted shooters were strutting their horses down the aisles crammed with people like cowboys fresh off the range packing their guns at their sides for the next show at 3 PM. People came to events like this because they reflected their desires, just as Fox News and Rush Limbaugh gave them something to listen to in the media. If Fox News for instance were to swing liberal to the extent of CNN, these people would just stop watching and something new would emerge to fulfil that market need.

That was the talk of course as Disney acquired 20th Century Fox this past week, that Disney would now be the parent company of Fox News. That was what the guy asking me about Ohio Fast Draw wanted to know. He was worried that Fox News would go away. That’s when I told him that something else would come along and take its place. I told him not to worry about it. Fox News didn’t make people like us who we are. We made Fox News. Just as Donald Trump didn’t make the political climate we are all in presently. We made Donald Trump. It was the Koch brothers who gave us little option, they wanted open borders and high tariffs, so they could justify their foreign investments and they pretended to be hard-line conservatives—and most of us knew it all along. People in Greenville, Ohio and Wichita, Kansas always thought the politicians were phonies, that is until Donald Trump was in the White House. Then we had an option, but prior to that most people just tuned out of politics because they didn’t have a representative. In Washington D.C. leftist thought that meant that they had control of the public sentiment, just as East Berlin thought they could keep capitalism out of that part of the city with a silly wall. By limiting what people saw and felt, the political left always thought they could control society. In the cities, that works to some degree because people must comply with welfare check criteria and close quarter living, but if you give human beings a choice, they usually end up at the Ohio Fast Draw tent asking questions about how to shoot fast, and to express their feelings about what a raw deal Donald Trump gets from the national press.

Guns represent choice and protecting that option from the menacing figures who enter politics and fund that activity only to protect their own financial interests, which is exactly what the Koch brothers have been doing all along is what elections are all about. It is sad that the Koch’s have represented what little resistance conservatives had to the aggressive liberals who truly want to shut down choices in America so that people will have to listen to them. What people really hate about Donald Trump is that he has brought choice back into politics and that has suddenly ignited interest in people who usually pay no attention to these kinds of things. Suddenly they have a guy in the White House and they are ready to protect him, and that is a big difference from the years past. The Koch brothers have been exposed for what they always were, and that just goes to show how bad it was before. And that is how wearing a gun on your hip in public can change a lot of perspectives for the better.

Rich Hoffman

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