The Lying, Cheating, Wife and the man who just wanted to Buy New Shoes: Why Trump should shut down the entire Russian investigation

Anyone who has been married to a dysfunctional spouse understands why President Trump has every right to call for the end of the Mueller investigation. People in such relationships, which is nearly everyone at some point in a marriage must navigate the balance of powers that go on between spouses and when a weaker minded of the party feels they are losing leverage in the relationship ultimately go for the “you’re cheating on me bomb.” That’s where one spouse accuses the other of cheating when there is no evidence of it other than the fact that the other spouse doesn’t seem to enjoy their time with their married partner. There is of course no way to prove such an accusation, it’s an undefendable position that forces the other party into a defensive position by default and it completely sucks the life out of the relationship. Psychologists understand that such a tactic is purely manipulative and is the prime motivation of a destructive trend. And such is the case of the Democrats who have nothing to campaign against Donald Trump but a scandal they entirely made up by an investigator protecting the reputation of his friend James Comey, who was fired by the president for doing a bad job and leaking classified information to the press.

I wouldn’t say that I’m a Paul Manafort supporter. But if he’s going to be charged and run through the political torture chamber just for working with Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, then Hillary Clinton should be subject to much, much worse. The only reason Paul Manafort is being scrutinized in a trial for which he may spend the rest of his life in jail is because he worked for a short time on Trump’s campaign and the message from the Deep State to everyone is that if anyone helps Trump in the next election, they may face the same trouble. This isn’t a trial about tax evasion, it’s about busting people close to President Trump and scaring away people in the future who may join his campaign. Trump’s legal team have every right to be upset, and Trump himself is completely justified in calling for an end to the entire Russian investigation. He knows he didn’t do anything wrong, yet he is being forced to defend himself from a negative which has an impact on what he wants to do from the Executive Branch.

The purpose of a spouse to use such an accusation is obviously to obtain leverage over the other person. So by accusing a spouse of cheating it implies not only the hurt of mistrust, but the additional burden of trying to overcome a very negative position. There is almost no good way to answer such a thing, which is why the question is asked to begin with. Cheating may or may not be going on, but that is not why the question was asked. If there is cheating going on there are deeper problems in the relationship that often spawn from a degrading effort on one of the married parties. But the question is usually all about obtaining emotional leverage over the other person so that the guilt whether or not the other party is guilty will have to react in a predictable way to prove their innocence, which is just another form of emotional control.

That is what the Mueller investigation has been attempting to do, and why the media has been complicit in facilitating the assumption of guilt from the outset. The effort was always about trying to control the President of the United States by forcing him into a defensive position. For instance, the pressure from the investigation, which was completely made up has essentially taken President Trump’s Attorney General out of the fight from the start. Trump does not have an AG like Obama had with Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder, he has someone who was forced to recuse himself from day one, which took away an important weapon from the president at the start of his administration. If the goal of the Democrats is obstruction, then of course they have won that fight by using this form of control to keep some weapons out of the President’s column. After all, that is exactly what the Robert Mueller investigation was all about from the start, to disrupt the President’s administration with chaos and a fragmented team. If the Mueller investigation were over it would reopen communication with Trump’s AG. But as it stands now, any communication with Jeff Sessions is viewed by the media as obstruction of justice so Trump can’t speak to him.

This is similar to a guy being accused of cheating on his wife but needing to go down to the store to buy new shoes for work the next day, but his wife doesn’t want him to buy them because she wants to buy new shoes and they can’t afford to do both. So the wife might accuse the husband of cheating to keep him home so that he won’t buy the shoes. By having the Mueller investigation always going on, it keeps Trump’s Department of Justice separated from him, which is the point. The accusations force a change in behavior within the Executive Branch and anything they do puts them into a position to only look guiltier. If the married guy tells his wife that he has to go buy shoes tonight because the ones he has now has holes in them and won’t make it another day, and he leaves, he risks his wife to make a bigger incident that just might be grounds for divorce. The man may buy his shoes but find out that the wife is filing for divorce and that she is taking the house and his kids. Being the man, likely the judge in the divorce will side with her and he’ll lose everything so he’s better off to stay home and not buy the shoes. Little does he know that the wife is not only buying shoes of her own but she’s meeting her new boyfriend across town and they are having illustrious sex and have created fake accounts on numerous dating websites so that they could flirt with each other undetected all the time. After all, that’s why she is ultimately accusing the husband of cheating because she is, and she needs to throw anybody off the trail by putting all the focus on him.

Anybody with a brain knows that Paul Manafort’s court case is a shakedown, and the entire Russian investigation is a hoax to cover the crimes that the Democrats and the FBI have actually committed, just like the poor husband who couldn’t buy new shoes because his cheating wife promised to divorce him if he even thought about leaving the house. Trump has been in the same situation—anything he might do such as firing Robert Mueller, sending a pardon to Paul Manafort or General Flynn, or even pushing Jeff Sessions to shut down everything so that the FBI and DOJ could resume normal activity under their proper boss in the Executive Branch would draw suspicion of obstruction of justice, as if “justice” were the mandate defined by the real criminals. And that is not how things are supposed to be. The entire Russian investigation and everything surrounding it is about trying to control Donald Trump. And that is just not acceptable. We didn’t vote for Trump to go through this. We voted Trump to get rid of all this. I would 100% support Trump if he fired the entire DOJ right now. I think it’s the only right thing to do, just like the man who wants only to buy some new shoes and stay in the same house with his kids should really divorce his lying, cheating wife.

Rich Hoffman

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