What is Fake News, and Why its Bad: The lesson to learn from Urban Meyer and Ohio State

I’ll be happy to answer the question that Jim Acosta from CNN asked Sarah Sanders and Ivanka Trump, as to whether or not the media was the enemy within the United States, as he asked at the daily briefing this past week at the White House. Several years ago on a radio show I discussed in great detail the plans that the KGB had in 1947 through 1959 to infiltrate American society with communist propaganda and take over our education, media and entertainment enterprises. Largely we are now seeing the result of that effort—by not only Russia, but every communist leaning nation in the world. Of course, not everyone fell for it, but most did, which was consistent with Donald Trump’s answer on the matter. Fake news therefore is identified as the enemy because they tend to attempt to shape news stories to fit a political agenda rather than just reporting the facts of the matter. When a news organization is concerned with shaping the news to fit an agenda, they could and should be considered fake.

What Jim Acosta was doing in putting Sarah Sanders on the spot in front of everyone watching that news conference was a communist form of consensus building. I’ve covered that many times before as well from school board meetings to local trustee meetings, there are methods of facilitating public opinion in a democracy to urge weak people to follow a majority opinion and that was exactly what Acosta was attempting to do. By attempting to trick her into saying that the news present wasn’t the enemy, she would also be endorsing the CNN was not guilty of the type of propaganda news that they were actually engaging in. So even by advancing that question, Jim Acosta was attempting to shape the news in a fake way.

Of course, everyone in the news is not dirty, and a free press is vitally important in a free society. But much of the time these days, a news and opinion site like this one has more validity toward the news than the corporate media because much like the Koch Brothers who were previously thought to be very Republican corporate media often has complicated ownership overseas or their boards of directors are invested in the globalist aims of modern politics which was started a long time ago with the desire of communism to spread to all corners of the world. People don’t always know why they think the things they do. The same corporate owners may attend an NFL game and be brought to great emotion during the National Anthem and consider themselves very patriotic. Yet they tend to support shared wealth across the world propping up communist and socialist regimes all in the name of a unified world under collectivists values. They never of course see themselves as the enemy, just as they don’t see their media outlets as part of the problem. But nevertheless, that is precisely what they are. They put foreign interests over the interests of domestic America and within that decision is the mess of mixed economies, mixed ideologies, and cultural indifference which is then shaped by Fake News.

Let’s take the Urban Meyer story from Ohio State where the wife of his wide receiver’s coach was allegedly abused by her husband. The wife said something about the incident to Urban Meyer’s wife and everyone is to assume that the wife would then talk to the coach about it forcing him to report the incident. Because he didn’t report the incident he has now been put on leave from the University while an investigation is conducted, so the story as reported is that Urban Meyer has been suspended for some cover-up at Ohio State, which happens to be going on while one of the top college football programs in the country is in their pre-season. The Fake News of the story is to of course advance the #ME TOO movement, which is rooted in progressive politics. It is also to advance the communist notion of reporting to the “state” everything that goes on, and that no single individual is more powerful than the all mighty state. The real news is that Urban Meyer is one of the top football coaches in the country for a very rich university and that in all likelihood even if his wife told him about the abused woman’s story he might not have heard it because he was busy watching 90 hours a week of tape on the upcoming season’s rivals to prepare game plans to. Most people don’t want to get involved in other people’s business, so they tune out things to give privacy to their friends, neighbors and employees. But the implication here is that Urban Meyer had an obligation to rat out his direct employee based on what a couple of wives said to each other and because he didn’t he and the football program at the university are in big trouble. The story is no longer about minding your own business and letting people be people, it’s about reporting to the “state” anything that it might care to know.

The Ohio State story happened because the university has been sucked into the type of progressive politics that Jim Acosta was trying to pin down on Sarah Sanders. A failure to push back against the attempt leaves even giant, wealthy institutions like Ohio State groveling to the press so not to have negative stories that might have an impact on enrollment. The Trump administration understands better than other presidential occupants of the White House what the game is. Lucky for us Trump, who is a master at branding, was able to come up with a term to describe it, Fake News. Calling these kinds of media outlets “fake” pulls away the mask of their real intentions as propaganda arms for progressive politics. That of course is the new name for global communism, which is why there are so many stories about how great and wonderful the Chinese are these days, and why a trade war would be so devastating. It’s not that a trade war will be bad for the United States, but it is terrible for communist China. You might have noticed that even the almighty company of Google had to create a new search engine that complied with the “state” regulations of China’s censors. China for many years has been buying up investments in the United States that contribute to the corporate opinion in their favor, but ultimately, they are a communist country seeking to hide their intentions behind masks given to them by the mainstream media.

Fake News is the news that attempts to shape a story toward a political objective. Real news is that which takes a story to its logical conclusion regardless of who is exposed in the process. The Fake News that is out every day to attack Donald Trump has an agenda to destroy his administration to preserve the progressive gains made in the past, so every story they produce is created to shape the opinion of the event. Just as the Urban Meyer story is not about protecting a wife from an abusive husband, it’s about establishing in people who the “state” has power over even The Ohio State and that if you hear something or see something, you have an obligation to report it. Fake News is about establishing fake power for the objectives created long ago to preserve the need for communism to become mainstream. And what Jim Acosta was trying to do with Sarah Sanders was to get her to endorse their Fake News as a reality, and she denied them of it, which is why she’s so good.

Rich Hoffman

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