The Myth of American Racism: Why Lebron James is an idiot


There is a reason that liberals are so upset about Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie Death of a Nation. Not that I think of it when I see Dinesh, but the last time I checked, he’s not a white guy, yet his movie and books of recent describe exactly why blacks have been used by identity politics as a kind of modern slave for the socialist Democrats as a last hook into the power of manipulation that persisted in the United States essentially up until the election of Donald Trump. Under Trump all the excuses have been removed, black unemployment is at record lows as black pastors gathered at the White House this week to advance black causes and empower individuals to achieve anything they want under the American flag. No president has done more to make all individuals equal than Donald Trump yet people like CNN’s Don Lemon and NBA star LeBron James see the gas leaving their stronghold on the black population and they are rushing at every opportunity to continue the myth that being black in America is a negative thing. Of course, Donald Trump took a shot at Lebron James after this pathetic interview on CNN. The kind of world that Lebron James is talking about doesn’t exist. Racism is an excuse for blacks to not achieve. It’s not real in America. There is no country on earth that has more tolerance between the races than the United States of America and James should know better. But maybe he’s not very smart, after all he did vote for Hillary Clinton. But to use his platform to perpetuate that racism is one of the number one problems in America only speaks to the Democratic platform that Dinesh D’Souza addressed in his recent film—Democrats need blacks to believe in racism and victimization so that they can have a unified political party, and that’s all they essentially care about.

The ”N Word” is an excuse that Democrats use to not perform at life. It was always Democrats who were the racists, who lynched black people and lobbied to make them slaves, which is well told in Dinesh’s new movie. Trump has every right to call Don Lemon and LeBron James “dumb” because they continue to insist that white Republicans are their enemy and are the cause of all racism in the world when in fact it was and always has been their own political party of Democrats that have advocated racism and victimization as a reason to reach continuously for bigger and bigger government to seek protection from those made up bandits that are always after them. LeBron in his interview with CNN’s Lemon used skin color as an excuse to perpetuate victimhood as a political platform, and they do it by essentially saying that all white people can never know what its like to be black, so we are never supposed to criticize them or question them in any way. And sports are supposed to be left alone to continue advancing progressive ideas to our nation’s children without any kind of debate, and when it does occur these Democrats cry racism in an attempt to shut down the conversation so that the truth can never be found. That truth is shown in blistering detail in the movie Death of a Nation.

It was never Donald Trump and the Republicans who were racist. I’m certainly not racist, and I’m as Republican as Republicans get. I can say that I have never in my life done a racist thing. I’ve probably in fact been close friends with people of color than I have of whites, not out of any kind of identity politics but only because I had more in common with the hard workers and striving intellects of those trying to make the most out of America as opposed to the mailbox money people who fill out job applications only to fulfil a government criterion to get money from a welfare check because they are too lazy to work. Some of the best people who I have known over the years are people like Dinesh D’Souza, who came to America and used the freedom of our Constitution to do great things in life.

LeBron James should be grateful to the United States, he gets paid a lot of money to throw a ball in a hoop. He’s obviously not very smart otherwise he would know that it has been his party of Democrats that still to this very day seek to hold down the black population through victimization. That’s why some blacks who want to be the leaders of modern black victimhood were so mad that Donald Trump held a meeting of black pastors at the White House, because it undermines the myth that the president is a racist that wants to hold down minority groups. It is the Democrats that are trying to do that, including Lebron James. By using his platform to declare that racism is alive and well, and that it is coming from Republicans is to lie to millions of children who look up to him for the pure political purpose of trying to prop up Democrats as the answer to the “N Word.” But it has only been them who have used that word to hold blacks down socially and intellectually.

The Nazis were socialists, not Republicans. Why is Lebron James and Don Lemon considered dumb by the president, because they either don’t know that, or they do know it yet they are trying to sell the “N Word” victimization anyway as a way to corral more dumb people into their Democratic party. Democrats are the political party that Adolf Hitler followed to create his own Third Reich. Hitler copied his party off of Woodrow Wilson, and how Franklin Roosevelt ran America as president. Of course, film critics of Death of a Nation were aghast to learn these things in the new Dinesh movie and they let everyone know it in their film reviews. But that was the truth, and LeBron James is trying to corral more blacks into the party of politics that committed all these crimes to begin with, and that is dumb. We all know he didn’t take school too seriously, and that he used his natural talents to throw a basketball into a net as a platform to success. But if he’s going to open his mouth and talk politics and try to use his celebrity to advance a party over another one, then he should know his history. But he doesn’t, and it’s obvious.

Generally, most people who supported Hillary Clinton and the continued Democratic Party are lazy intellectually, and they don’t want to know or admit that it was Democrats who were always the racists and have tried to separate that truth by shoving their history onto Republicans who ironically were responsible for freeing the slaves and giving blacks equal rights. Donald Trump in the modern age is doing just as Lincoln has done and Teddy Roosevelt did in his first term, he is treating blacks as equals and giving them a shot at the American dream, acquired through their ambitions, not a mailbox check. The only people guilty of using the “N Word” are Democrats trying to put a different kind of chain on the black population, not one of literal chains but intellectual ones. And more often than not, those are the worst kind.

Rich Hoffman

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