The FBI is Tampering with the 2018 Election Already: Christopher Collins is just the latest target

I’m going to go ahead and call bologna on the arrest of Republican House member Christopher Collins for insider trading charges and lying to the FBI. This is exactly why the problem with the FBI and the Clinton campaign is such a crucial one. Obviously, just a few months ahead of the November election Democrats are eyeing the Republican seat of Collins and they decided to make a criminal case move against him to put him on his heels with no time to defend his seat before the election. It’s really the same kind of strategy that is being used against Donald Trump. Collins himself was a member of the Trump transition team so the target is obvious. The FBI is using its power again to attempt to meddle in the election of 2018 and they are targeting Trump supporters in an attempt to change the nature of the election in November. This arrest has absolutely nothing to do with “insider trading.” If it did the Clinton team from two years ago would have received the death penalty. Instead, this is purely about politics and meddling in an election to attempt to diminish the number of House seats that Republicans control. Here is how Fox News reported the issue.

New York Republican Rep. Christopher Collins has been indicted on insider trading charges, federal prosecutors announced Wednesday.

“These charges are a reminder that this is a land of laws and that everyone stands before the bar of justice,” Geoffrey Berman, an attorney for the U.S. Southern District of New York, said during a press conference on Wednesday.

The indictment also names the congressman’s son, Cameron Collins, and Stephen Zarsky, the father of his son’s fiancée. The fraud counts relate to securities of an Australian biotechnology company called Innate Immunotherapeutics, where the 68-year-old congressman served on the board.

“Christopher Collins, the defendent, violated the duties he owed to Innate by passing material; nonpublic information regarding the Drug Trial results to his son, Cameron Collins, the defendent, so that [his son] could use that information to make timely trades in Innate stock and tip others,” the indictment states. “Cameron Collins traded on the inside information and passed it to Stephen Zarsky.”

Such tough talk by Geoffrey Berman “these charges are a reminder that this is a land of laws and that everyone stands before the bar of justice.” Yet we have seen that the very FBI that arrested Collins, Flynn, and Manafort is the same FBI that destroyed evidence in the Hillary Clinton case and is currently protecting former President Obama’s involvement in the conspiracy of 2016 to meddle in the election of Donald Trump and then when caught to try to pin it all on some made up Russian story. Berman doesn’t care about a land of laws and that everyone should stand before a bar of justice. He is playing his part in the next conspiracy of 2018, of meddling in the next election in an attempt to remove enough Republicans from congress so that a possible fantasy of impeaching Donald Trump by a Democratic majority can take place fulfilling their original mission of altering an election by the people of the United States.

If I didn’t know otherwise I would like to believe Geoffrey Berman and the FBI, but until they use the same standard of law that is being applied to Donald Trump Jr., Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and now Christopher Collins I don’t believe anybody collecting a federal paycheck. I think the system is so rotten that not a damn one of them can be believed, and that sentiment will remain with me until real justice is applied to the FBI for their role in trying to destroy the Trump administration before it ever got started.

It is not lost that Google and Facebook are attempting to put a lid on the populist movement ahead of the November elections by taking down Alex Jones, hoping that fewer voters will have access to him—as a way to control the narrative using their market share to alter opinion. To add to the madness 190 votes materialized out of Franklin County Ohio to give Danny O’Conner just a little bit more votes to close the 1,564 vote gap between the GOP leader Troy Balderson. Even though there are still thousands of votes that still need to be counted it is unlikely that all of them will go to Danny O’Conner or that enough will go to him to overtake that 1,500-vote lead. But you wouldn’t know that by the news stories in USA Today and other liberal outlets. You’d think that the Democrats are climbing into position to launch their “blue wave.” The truth is that 90% percent of the Democrats voted in that election that also voted in 2016, which is mysteriously high for an August midterm election, and they still couldn’t unseat Balderson’s GOP in the 12th District in Ohio. Many GOP voters stayed home, as turnout was low, yet the Democrats still fell short, that is the story. It won’t even be close in November when turnout will be much higher. Democrats look like they reached their peak while the GOP has a lot of room to grow in that next election turnout.

The offensive movements are occurring rapidly on all fronts, from the FBI, to the media, to actual boots on the ground instigating voter tampering. And the Democrats are still losing. So they are getting desperate, they are arresting more Trump supporters to hurt voter turnout in November, in an attempt to divide the GOP. The Robert Mueller investigation is heating up to try to torpedo Trump with an October surprise that will go nowhere—all funded by the American taxpayer. And Google along with Facebook is trying to keep voters separated from Alex Jones ahead of the election. While they control their media platforms they forget that Jones is on the radio syndicated all over the nation. People don’t need anything from Google to hear Alex Jones. They are just hurting themselves, but they seem willing to go all in on this election and as big as they are, they aren’t too big to fail. By siding with Democrats Google and Facebook look to have sealed their fate for the future. They will be replaced with something else.

On a personal level I think we are all-seeing an increase in desperation by the activists of the left, they are getting more violent, they are starting to lash out more often in various ways because they see the writing on the wall. I have to remind people who this is precisely why we will now and always need a strong Second Amendment. Not that we should ever advocate shooting people, but when people lose their minds due to a failed political ideology that is leaving the field of debate, it is very possible that an increase in lone killers—who are almost always Democrats—will erupt across our society distraught that society is moving on without them. When that happens, there is nothing the local police and federal government can do about the problem. They are complicit as they are in helping create that environment, so they sure as hell can’t help fix it. Only a nice personal arsenal of firearms in the home and on your person can do that. We are dealing with really terrible bad guys here, and the FBI can count themselves among those ranks until they change their reputation through real law and order, not made up crap like they are trying to impose on Christopher Collins. And when dealing with bad, vile, people, we are in a time when we must keep our guns close and diplomacy a tabletop away. Because things could get really bad when these losers figure out that they have no other recourse but violence to preserve their existence. And when they do, we must be ready to deal with them. They will lie, they will cheat, and they will kill and destroy people’s lives—Christopher Collins is only the latest.

Rich Hoffman

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