Peer Pressure Won’t Save the Political Left: Insight into how racism is used to distort reality

I don’t get a lot of comments and it’s certainly not for a lack of readership, most of the readers here are reserved to a kind of voyeurism which validates their own thought processes. And those who are against me don’t like that I engage people directly, and that I will often do so for years—so they don’t often comment. It’s not good to pick a fight with a guy like me because I can out write, out think and through sheer will, outlast just about anybody. There may be people out there somewhere who are just as stubborn as I am, but I’ve never met them. I reserve the right that they may exist, but they have yet to show themselves. Likely if they are there they are residing on top of a mountain somewhere and have decided to just watch sun sets everyday instead of doing what I do. But the comment below is from a long-time voyeur of sorts who decided they couldn’t deal with my comments on the recent white on black shooting in Clearwater, Florida centering on a “stand your ground” case. So before picking the comment apart, like this person knew I would, lets see what they said:

I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now and aside from your political ramblings I’ve found your other topics to be either laughable at best or appalling. This entry falls into the latter. Both men in this case acted childishly. That much I can agree on with you. Where I differ begins with the title. I think you couldve gone a different route to prove your point but instead opted to become part of the problem and not the solution. To say that blacks fundamentally are targeted because they don’t follow rules is both silly and absurd. To label someone a thug because they didn’t abide by the rules of the handicap parking space is just as outlandish as saying you, yourself, are a thug for speeding, jay walking, littering, etc…the list goes on. It has nothing to do with the skin color of a person as to be determined a thug by your own admission. So to say that blacks must assimilate if they do not want to be staring down the barrel of a gun is frankly stupidity. I would challenge that you wouldve even bothered to write on this subject had it been a white on white crime and before you go and try to pick my comment apart for entertainment/material for a future blog post. I have read other post made by you suggesting a racial bias on your part. I fail to see how you call yourself a leader and a international business man yet, can’t see the injustices that are spouted by you on a daily basis. Honestly, I’m surprised you even have a job in the public sector for behaving in a manner that I’m sure would make your employers shudder if they were to read this site. Good day sir!

The nature of this little comment in many aspects are completely dedicated to peer pressure, the reference in the first sentence to diminish the content is an attempt to make me feel self-conscious about the judgment of a larger tapestry of society—that my work here is “laughable,” and “appalling” as if such judgements might make me run for the security of a social blanket of approval. Then there is some commentary that is rather thoughtful about their opinion on the nature of black gun violence. But the last third of the comment is dedicated to attacks designed to put me on the defensive, such as suggesting that if the dead person had been white, I wouldn’t have even written about it. Then there is the veiled threat of social superiority toward my ability to make a living, as if to say that because I have a thought that is not one they agree with that I should not even be allowed to make a living. So it is worth doing to understand how such people like this are functioning in the world and why they think the things they do.

As any reader here knows I pick everything apart and white people have been the brunt of most of my wrath. Just ask James Comey, Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton or that skanky prostitute in the Lee Wong incident locally. They were all white people and yet I never considered their skin color when criticizing their detriment to our society. Yet the critic of this published comment assumes that because a person is black, that they shouldn’t be held to any kind of standard otherwise its racism. If a black person does something wrong, such as breaking the laws of our society we are supposed to look the other way because of some sin committed long ago when slaves were brought from Africa to North America and that forever we owe something to people of color because of this heinous act. Well, I wasn’t there to commit those evils and just because I’m white I am not connected to my ancestors. If my grandfather got drunk and slept with crazy bar whores and slapped around women I am not connected to this sin. I am my own person and am not attached through ancestry to any sins of any past. And the same holds true for blacks. They aren’t owed something for what their ancestors went through. They are to be judged on what they do and say in the here and now. That is the way of things.

But even more alarming is this notion that a person’s employment should be attacked if they have opinions that drift from the media-controlled culture of today’s liberalism—that boycotts and marches with a wink toward potential violence should be utilized to keep dissenting opinions locked up away from others to see. That is after all what’s going on with Alex Jones and Google owned YouTube. So let me establish some advice to this commenter and to other reading this who might need some ground to stand on in a confusing world sometimes—confusing only because people like this are always trying to make things murky. Every person should strive to make themselves the best at something out of all others in the world. If you are the best at what you do you are always in demand. No matter what political opinions you might have—people will want to pay you for the things you can do that others can’t. I have many things that I am the best there is at and that is very valuable to the world of commerce. Now the world is a big place and there are a lot of people in it, so I understand what kind of statement that is, but I have worked harder than others for many years to develop those aspects of myself so I do enjoy the fruits of those endeavors.

The assumption from this commenter is that jobs are handed out as favors to people and that if someone misbehaves, that the job can be taken away. Or that if an angry mob of insurgents hell-bent on socialist democracy protest in the streets that a person like me might lose their ability to make a living. That is the threat that is occurring quite often these days, where CEOs must step down to avoid controversy, or men are losing their entire careers over the #metoo movement, and so on. I would propose that if such people are losing their livelihoods they weren’t very valuable to begin with and people wanting to take them down politically only needed an excuse, which radical protestors gave them. But if you are truly valuable, such measures will never work.

As to the nature of who reads here, I’m not writing these articles in the vacuum of space. I get many hundreds of readers every day and they come from all demographic backgrounds all over the world. People I deal with professionally obviously read my content, everyone does. Anyone who Googles “Rich Hoffman” runs across my many millions and millions of published words and knows my thoughts on things. But if they want access to those things I do better than anybody else in the world—the entire world—then they put up with it. However, and I do deal with hundreds if not thousands of people every week, most people agree with me on most things. They are just afraid to say so because they fear a social stigma. And that is what people like this really fear. They hope that they can keep people’s opinions hidden away while a more progressive society takes over and rules us all. But when people have an outlet, like I provide, then all that intention falls apart, and people choose freedom, logic, and order over anarchy, chaos and progressivism. And you can’t censor those who are living beyond the controls of peer pressure.

Rich Hoffman

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14 thoughts on “Peer Pressure Won’t Save the Political Left: Insight into how racism is used to distort reality

  1. See the issue with everything you just wrote is that you have no clue who or what I am. There is no peer pressure from either side of the political aisles in what I say. I agree it is not racist to expect people to follow rules but it is racist to single a race out in general which is what you did and have had a past history of doing in previous blogs. But all that aside, back to the juiciest bit of this article. To assume you are the best at everything you do is a bold statement especially in not knowing to whom you are doing so around. For instance I happen to be in the know that there are quite a few people who may work for you that would be disappointed to know you spout this racist none sense or that some do know and have lost respect for you. Or that the aspect of you being good at everything has caused a rash of turnovers in your own ran department. Which to me doesn’t sound like you are good at everything at all. I too don’t back down and I too have no fear to confront. We are not so different you and I.


    1. Turnover isn’t a sign of quality people leaving. It means that you don’t have the right combination of people you need. Any allegations of racism is a definition that you created. It doesn’t sound like you are qualified to know how to define, “best.” While you are trying to be all mysterious and such, my life is a very open book so saying you know this or that isn’t hard. Knowing who has this or that information is the real trick on knowing something. I know a lot about you too. Don’t think you are functioning from anonymity. Are you asking for a fight here? Is that your purpose? That last sentence sounds like an invitation.


      1. I doubt you know anything about me. You may have assumptions but those are just that…assumptions. Also sharing a video of doing bull whips and talking does not qualify you to be the best at everything. You have a talent yes. But so do i and many other people in the world. There is nothing notable about what you shared more so than a guy that can solve a Rubik cube and talk at the same time. But to assume that guy can run a business or the world because of that talent is a little ridiculous don’t you think. Also no invitation for violence…you seem to be the only one resorting to aggression instead of a constructive debate.


      2. Well, I said “several” things not all things. Maybe you should re-read that article without so much emotion and without your obvious hunt for a “gotcha” to justify your racism comment. Just as you purposely took the “best” comment out of context to fit your proposal, you are doing the same with the racism thing. Just because you say something doesn’t make it so, especially in regard to someone else. You can articulate an opinion as I do often. But you can’t define someone with your slanted observations and expect that to hold up to reality.

        Glad to hear you aren’t proposing a conflict. By the nature of your comment direction, it looked that way. However you want it, I can do whatever. You said you and I are not so different. That must mean you have some special talent. I like showing off mine when there’s time. If you were anything like me you’d share some of those traits. Do you have a special talent?


      3. I find it funny that you keep saying I can’t define you or judge you in anyway yet that is all you do on this blog. You sort of remind me of that one kid on the playground that can dish it out but can’t receive it back. Yes, I have multiple talents. One of which is being able to discern the difference between true societal commentary and the non sense coming from an narcissist like you. But that’s only one of few. There others I share with the people that actually matter to me. All that aside I’m amaze7d that all you’ve been able to do so far is scramble to justify your own definition of racism with political like babble. It seems to me like you want to believe your always right when in fact it’s not true.


      4. Now there you go calling me names. Did anyone ever tell you that’s not nice? There is nothing I need to take, you are the one calling me a racist to fulfil your own view of things. If you are reading me for as long as you say you have, it must be to fill up your mind with something useful, but you just can’t quite get there. How do you know I’m not always right? Are you assuming I’m not because your are functioning under an false presumption?

        And this is you, right?
        I.P address


    2. And while we’re talking about the definition of being “the best” at something. I’m sure you’ve seen this video before. I haven’t done a new one for a while, but honestly, how many people in the world do you think could do this while giving a 10 minute political speech in one take?

      We all have our things and we develop as far as we can. But I would say that this is one of those many things I was talking about.


    3. Yes and is the addition of an IP..adress supposed to scare me into submission? Fundamentally we disagree and that’s fine. I’m willing to accept your idealogoy and dissect it for the good and the bad and you are more than welcome to do the same with mine. I have no issue with differing views. What I do have an issue with is that if anyone disagrees with you on this blog or offers their insight automatically they are presumed unintelligent or uninformed. Then the judgements come followed by attempts to belittle their views by blasting them on a future blog. To me and the rest of the world that shows insecurity and reluctance to accept that your views are not the only ones correct. It’s like my pappy always said…opinions are just like assholes, everyone has one and they all can stink.


      1. Or not. You said I had no idea who you were and you also brought personal elements into this, which was supposed to be just a discussion. What did you mean by it when you did it?


  2. I thought your assessment of the unfortunate shooting of the guy at the convenience store was fair to both sides. It was sad that the guy died, but pushing someone else down is inviting trouble for certain. I agree with your analysis of the events.


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