When Donald Trump Won the Election of 2016: Now is the time to declassify all FBI documents related to Fusion GPS

It is certainly time for President Trump to get involved in the FBI case against him. With the new information out about the Deputy Attorney General under the Obama administration Bruce Ohr and his wife’s employment at Fusion GPS and how funds going directly from the Clinton campaign into Christopher Steele’s action on the Russian dossier the criminal activity exhibited in the summer of 2016 to manipulate an American election is quite ominous. All the people including Robert Mueller are employees of the current Executive Branch and it’s quite obvious that the real crime was never collusion of Trump’s election team with any Russians, it was all along the Democrats working with anybody and everyone to keep Trump from ever getting elected. The entire process had been rigged to usher Hillary Clinton into the presidency and it would have worked if Trump had been a traditional candidate. But lucky for us, he wasn’t and that wrecked the plans that all these bad people working directly between a political campaign, the FBI, the Obama White House, and the Department of Justice. What happened during the election of 2016 is the biggest scandal in modern global politics and a lot of people need to be punished to prevent it from ever happening again.

There were two events that occurred in October 2016 that changed history. The first was the second debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump the Sunday after the big Access Hollywood tape was leaked to the press. When Trump showed up for that debate everyone—and I mean everyone—except maybe me and a few others—thought Trump was done. But he showed up that Sunday with some of the women Bill Clinton had abused over the years and put them in the audience during the debate, and he let Hillary Clinton have it. He turned a scandal into a huge knockout on his part toward Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The second event was the Al Smith Dinner on the night of October 20th, one night after the third and final presidential debate. Trump according to all polls was 13 points down and all media outlets were happy for the drama but gave him no chance to win. And looking back now we know that the fix was well in. That’s why when Hillary spoke at the dinner she thought she was already in the White House. After all, the FBI, the DOJ, and the entire media was in her corner and had essentially assured her victory. Yet when Trump spoke at that dinner he sounded like he was ready to fight and he took on everyone right there in front of their faces. It was that night that I knew he was going to win. I didn’t believe the polls, I didn’t believe the pundits, but I did believe in Donald Trump. This guy was a fighter and convention alone wasn’t going to bring him down.

We know now why Director Comey was on and off on his investigation into Hillary Clinton, because he knew they were in deep over their heads in scandal and he was trying very hard to make things look on the up and up. Shortly after the Al Smith dinner when they thought everything was in the bag for Hillary, James Comey reopened the investigation only to stop it again days before the election on November 7th. The FBI was being used by the Department of Justice to give the impression of a clean bill of health to Hillary just prior to winning so that when Clinton won nobody could say that she had committed any crimes. The plan of course was to have Donald Trump beaten in October with scandals of his own that would have sunk any other candidate, but Trump stuck to the grind stone and his campaign climaxed that night at the Al Smith Dinner where Trump showed himself to be the superior candidate for the role of occupant in the Executive Office. Trump had all the needed skills to be president and to turn the country around and people saw past all the rhetoric.

It could also be argued that Trump won the night before the election hitting Michigan one last time at 1 AM on the night before election day. Trump simply outworked Hillary Clinton and showed all his good stuff in that pivotal October in 2016, and people made their decision on election night. It had nothing to do with Russians. But the real crimes had already been committed and when Trump did get elected, a lot of people were in deep trouble, many of them in attendance at that Al Smith Dinner. Trump had defeated them even when they had thrown everything but the kitchen sink at him, and now they are left bare and exposed. They did the only thing they could do and that was to go on the attack. They used the Russian dossier as a way to extort Trump into starting his presidency on his heels defending constant accusations and seeking the protective arm of James Comey to keep the big mean people away. Instead of Comey gaining more power under Trump, he lost all of it and was fired. That left Comey to resort to Plan B and to leak information to the press to inspire the Robert Mueller special prosecution, which Trump has played along with to not appear to stand in the way of an investigation against him and abusing his powers of office.

But now it’s all out in the open. The cards have been put on the table and Trump needs to clean things up before the midterm elections. The bad people involved at all levels of the government in conjunction with the Democratic party need to be exposed before they win more elections, so now is the time to act. It is obvious the role that Bruce Ohr played with his wife Nelly in the scandal and the abuse of the DOJ working directly with a political campaign at the presidential level is much, much bigger than Watergate. People have to go to jail otherwise the FBI will never get their credibility back. Going back to watch that Al Smith Dinner footage and knowing what was going on behind the scenes now after two years of investigation and leaked text messages between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, we know what Hilary knew that night, that all she had to do was walk to the victory because everything else had been taken care of. Donald Trump just hadn’t received the memo yet. Instead he went to the Al Smith Dinner thinking he was actually going to win which shocked everyone, and he fought hard to make it so, and eventually as we all know now, he did.

Donald Trump won because so many of us who voted for him knew that political fixes were occurring all the time. We had watched many candidates we supported over the years go to that Al Smith Dinner and lay down for the media and let them rub their bellies with self-deprecating humor which of course made them lose on election night. But not Trump, no matter what they threw at him he tossed right back and then some. And now its time to do that to this Mueller fiasco and let the FBI clean house. Its time for some people to go to jail, including Hillary Clinton. I know the election is over and the Clintons are out of power but it’s the point of the matter. For what they all tried to do in rigging an American election, with the Obama administration helping through the president’s DOJ, the crimes are much more serious than most people can register. And if justice is not issued, there will never be any credibility restored to our highest offices. That means Trump will have to get involved and push for the declassification of all these documents related to this matter and crush the Mueller witch hunt exposing the Democrats for all their ill deeds. And the time to do it is before the election of 2018. Put them on their heels for a change, they deserve it.

Rich Hoffman

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