No Real Republican Can Ever Be a Racist: Exploring the history of Neo Nazis, Antifa and “Unite the Right”

We have to talk about the various protests on the one-year anniversary of Charlottesville, one of which took place right outside the White House over the weekend of August 12th 2018. About two dozen white supremacists had filed a petition for permit to have a rally called “Unite the Right” which inspired the aggressive leftist anarchists Antifa to the site to engage in hostilities. As far as political theater the media tried to paint the picture that it was right versus left in a prebattle for the midterms. But in reality it was like Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini arguing over who was more to the political right than the other—which would be odd since they are all extremist lefty groups. Communism is certainly a concept of the political left. Socialism for which Germany was driven by is another extreme leftists’ philosophy, and fascism which was the theme of Italy was somewhere in the middle of those two on the political spectrum as Mussolini operated. There is nothing even remotely conservative about any of those three things. There is nothing conservative about a “neo Nazi.” And I would propose that no real conservative could ever be considered a racist. It’s just not possible.

Conservatives believe in individual merit and rights. That makes any group associations a definition as to how conservative a person might be. If a person is white and is in a country club full of rich white people who are mostly male and have incomes over a million dollars a year, they are more liberal and less Republican than the auto mechanic down the road who minds his own business, votes in every election and teaches his family values diligently every day of their life. The country club people tend to think in group associations by their very nature which erodes their conservative foundations epistemologically.

One of the reasons that America is such a melting pot where people from all over the world have been able to successfully come and make good livings is because of Republican government and the concept of our Constitution, which enables individual rights as opposed to group associations. Any real conservative would never look a person and judge them by their skin color or their ancestry. No person on earth should be judged by the lives of their parents or grandparents. They should be judged based on what they do as individuals.

Following that logic, no race of people could be scrutinized if the individual merit of their actions is taken into account. The KKK was never a branch of Republican thinkers, they were all Democrats from the south. It was Republicans that ended slavery, they didn’t conduct it. And in modern times, it is Republicans who offer opportunities and prosperity through proper government, not Democrats who seek to exploit races of people for political gain. Nobody who looks at groups of people and tries to lump them together as one identity can properly call themselves a Republican because the philosophic meaning provides a quandary that is impossible to resolve through logic.

Ironically this problem was solved by Clint Eastwood in several of his movies during the 70s and 80s. The left leaning media often attacked Eastwood films as being right leaning and part of what’s wrong with America. So Eastwood tackled the situation directly in his comedies such as Every Which Way But Loose, Any Which Way You Can, the cop drama Magnum Force and the romantic comedy Pink Cadillac. In each of those movies Clint Eastwood showed the difference between the Neo Nazi and himself as represented by a kind of libertarian Reagan Republican. Eastwood was always the loner individual who had groups of neo Nazi’s always chasing after him. American audiences loved Eastwood and those films made a lot of money and are still very popular to this day because they represent how most Americans see themselves. The distinction Eastwood made in his movies was clear and that’s why even at age 88, he is still loved by much of the Trump political base.

Racism has never been a part of Republican ideas. There are of course various degrees of conservatism, there are the country club types and they consider themselves as a group superior to the mechanic because there are more of them present at the cigar bar on Tuesday nights, but we are talking about subtle differences. I call such people RINOs. John Kasich is certainly one of those types and the split in the Republican party presently is due to this philosophic distinction. Kasich expanded Medicaid in Ohio under Obamacare in an effort to exploit the poor. He says God made him do it, but even that concept of God is a kind of leftist notion because when you really pull back the layers of religion, any religion, you will find many of the same ideas that make communism, socialism and fascism so attractive to weak-minded people today. But Kasich as a left leaning Republican wanted to run for president so he expanded Medicaid to pull in middle ground voters. He didn’t deal with people on their own individual merit, he packaged the poor into a nice demographic group, threw some money at them to win their votes and called it compassion. I call it racism. Whether it was white poor, or black poor, it was still group assimilation for the benefit of political power.

There were no conservatives protesting in front of the White House at the “Unite the Right” protests. There was no “right.” There were only various degrees of left leaning radical’s hell bent to take society back to a theocracy and fulfil the requirements of the Vico cycle. Tattooed skin heads and KKK members with white masks are not members of the Republican party but by their own names. To hide their acts of left leaning sentiment they have attempted to duck behind the Republican party in the same way that some modern loser sitting in a Waffle House in the middle of the night reading the Bible and proclaiming that God tells them to hate black people using some long dead uncle who knew someone who married someone who had an affair with someone in a king’s court in France 400 years ago to justify their worth in life as an utmost failure because they can’t stand on their own merit.

Most Republicans don’t defend themselves from these accusations and the media knows they won’t, because most conservatives are so independent that they never make the connection that the people being called racists are them because they don’t see themselves as a group. That is why they seldom ever defend themselves from attack, because their minds just don’t think that way. However, that is exactly what the media is trying to portray, and they count on nobody hitting back from the conservative right. That’s how these vile people have gotten away with such things for so long. But that’s coming to a close now. People are learning. Trump has given people their own version of Clint Eastwood in real life to rally behind and that Genie is not going back into the bottle. The media has just made themselves less relevant in the process because there are options out there where smart conservatives can go and not be called a racist just because some liberal tried to connect the dots where no dots appeared. And that distinction will only grow in the future leaving all these radical leftists with no place to hide, which makes them violent at first, but heavily exposed to the realities of the world.

Rich Hoffman

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