Trump’s List is not for “Enemies,” but for Criminals: Put that loser Admiral William McRaven on it too

I listened with some level of astonishment to the various Sunday morning talk shows espouse that President Trump was putting together an “enemy list” to strip away their security clearance. They called it a very “Nixonian” thing to do as if to apply Trump’s name to the Republican Richard Nixon who had to resign from office after the Watergate scandal. The way they framed the argument was astonishing because they actually went to the Watergate example. Only the scandal for which many of the people on that modern list is far worse than Watergate. Donald Trump would be irresponsible if he didn’t have such a list and pull the security clearances of the radicals because they have all shown a real desire to overthrow the 2016 election and have been abusing their security clearances to leak to the media. So of course, those clearances should be revoked.

It really doesn’t matter how many generals, and armed forces veterans chose to take as stand against President Trump’s list of people who have been running their mouth in the media against the current administration and using their security clearances to undermine the authority of the new president, it’s highly likely that all of them are wrong anyway. Democratic opinion does not promise intelligence. Just because a bunch of people say something it does not lend merit to the goodness of it. There can be thousands of idiots and only one correct person, and that ratio does not rob correctness of its value.

President Trump is managing a section of American history that is unprecedented, and the corruption we are dealing with is enormous. The role that the FBI, IRS, DOJ, DNC and the Obama White House played in this scandal that is much larger than Watergate is ominous. Trump’s list is a reaction to that situation, not the cause. Trump is not putting together a list of people who are against him politically and putting a hit on them to knock them from power. He is putting together a list of people who have broken the law and contributed to massive corruption at the federal level. It just so happens that President Trump has been the target of their wrath. But the list Trump has put together isn’t out of revenge, its out of prevention. The cover-up isn’t Nixon trying to hide recordings of the Democrats in the Watergate hotel. The Republicans haven’t done anything to contribute to this current dilemma except win an election. There is no aggression that Trump has conducted that any reasonable person in his position would undergo. The crimes are obvious, and the culprits are on that list.

This new form of defense is baffling, it proposes from the Democrats that they should be allowed to break the law and tamper with American elections because to call them out on it is considered a political hit? The people on Trump’s list are all people who have abused their authority and clearance and shown that they will never be reliable to be called upon to help with future administrations with security questions. They have all removed themselves from any trusted advisor role just in the way they have behaved. But the cause of that behavior is what is so alarming, why they have decided to attack President Trump the way they have, to hide their own guilt on the issue.

We have witnessed the greatest scandal in American politics over the last several years and now that an outsider as entered the White House from a Beltway perspective there is a lot of danger of many people being caught in it. So to defend themselves they have gone on the attack against Trump, not much different from how Nixon attacked everyone investigating him. Only it’s the Democrats who had been in power who are being caught, So they have been mouthing off against Trump to keep the president on his heels and hope that through attack they might get away with all they’ve done. But Trump hasn’t followed the typical Republican protocol of throwing down their weapons at the first sign of criticism and now nobody knows what to do.

Even Admiral William McRaven has been very critical of Trump’s list and has asked to be put on it. He considers Trump’s list a “threat to democracy.” Well, McRaven, we don’t have a democracy, (for the millionth time) we have a republic, a bunch of drooling despots espousing lunacy don’t decide the fate of our country through emotional tantrums. McRaven you might recall was at the planning of the Bin Laden killing which doesn’t impress me. I’m not crazy about how any of that occurred, or Hillary’s reaction to it—“we came, we saw, he died.” I think they always knew where Bin Laden was and they waited under the Obama administration to raid him at just the right time. And even after the raid was done there was no body to prove that the killing had taken place. For all we know many other things occurred. At this point I don’t know that we can trust anybody who was involved in that raid. I think the Seal members saw what they saw, but the people planning the whole operation are sketchy at best, so what they say then and now doesn’t impress me. I could care less what Admiral McRaven says. Pull his security clearance too because his behavior is suspicious. When he shows us where he dumped Bin Laden’s body, then maybe he’ll earn some street cred. But I’m still waiting. My question remains, why did it take so long to learn that the most wanted terrorist in the entire world was sitting around in Pakistan watching pornography in plain sight. I don’t believe anything anybody working in the Obama White House has to say. I think they are all potentially guilty and need to be investigated. McRaven’s opinion does not impress me.

So why not have a list and use it to stop the greatest case of corruption in America’s young history? Should Trump just ignore the facts because it might look political? Of course not. Trump owes it to himself and those who voted for him to pull the weeds out of the garden. Obviously, the Democrats have been using these old Obama administration holdovers to attempt to destroy Trump’s White House and send chaos into the next election cycle for which they might gain an advantage. Trump needs to stick to his deadlines of September 1st 2018 of wiping clean all these investigations so they don’t interrupt the next election. Democrats are trying to run out the clock and hope they can gain enough house seats to at least mount an argument for removal from office, it’s really their only hope for an argument. So why should Trump give it to them, especially when they are all so guilty of so many crimes? The answer is he shouldn’t. Trump doesn’t even owe those insurgents a guise of fairness, because the laws they have broken are so obviously corrupt. Yet Trump has given everyone the benefit of the doubt. And it’s not a political move to go after them now. It’s just the right thing to do. They, are the ones who created this bed, now they have to sleep in it.

Rich Hoffman
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