The Attempted Assasination of Donald J. Trump: Remembering the intentions of Brandon Darby and the JFK killing

When the Trump administration released the long-classified files surrounding the JFK assassination there was of course a lot more to the story. We can all think of times where FBI informants like Brandon Darby infiltrated anarchy groups and Tea Party gatherings to attempt to set the stage for some disruption or media blitz that is strategic in nature. That is what these people do in intelligence agencies—they plant seeds of disruption to alter the course of human history. Back in the 60s they actually attempted to push assassins into position to kill presidents. The released files put a very ugly light on LBJ, the CIA and their relationship with the KGB operating out of Mexico City. Did LBJ want to be president and align himself with many anti JFK forces, it certainly looks that way. Was Lee Harvey Oswald a pawn in the game pushed here and there by American and Soviet Intelligence to protect the nature of spreading communism throughout the world while at the same time trying to appear against it within the United States? It certainly looks that way if you read the report. But murders and assassinations are messy, and they evoke emotional sympathy often making martyrs out of the victims. But when the Trump administration released those long-classified files, there were lessons to be learned and the results are all around us today.

Instead of trying to kill Trump literally for disrupting the Washington D.C. agenda which is global in nature and tied to lots of unsavory characters, they decided to kill his reputation and the people around him through a legal system that was deadlier than bullets. If the left learned anything since the JFK assassination and the many public assassinations that took place during the 1960s it was that the more effective form of assassination is character in nature. Instead of using isolated hit men like Lee Harvey Oswald to be straw men in their strategic desires, they used the media to isolate individuals and cut them off from public acceptance. It’s a form of consensus building much the way the Delphi Technique was taught to bring groups into harmony focused on a stated goal but by creating the illusion of democracy at arriving at that juncture.

Following the intentions of how intelligence gathering operations worked behind the scenes prior to the Kennedy assassination, how various parties such as the mob, Vice President Johnson, and the KGB worked behind the scenes with the FBI and CIA informants to allow Lee Harvey Oswald to emerge as a gunman in the assassination the same pattern of behavior emerged during the 2016 election to keep Trump from office. And if he didn’t go quietly like we all expected he wouldn’t, then all the people around the president would be attacked and tortured in the press until Trump either resigned or was impeached by a change in the house and senate after public sentiment would switch away from Republicans in the midterms. At least that was the plan. So long as the intelligence agencies controlled the narrative in the press and within the halls of legislation, they figured they would get away with it. In the modern world they didn’t need a Lee Harvey Oswald to take the blame for killing a president, all they needed was CNN and MSNBC.

But they forgot that Trump himself was a master at messaging, he was better at it than the losers who worked for the state, so their plans fell apart early when James Comey tried to extort the President with the fake dossier that reported embarrassing information that supposedly happened in Moscow years before. Typically, in the past politicians would run into hiding even if they were innocent because they couldn’t afford to have such a thing even connected to them perceptively. But Trump knew how to turn the situation around and he did so. And by the time he did Comey was fired and many more people were being rooted out of the intelligence community for their part in the vast conspiracy.

The rest is laid out well in Gregg Jerrett’s best selling book The Russian Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump. It is a marvelous book filled with facts and it lays out the case in a very digestible way. Essentially American intelligence agencies were caught picking sides and worked with the Obama White House to attempt to get Hillary Clinton elected despite her criminal conduct. They were all committed at very high levels and across many departments to destroy Donald Trump for even considering running for the office and they held nothing back in attempting to destroy them. If the stage set in this conspiracy were in the 60s, there would be literal assassination attempts on the life of the President. But since the way things work these days are much more passive aggressive, the media was to be the tool of killing. Just ask Paul Manafort, General Flynn, even Donald Trump Jr. There are many others of course, but the methods of killing are quite clear. Ruin people’s lives and rub their bloodied reputations through the streets and put them on every magazine and newspaper cover in the nation. Don’t physically kill them and make them into martyrs. Use their destroyed reputations to scare off anybody else who might pick support of the president over a continued career with respect to function from.

But again, Trump is better at branding and marketing than anybody in the CIA, FBI or anybody in the media. As he is often known to say, he singlehandedly saved NBC from financial ruin when he became involved with the television show The Apprentice, and that is likely true. So the chosen methods of assassination of this president haven’t worked which has then laid open the intent by the perpetrators. What’s good is that all this is happening in the here and now. We don’t have to wait 50 years for the declassification of all these villains to be exposed. We can see them every night on the nightly news even though some of the stories are being covered by the conspirators out of sheer anger at Trump for slipping through all the traps set for him. It is comical to watch but we cannot mistake the intention. Clearly large portions of our U.S. government tried to destroy a president we elected, and that deserves some retribution.

It is not OK to attempt to destroy people just because you don’t like them or disagree with them politically. The FBI had no right to manipulate the law to skew public opinion toward a slant that popular culture wanted to see—where popular culture is established by the villains of our days. When you know about the intentions of people like Brandon Darby who will put on any hat to attempt to overthrow challenges toward the established system it comes as no surprise that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page would conduct themselves as insurgents to stop an American president from being elected by tampering with the election system then blaming it on Russians. Or that James Comey would set traps to protect the “firewalls” that Bruce Ohr was so concerned about. Or that John Brennan came out against President Trump to protect the role of the intelligence community from being rooted out as conspirators under the Obama White House. By going on the attack, he hoped to quell the guilt that was falling in his direction, but Trump pushed back and now all the villains are exposed.

All I have to say is that this is what happens when you take a shot and the bullet misses. This is always why playing the assassination game is more dangerous than a literal one, because if you fail to destroy the character of your target, then you are vulnerable to having everything come back at you, which is exactly what is happening. They are all crooked, from Mueller’s investigation to the board of editors at The New York Times, and they have all been caught in the conspiracy and have nowhere to hide. And its good that they are not just afraid for their careers, but for their own lives. Not that anybody has to put them through the JFK experience. But in the game of character assassinations, it can go both ways, and thankfully Trump is better at that game. We knew it in our guts for a long time. Now we have someone in the White House who can actually win at that type of game. And he is.

Rich Hoffman
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