It’s Time for Trump to Fire Everyone: This is what hardball looks like

The battle for the future is right here with this Trump story. What’s happening in Washington D.C. is nothing less than the heart and soul of America, so its important to cover it as much as I do. There is no bigger story in the world and now it’s getting nasty. I often feel that Trump is a kind of doppelganger to myself so I have a pretty good idea what the President will do next. Hey, he’s moving into his mid-70s. He has a reputation for not taking any crap and he’s in the most powerful executive position in the entire world. What do you think is appropriate behavior in his situation? He may live another ten years, but chances are, he’s watching his last sunsets so why not go out with a bang? I really don’t think the FBI and Robert Mueller’s insurgents thought things through properly. They picked a fight with the wrong guy and I think they are going to see quite a gauntlet thrown down.

Of course, Trump has a right to fire Jeff Sessions. Its his Department of Justice pick, and the guy is failing. Trump has politically allowed his DOJ to run this Russian investigation for the pure appearance of fairness and lack of abuse of power—but look what they’ve done with it. If Trump did nothing, he’d have a hard time dealing with it I think. What they’ve shown is a real desire to go for the jugular for those closest to Trump, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, General Flynn and many others, ruining their lives completely just to get at Trump. So why shouldn’t Trump go after them with the same vigor, if not more so? As a Trump supporter from the beginning I have to say that I expect the President to exercise all his authority to correct this situation, to fire anybody and everyone to drain this swamp in Washington D.C. and from what we’ve seen of the evidence it’s a situation that must happen.

If Trump were to fire everyone from Jeff Sessions to Bob Mueller the voters would forgive the President and it would help the midterm elections. In a recent poll it showed that the approval rating for the Democrats is hovering around 50%, well that’s because they aren’t doing anything to be criticized for. Firing all these bad people at the DOJ and FBI whom all work for the Executive Branch would not help a Blue Wave topple control of the House. It would send a message that this President will defend himself which Americans like and do something which is unusual for anybody in Washington D.C. Such behavior goes against the conventional wisdom of the pundits, but I would stand by my assertion under any criticism. If Trump fired everyone involved in these Democratic incursions he’d be even more popular and Republicans would gain seats in both the House and Senate—holding their majorities. I promise.

From there it should be Rudi Giuliani who is the next Attorney General and that’s where the real prosecutions should begin, into the Fusion GPS deal, the FBI involvement in picking winners and losers, and in making an example of the botched-up Clinton case. The DNC itself is guilty of much trouble and by going after them all and putting them on their heels the media would have no choice but to report the situation, which would erode away the Democratic approval rating properly. The only defense they have is to call Trump names and say that he’s abusing his authority. But so what? They have pushed Trump to the edge with the intent to wipe the earth clean of him. They deserve punishment and did they really think he wouldn’t? If he just takes the punches the Republicans will lose seats and Trump would be facing impeachment, for no reason other than political ones. So Trump’s best move is to go Tasmanian Devil on everyone against him and let the smoke clear in time for Republican victories. Americans love a winner, and its to Trump’s advantage to show them one.

It has baffled me to watch these people go after Trump and to show their fangs the way they have. It seemed like a really stupid thing to do because Trump has a reputation for fighting. Did they really think he’d just lay down and die? Well, obviously, that is exactly what they thought. Obviously, the point of all the investigations as of the end of August 2018 was to harm Republicans just prior to the election. Robert Mueller was always a never Trumper type Republican along the lines of a John McCain so he was always intent to ruin Donald Trump once he realized that he wasn’t going to get the top job of Director of the FBI. His aim was to take these investigations deep into Trump’s presidency to ruin him and prevent a second term. And harming Trump at the midterms was always part of the plan. Trump isn’t supposed to be in a position to help any Republican win office, he’s supposed to be hiding in the White House hoping to hold onto power with his every last breath. But Trump doesn’t need people in institutions to give him power. He always had it from the companies that he built and Mueller can’t take that from him—which prevents the Democratic objective from ever reaching fruition.

Even though CNN would accuse the President of abusing his power with terminations including Jeff Sessions and Robert Mueller, the American voters would forgive Trump within hours. There would be no conspiracy. Mitch McConnell has no desire for a fight within the Republican Party, Paul Ryan is on his way out, Trump is the leader and everyone else is going to do what he says. Firings and a crackdown within his own DOJ is expected so there wouldn’t be any blowback except from those terrified that the fangs of justice would then go in their direction. There is enough abuse of power perpetrated by all the people involved in the phony Russian investigation to put a lot of people in jail and with an aggressive Attorney General in Rudi Giuliani there would suddenly be a lot of guilty people running for the hills.

Justice is clearly on the side of President Trump and he’d be crazy not to take this open window and strike back with everything in his power. Not doing so would lead to regrets that would last well past his lifetime, so its time to hit now and let the pieces fall where they fall. Playing it safe now will only lead to empowerment by those who want to undercut him at whatever cost in the midterm elections. The way to win these big elections is not to play it safe. Just like when everyone thought they had Trump dead to rights on the weekend of the Access Hollywood tapes, now is a similar issue. Trump turned the tables then using whatever he had at his disposal and he has many more weapons now than he did then, so everyone should see these next steps coming. Its time to fire everyone and if he does, President Trump will step beyond the critics into a new light that nobody else could follow, and it starts by getting rid of Jeff Sessions and replacing him with Rudi Giuliani, and instead of turning the other cheek, knocking the damn head off of those who started the slapping.

Rich Hoffman


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