When It’s Time to Revolt Against the Government: I put up with Obama, its time the other side put up with my guy, Trump

I am absolutely sure that the other side—the never Trumpers, the Democrats, the swamp dwellers of Washington D.C. culture on both political sides have not thought this thing through. All they know is that they want things to stay as they always have, where government service ties to big private sector pay checks as advisors later on, is a preserved system which stays intact. After all, they spent their entire lives boot licking their way into those positions and they expect to be paid. So they have not thought of the wider implications of removing Donald Trump from office. I’ve thought about it hard and can only say that an impeachment proceeding that removed Donald Trump from the presidency would represent to me an abandonment of our Constitution and would open up the necessity for armed rebellion. It would be hard, but I was at that point before this last election, putting my hopes for a change to the wind and hoping for the best. Luckily it worked out and our nation is going through one of its most prosperous periods in history. But if anybody thinks that I’m going to sit around and accept a removal of my president from office and that the FBI is going to come to my house and arrest me because I’m on a hundred different lists that the new regime thinks is dangerous to them, and I’ll go quietly into the night, they have another thing coming.

I had a little Twitter fight with a liberal screenplay writer the other day over this very issue. The scandal of Trump potentially paying off two women while on the campaign trail during the election of 2016 had put wind in his sales and he was feeling quite empowered. Eventually he called me a “birther” which was one of those controversial people who didn’t believe that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, but in some other country. The controversy of the birther movement was that Barack Obama did not meet the minimum requirement for the presidency and should be removed from office. Of course, the political left rallied behind defending the president even though there was some compelling evidence that created lots of questions in favor of these so-called “birthers.” Ultimately Obama stayed in office and fulfilled his two terms. The issue never really went anywhere, but watching how the Democrats have pushed things with Trump, I’m starting to feel that the situation is very disingenuous. If the shoe had been on the other foot and Donald Trump for instance had been born in England or Switzerland but had documents that showed doubtful elements showing an actual birth certificate in New York, they would have stopped at nothing to remove Trump from office. Nothing. And even ten years later, when they can’t win an argument they use the “birther” name as a way to try to discredit any critic and supporter of Donald Trump.

Republicans, including me, tend to follow the rules. I don’t cut in line, I treat everyone fairly. And in politics when someone I don’t like is in office and I want to replace them, I work to support candidates who can legally replace them with a vote. And that’s how it was for me during Obama’s presidency. I was at the front of a lot of resistance groups helping wherever I could, and I can say that nobody I dealt with planned to go nearly as far as the Democrats have in overturning an American election. There were a lot of things that could have been argued in favor it such a position by Republicans, but because we tend to follow the rule of law, we put up with the guy and waited our turn. I gave their guy, Obama a chance. Now I expect the same respect, and I’m not getting it, and its pissing me off. I use that pronoun because I can only speak for myself, but by experience know that I am not alone in that sentiment. To the extent that the Democrats have abused law in order and tried to alter the election of my candidate into office to give my side a crack at running the country properly has been personally very disrespectful and I think more than justifies an abandonment of the law to kick the shit out of that other side since proper political discourse is not something they are interested in. So to back what Rudi Giuliani said about a revolt by the American people if Donald Trump were to be impeached, he is absolutely correct.

If Democrats want to make a legal standard as to paying off women from Trump’s playboy days to keep quiet during an election then they have to live by that same standard. You can’t bust Trump for these types of things and not bust Democrats for the same thing, even though the evidence is many times worse that Democrats are much guiltier of even harsher crimes. Just as Democrats protected Obama from the “birther” claims and attempted to use the legal system to punish American sheriffs such as Joe Arpaio in Arizona for even investigating the matter the same standard should be applied to Republicans. Donald Trump legally won the election of 2016 and if the election were held today would win again. The Democrats have not put forward any ideas or candidates to refute Trump, instead they have resorted to bending the legal system to their favor while not expecting equal application of it in their direction. Isn’t that just a little too obvious? Our legal system is corrupt beyond any respectable recognition so what other recourse is there but violence if it is used to control one kind of political thinking and not the other.

At some point you just have to say, what the hell. I’m just not going to take it, and that’s where I’m at. I don’t think Democrats have a leg to stand on politically or legally, so I’m not too worried about it. I don’t think the House or Senate are up for grabs and I don’t have any doubt that Trump will win the next election in 2020 because the Democrats literally have nobody to run against them. But I have seen these fangs from this dangerous dog before, and you just don’t turn your back on such a dangerous creature. I would never let what happened to Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort happen to me. And I certainly wouldn’t sit back and let the Democrats in the Justice Department come after me the way they did Joe Arpaio. When Jeff Sessions says that he’s running a Justice Department free of political influences, he’s obviously smoking crack, because those employees are some of the most partisan government workers on planet earth. I don’t trust any of them, and I certainly have lost respect for the FBI. Don’t come knocking on my door.

I’m one of the most law biding people there is so there is no reason to even try it. But my compliance only goes as far as the Constitution of our nation for which all our laws are flowed down from. If the enemies of Donald Trump abandon those rules, they can’t expect to hide behind those rules to protect themselves from me, again the use of a pronoun because I can’t speak for you dear reader. I worked within the system to put up with Barack Obama, George Bush and even Bill Clinton. I didn’t pick up a rifle and organize a militia against the forces of tyranny, I simply worked within the election system to make changes legally. But if Trump is removed from office by any other means than with an election, I will organize a resistance, and I will promise one thing—I won’t be on the losing end of that exchange. It won’t matter if it’s just me or a million people. The odds will not work out in favor of the villains. It won’t matter if its 50,000 black masks of Antifa, the socialist brats of California, or the entire Democratic Party using our own military as a blanket to hide under—it won’t matter. Count on it.

Rich Hoffman

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4 thoughts on “When It’s Time to Revolt Against the Government: I put up with Obama, its time the other side put up with my guy, Trump

    1. Of course nobody wants to move against a government, because the government is supposed to be run by us. But, when they become out of control employees using our resources against us and show they are willing to break the law to do it, we have to do something. Good to hear you’re thoughts.


    1. Good, it takes just that kind of attitude to fix these broken people. And yes, we are a “REPUBLIC” Not a democracy. The fact that so many people get that wrong shows just how terrible our education system has been.


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