The Most Durable Person in the World: Donald Trump and the Ohio Republicans

I think I was born a Republican. I’ve never had a period in my life where being Republican wasn’t part of my behavioral characteristic. But I can’t say that all Republicans were always committed to the degree that I have been. There was a period over the last twenty years where I wondered if Republicans were really conservative, people such as John Kasich for instance. I can think of lots of names where Republicans acted more like very liberal Democrats and were certainly not conservatives. But these days I am very proud of the Ohio Republican Party. Everywhere I look at all levels of politics there are some really great Republicans in office or running for office, people like Warren Davidson, Jim Jordan, George Lang, Jim Renacci, Ann Becker, Mark Welch, Mary Taylor Sheriff Jones and now Troy Balderson who was personally backed by President Trump. There are more, but those are just some at the top of my mind that have emerged in Ohio as Trump has taken control of the Republican Party as a whole and centering a lot of that new power in Ohio. Ohio has become once again the center of politics within the entire nation and it was obvious at the Ohio state Republican Dinner which is held annually. Only this time Trump was the headliner in a way that showed that the philosophy of the party had been corrected from past dinners away from the governor John Kasich who didn’t go. He said he had to take one of his daughters to college, but we all know that the crowd at that particular dinner was way too conservative for him.

Watching Trump speak at this event I could help but feel some pride. These modern Republicans are certainly a group of people I can get behind. I enjoy them as people and for the first time in my memory I don’t worry so much about them being so far off politically that I can’t have a conversation with them. Many critics say that my particular brand of Republicanism is way too far to the political right. I think that is ridiculous as my brand of conservative thought would be right at home in the many westerns that Hollywood used to make, and on television shows like Little House on the Prairie, or even a Clint Eastwood cop drama. It wasn’t that long ago where my type of conservative thinking was mainstream. I mean I grew up thinking of Ronald Reagan was a Hollywood liberal, so that’s where my mind was and continues to be. Over the years I have rejected the pull of Republicans to the political left thinking they had to move in that direction to win elections. Obviously, Donald Trump has proven that the John Kasich formula of essentially becoming a liberal to win elections was wrong.

Instead Trump has moved more to the political right as he grew older and wiser giving us the man we have today. As he spoke in front of that particular crowd in Ohio it was obvious to me that he is probably the most durable person in the entire world. I can’t think of anybody else who could have gone through what he did this past week and even want to step out of the house, let alone speak in front of people and give interviews to the press. Trump is simply amazing and it was on full display that night in Columbus, Ohio. I have never been prouder to call myself a Republican than at this present moment.

In this new era the names I mentioned earlier are climbing to the top of the party and for good reason. To be truthful it is because of them that all the powers of established government are trying with everything they have to destroy Donald Trump. I mean they are furious, if you look at the immunity deals being given to the CEOs of all these companies that are attached to Trump in some way it can easily be seen what the plan of the open-ended Mueller investigation is. It’s certainly not to find any kind of truth—its to destroy Trump and his family politically forever so that the needed changes in Washington D.C. cannot take place. Its to put Trump on his heels so hard that he might never get up. Mueller is playing hard ball to get revenge for his friend James Comey’s termination as the FBI Director and for pulling the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan. Up until Trump did it, nobody challenged the authority of these intelligence agencies and they evolved into a kind of “deep state” where they think they are running the whole show. Heck, just a few months ago people thought that Comey, Mueller and many others at the center of the fake conspiracy against Trump were Republicans, but now we see what they really are. Comey himself has been calling for Democrats to win in this upcoming midterm election to stop the Trump agenda which would be pretty scary stuff if the President wasn’t so strong. But Trump is like a tank, he takes the hits, and just keeps moving forward. And he fires back which has been the foundation of this new Republican Party which is emerging in Ohio.

With Trump’s leadership the decks have been cleared, and the RINOs are off taking their kids to college instead of attending the annual Ohio dinner for Republicans. Jim Jordan actually has a shot at becoming the next Speaker of the House. And Jim Renacci has a real shot at beating Sharrod Brown, the long-time progressive Democrat in the Senate. As polling goes right now it looks like Renacci is going to beat Brown which will send shockwaves across the nation. I know Jim Renacci a bit and I know he’s going to turn up the heat over the next few months in a way that Sharrod Brown won’t be able to compete against. There are three debates scheduled between now and then and there is no way Brown wins those. He can’t due to his progressive views in this modern economic climate. All Brown can do is hope to hold onto the union vote, but those people are split. Cuyahoga county and Youngstown machinists are voting Trump and Renacci is Trump’s hand-picked candidate. The Trump factor will become the deciding element after all the hard work is done. When the smoke clears I’d put my money on Renacci being the winner.

Yet it was the election and sustainability of Donald Trump that has made all this possible. Other Republican dinners like the one witnessed on August 24th 2018 did not have this level of pizzazz to it. Only Trump could have brought that to the table and provided an environment for these truly conservative voices to emerge the way they are and that is the reason for the viciousness. The other side knows that if they can’t stop Trump then the Republican Party will be impossible to defeat in the future. This midterm election is essentially their last stand as Democrats and it has exposed even the RINOS who have been hiding in plain sight all along. I thought Trump was magnificent at the Ohio state dinner for Republicans and he had united the party by sheer will and leadership. And Ohio once again will be the center of the political universe when Jim Jordan and Jim Renacci emerge in November as powerhouses of political power. For a change I will be very proud to be associated with all things Republican. It’s nice to see the party coming back to where it should have always been, and we all have Trump to thank for that.

These are not the Republicans of our parent’s party.  These guys hit back………….and they expect to win.  Let me make a few predictions, which people who know me understand I am very accurate.  Republicans will hold the House on the Hill.  They will gain seats in the Senate, including Jim Renacci which will shock the political left in a severe way.  Jim Jordan will be the next Speaker of the House mainly because he has been very active of late and President Trump will support him behind the scenes.  That doesn’t mean that Republicans can take anything for granted, but it does mean that the fight is more than achievable to win.  Once the smoke clears after the election Trump will fire Jeff Sessions.  The House and Senate will confirm Rudi Giuliani and by March of next year Robert Mueller and the bad guys in the FBI and Justice Department will have a whole lot of trouble.  Revenge is served best on a dish named Trump.

Rich Hoffman

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