“Lock Her Up”: Why Trump supporters will never be satisfied until Hillary Clinton is in jail

It’s amazing how intuitive the American people are, voters free of institutional imprint to decipher instincts that guide them to the truth through the smoke screens of civility. Watching these rallies that Donald Trump does, such as this one prior to Labor Day weekend in Indiana, where the audience chants, “lock her up,” it is actually astonishing how accurate people were when given a platform to speak from, such as one of those rallies even though at the time that it all started, the concept of locking her up seemed like a remote necessity. They didn’t know several years ago when these rallies began just how deeply corrupt Hillary Clinton and the DNC really were, or to the extent that the FBI tampered with the election process to help the Democrats do better, but all along the crowds at the Trump rallies knew by instinct that there was enough of something bad happening to justify locking up the person who wanted desperately to be the first woman president, so much so that she was willing to break many laws to fulfil that fantasy. People really weren’t fooled from the beginning, which is why Trump’s poll numbers have never changed for the worse.

It’s important to understand that people really can smell a rat and they aren’t so easily conned. By observation its obvious that they can’t be manipulated by the kind of lies that the FBI fostered even though on an individual basis they are quite forgiving. But you put them into a crowded room and give them a chance to express themselves and they understand the level of criminality that was always at play, even though at the time it might only have been considered political rhetoric. With the new evidence that is coming in day by day just how entangled the manipulators of the DNC and FBI were with each other, it’s not just Hillary Clinton who should be going to jail, but it’s a large number of people, many of whom were considered squeaky clean prior to the election of 2016. From the perspective of bringing honesty back to Capital Hill, the Trump presidency has certainly rooted out the villains who were always hiding in plain sight.

The fact that disgraced Justice Department official Bruce Ohr was keeping Andrew Weissmann “in the loop” on the now famous dossier and had contact in 2016 with Weissmann, who is now a top Robert Mueller Deputy, should be enough to effectively end Mueller’s special counsel. These villains were hard at work at framing Donald Trump and electing Hillary Clinton to the presidency no matter what laws had to be broken and slowly over the months have been exposed in such embarrassing ways. When people say that the Mueller investigation should be ended, they aren’t just saying it to protect Donald Trump from possibly implicating himself, it’s because the bad guys in this situation must have the Mueller investigation to keep themselves out of trouble. Once the Mueller investigation ends and the offense is no longer in their favor, there are a lot of people in big trouble.

Yet it didn’t take the news to instruct people how they felt about Hillary Clinton. She obviously knew that the FBI was working on her behalf and was given assurances from Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama themselves that the full power of the state would be put behind her victory. During the final months of the campaign that is the reason that everyone sort of laughed off Donald Trump, as if to tell him,

don’t you know you don’t have a chance in hell of winning?” That’s when these chants started at these rallies, because Trump was their vehicle for getting at the real truth. If Trump had been a typical Republican candidate they wouldn’t have felt they could express themselves in such a way. But Trump let them speak in ways that nobody had previously, and they projected an ability to decipher bull shit from the truth quite effectively. It should all give us an understanding of just how powerful a republic style government truly is, if it’s allowed to function properly.

There is no way that the world goes back to the way it was prior to the 2016 election where the FBI operates as a corrupt umpire and calls strikes on their political enemies and balls even when the pitches are delivered precisely at the same location to their friends. What we have observed is the greatest example of scandal that any first world power has ever observed, and it’s on a massive scale, much larger than previously even considered. Hillary Clinton should certainly be in jail, just for the principle of it. Not only did the DNC rig the election on her behalf against Bernie Sanders, but they had the presidency all locked up as well with the assurances by the FBI that they had everything in the bag for her. The hatred of Trump by these people is like a burglar hating a home for having a security alarm. Trump being a political outsider screwed up everything for these villains. They thought they had everything set, and they did for some other Republican candidate. But Trump ignited in the common everyday people a voice they had been long suppressed, and that voice spoke on election night and destroyed all the elaborate plans that had been orchestrated to the contrary. The villains in this case, especially those working in the FBI should have watched more episodes of Scooby Doo when they were kids. Maybe they could have avoided all this if not for those pesky Trump supporters.

There is only one way to fix it, and that is not only for Hillary Clinton to be locked up, but for her conspirators as well. The crimes here are far more serious than Martha Stewart, or Paul Manafort, these crimes committed by the FBI and Obama White House and covered up directly by the special investigation of Robert Mueller are attacks at the essential elements of our republic. Only the people knew all along. They understood what was happening and to fix it they elected Donald Trump. And because of the pressure of having someone from outside the system in the White House, so many crimes are being uncovered, and CNN along with so many others in the media have been caught directly, and it has been embarrassing. But we have to follow the facts where they take us, and unfortunately the situation is every bit as bad as the most vocal conspiracy theorist had previously articulated.

Not that I am a frequent Alex Jones listener, but when he was attacked by Facebook and YouTube it made me want to listen to him more because he obviously is pissing off the right people. Thinking back on it he was right from the very beginning. The things he said about the inner workings of the Deep State may have sounded kooky at first but the facts have fleshed out that he had his hand on the truth from the start. But so did most people. All they really need is a voice to communicate their thoughts through, and it is quite amazing that normal people are able to see through all the smoke so clearly. People don’t need a government that tells them what they see and hear, people can do that for themselves. They need a government that listens to them and functions from that instruction and nothing more. They certainly don’t need a king or a lord to rule over them, which was the promise of Hillary Clinton and her conspirators. And they got caught doing that very thing and now its time to pay the price and of course they are unhappy about it. But if you do the crime, you have to be willing to do the time that comes with it, and obviously that is not the case. It can now be said quite clearly that the Robert Mueller investigation has had only one purpose, and it wasn’t to discover some truth about Donald Trump, it was to keep all the puppets from going to jail for their crimes in tampering with an American election. The average people knew all along, and they still chant the necessity for people to be locked up for their role in the whole deal. But the edges are closing in on the villains finally and the world will never be the same again in the aftermath. And to that we can all be happy that at least justice has a chance because Donald Trump is in the Executive Branch and not some hack who would be all too willing to play along against the wishes of the American Republic.

Rich Hoffman

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