The Wiki World: When information becomes decentralized and pure

Another aspect of the John McCain funeral that’s needs consideration was it’s really ostentatious need for attention. It went on so long and the theme seemed to be, “give us one more chance.” The “us” were of course the institutions of our society. We are in a rapid moving world now and if I had to sum up all my articles over the last ten years to provide a theme for them it was revealed during the John McCain funeral. That world is dead, the world that thought of John McCain as a hero, the one who blushed when George Bush gave Michelle Obama a piece of candy. It was a world that delighted in seeing all their royal leaders converge in one place to pay some sort of respect to the gate keepers of institutionalism. We are living in a Wiki World now where truly the means of production and thought have been given to the people of the world but it doesn’t look like the communism of the fantasy. It wasn’t the John McCains of the world who became the distributors of magic, it is in the hands of the people around the entire world at the same time and have as the means of distribution the internet. And the world will never be the same. Donald Trump is the only person who could have been or will be the president of the United State during such an age.

Wiki of course is a Hawaiian word that means “quick” but in the context of society these days it usually represents the editing of information on a website by the end use consumer. But in the framework of a Wiki World it can really be viewed to begin when the music industry fell and Nabster took over evolving into what we consider iTunes today, where people can have access to any kind of music anywhere they want it any hour of the day. When people said that they liked how John McCain’s funeral united people and they wondered why those elements weren’t present in our society any more this is what they are talking about. In the Wiki World music has been decentralized. You don’t hear on the radio every five minutes the music of Michael Jackson or Elvis because everyone is listening to their own kind of music which is different and sometimes quite exotic. On the most basic level, people are not united in society any more by their music and television shows, or even a book they’ve read. They are more independent than ever and the political changes we are seeing are a direct result of that freedom.

Now everyone has their own radio station and television production studio in their pocket with their cell phones. Journalism from citizens has taken over the industry as every person now has a high-end camera and is on point to record whatever they are experiencing. There are no long-distance charges so we can speak to people anywhere in the world over the internet and this has done more to bring down walls than any political move. As a person who has written more than a few books, I can say that I’ve watched the publishing industry change overnight, if a publisher gives a writer the run around the writer can just self publish and sell the book from their website. Of course, that is great for given obscure writers who might otherwise never get a chance to write a book a chance to become authors, but the downside is that becoming a millionaire as a writer is a much less frequent occurrence. The same with blog sites. I view my work on this site as a kind of Wiki information service. There is a part of me who enjoys the field of reporting and opinion journalism, but no enough so to deal with the nonsense of employment. So I can create my own news service. So long as I don’t care about making money with it, it brings tremendous freedom which many people prefer over traditional newspapers and magazines. Blogs like mine have literally taken over the news outlets. People would rather read a blog like this rather than the traditional newspapers and tabloids and the internet has created that opportunity for both the source suppliers and the recipients.

Clearly this isn’t what the government had in mind when it brought a bunch of schools together to create the internet to allow communication during a nuclear holocaust. The governments of the world along with companies like Facebook and Google were fishing for information and they allowed a high level of freedom for their content users to get them to bite down on the hook and give them all the information that is being talked about today. Now there is great fear that they won’t be able to pull those big fish out of the water and into the boat. People like Donald Trump and his supporters are just too big to catch because even if you did get them in the boat, what would you do with them. Google and Facebook are censoring what they think are conservative groups in an attempt to stop what is happening, which is this runaway train of decentralization that is terrifying all the government aristocrats but it’s too late. Even sports have been lost as a unifying element in our society. NFL ratings are down for more than the bad press from all the kneeling players. Younger people are playing video games now instead of attending real sports events and that will only continue. Online gaming is much more interesting.

Television can’t compete with the streaming services of Netflix or Amazon Prime, TV and first-rate movies any time any day in the comfort of your own home. No longer are people brought together to watch a show at 9 PM on a Friday night like the television drama Dallas where the nation wondered “who shot JR?” Now the most interesting shows are on YouTube by independent producers who can make anything in their personal studios that PBS or the networks could only make ten years ago. My grandson has no interest in the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon, he much prefers YouTube channels on a smart TV about the video games he likes to play—direct content from the producer to the consumer with all the middle people out of it.

And with all this new freedom people are deciding on their own that they like Donald Trump and not John McCain. That they even prefer the socialism behind the Democratic Party rather than some mushy middle ground of the Obama White House. The politics of the John McCain type took away the differences and gave people some unifying factor. Like the music by Aretha Franklin which was celebrated by her own funeral around the same time of John McCain young people are no longer bound together by common songs and culture. The content of all our entertainment has been so decentralized that our politics are literally changing in front of our eyes. If things appear more extreme it is because the raw emotions of people finally have a voice instead of a watered-down version of a truth. And we will see which side will win, and that will be our culture.

Even the proposed banning of content on YouTube and Facebook are too late, if they continue to act in such a way they will be replaced with something that works better and does give a voice to people who the liberals at Google don’t like. They only have a monopoly on the process because they made everything so easy. If that is taken away from people they will just create their own next generation of Facebook and YouTube. It’s not that hard. Most of the complaints that we are hearing these days are from the old world wondering how they can get control once again. But the demands of the youth want speed and they want their own control of content because they have tasted that freedom and they want nothing else.

I was thinking of all this because a television producer for the Travel Channel contacted me recently about some of my articles about pre-Columbus civilizations in North America for a show they are working on. Even in the field of archaeology there are lots of researchers like me out there who are advancing what was known scientifically about our ancient world. We used to depend on college institutions to conduct science that we’d learn about in text books, but not anymore. Things are moving fast and blog posts like mine are advancing the topics of science at a pace that this new world demands. I’ll credit this Travel Channel producer, she is a young lady who gets it, she is part of this new decentralized world and she has been hired to provide content that can compete with all these streaming services which is how we found each other. Even five years ago that wouldn’t have been the case. We are truly living in a Wiki World and its here to stay. It’s not overly emotional and hungry for leadership. It just wants to be left alone to the imaginations of the human mind and wherever it takes them and it was born out of decentralization for the first time in all of history, and its happening right now.

The ultimate evidence of this new way of looking at the world was in a book I read recently by Cody Wilson, the young guy who has been all over the news lately for printing guns on a 3D printer. His point was a good one, how can we ever have centralized gun control legislation in a decentralized society where people can print them at their homes on essentially a computer printer? The answer of course is that nobody can. Guns are here to stay whether or not people can buy them from a corner store or make them in their homes. The will to own is there and people will have it if the restriction of information is decentralized and people can have access. The real scary thing to those who want a much more centralized society and thought that the internet would give them access and control over every person on earth is that they would learn that what people really wanted was freedom from them, not more control. Now that the information is out of the bottle, what is anybody supposed to do with it? We are in a world where the best ideas will truly win and learning what people really want is a constant fear of people like John McCain. He had to die knowing that all his polished imagery of being a POW and the son of a powerful institutionalist couldn’t get him elected president, no different from Hillary Clinton wanting to be the first woman president—just because she happened to have boobies and a lot of insider friends who wanted to see that happen. Instead, people picked Donald Trump and they continue to, even after everything that’s been said. That is because for the first-time people can truly have a choice and they made it. It wasn’t the one the institutionalists wanted, but it’s the one that the human race decided was best, and there is no way to change that now.

Rich Hoffman

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