Q-Anon is Not a Conspiracy, It’s a Promise: Defending that GREAT company of Smith and Wesson

I wouldn’t say that the Q-Anon internet postings are a conspiracy theory. It may make mainstreamers uncomfortable, but that is about as conspiracy as things get. The Trump family isn’t stupid and they have a history of fighting, and there are plenty of people who support Trump that do not have surrender in their vocabulary. So it really doesn’t matter who or what Q-Anon is or what many of the criminals in power fear it will become, because their end started well before the election of Donald Trump. I have always been one of the good guys and I know I’m not the only one. That is why I found this video that a friend sent to me below refreshing, because it let me know that finally enough people were getting it to actually make a difference. The good guys for a change were poised to win, and for that I am proud. But I never really worried. I have had everything that can be done to a person thrown at me over my adult life, even before. Lucky for me I had an interesting childhood and teen period which prepared me for just that kind of war, and honestly, I never went to bed one day in my life thinking I couldn’t single handedly beat them all. The reason, well honestly, it was the great company Smith & Wesson and their products which I’ve always loved that put my mind on firm ground of understanding. So long as I had the support of Smith & Wesson in my life, nobody was going to bring harm to my life or those that I cared about. They might think about it, but it wouldn’t happen. So I feel just a little compelled to defend that great company as they were attacked last week by the latest young people inspired to protest by the same villains who are trying to keep Hilary Clinton free and Donald Trump on defense.

I could tell stories all day long of the events that pissed me off to the point where I decided to write this blog everyday to essentially prepare a movement that might become Q-Anon or the presidency of Donald Trump, that might inspire radio talk shows to contemplate the what ifs. I decided to do my part years ago when white vans followed my wife everywhere and had us under constant surveillance. And why wouldn’t they, I supported Ross Perot heavily during both of his presidential runs, I had fierce convictions against sexual perversion and drugs which came into conflict in my children’s school days. I caused trouble with several city mayors including those in Mason and Cincinnati and the word on the street was that I was trouble. But I worked three jobs most of the time just to keep ahead of all the financial burdens so that my wife and kids always had the money we needed to build a strong family, so the anti-family big government types hated me, and they let me know it. When they couldn’t get to me they went after my wife and it was very hard on her to have people always following her around, to know what we were doing and always being listened to. I got used to it, she didn’t. There wasn’t anything in her life to prepare her for that kind of pressure.

But I stayed the course, and I pushed those against me to try to suppress me after I proved that I could outwork any of them and still out think them with a hand tied behind my back. When they tried unsuccessfully after many years of frustration the psychological intimidation they came after me with threats of violence which went nowhere. After all, I’m a professional bullwhip artist. I can cut the arteries of someone’s neck with a flick of my wrist with pinpoint accuracy. Nobody threatens me with violence, it’s just not something I’ve ever put up with. As a tradeoff, I don’t go around threatening people for no reason, so there has been a kind of stalemate over the years that has occurred on a political level. I found my support system in the Tea Party, they resorted to traditional party politics and tried to use it to ostracize me. Obviously, that didn’t work either, it was the Tea Party that elected Donald Trump and changed the nature of the Republican Party to poise it for what is about to happen next.

I always knew in the back of my mind that no matter how bad things got that I had the Second Amendment to defend me against the villains, even those that had taken over law enforcement. I wrote two books predicting my own eventual arrest, one called The Symposium of Justice which was my argument for the need to defend my family against the kind of games that I had witnessed firsthand. The second was The Tail of the Dragon which was for me a legal argument supporting an insurrection against the forces of government with a kind of Donald Trump president sitting in the White House to support one side over the other for the health of the whole. As I wrote those books my main concern was to offer them as my testimony for when things did go wrong and people kicked in my door one night to make an arrest in protection of the “state.” The more I worked toward a real justice, the more I knew my efforts were a threat and in spite of many efforts to keep my thoughts from other people, nothing worked. Knowing that they’d be coming at some point in time I did go out and buy the Smith & Wesson gun that I had always wanted, the .500 Magnum for home defense against any enemy, foreign or domestic and I made it clear that was always my intention. Things looked pretty rough before Donald Trump ran for president and the moment he did, I threw my support behind him, and since he has won, the offensive efforts against my household have been much less. I noticed it right away.

I always felt that so long as I had Smith & Wesson products under my roof that I could defend right and wrong. As I said, up to this point I’ve managed to avoid such physical encounters. Being the expert bullwhip handler is a big reason for that. Fortunately, nobody ever really pushed me to the point where I had to use those skills in a lethal way, and that kept the guns in their holsters, because I tend to use that method of self-defense first, before shooting. But I always know that the big guns are there to defend the people I care about from the forces of evil, and it gave me the extra horsepower to defend goodness when it mattered most. Even as my wife was unsettled to learn that her own government had no problem following her around almost to the point of madness, the biggest part of the threat was purely psychological because they knew I’d shoot them dead if they did anything but imply violence and constant surveillance.

I can safely say that the discussion around the Q-Anon is not a conspiracy, but is very real. I learned it firsthand and the reason I’m hear today to discuss it is because of Smith & Wesson. If not for them, I wouldn’t have felt nearly as empowered to defend myself against the biggest of the big dogs. Sure you can cut open someone’s neck with a bullwhip, but when they show up with tax payer funded armored cars and big guns covered in body armor, you need the next level of punch. To be honest, before Donald Trump was elected I thought I was probably a month away from a major raid. There was real concern in my family that if Hillary Clinton won, that “they” would be coming after me. My kids were actively making plans to move to England to flee the aftermath. But I told them that night even as Sean Hannity was worried after seeing the exit polling that Trump was going to win. I said it in the days leading up to it, I was certain of it because I knew how the Deep State worked. I have written about it as openly and logically as possible and people have learned for themselves even more. I knew Trump was going to win.

I’ll then say that I know the Deep State is on the run because the eyes that used to watch me so closely have gone away. Not that we can afford to put down our defenses, but they are now the ones looking over their backs. Sure, the shadow banning is going on. If you look at my YouTube account and my Twitter you can see it for yourself. Does anybody really think that I only have a few hundred hits on my work, even some that have been up for ten years. People post videos of cats eating and they get more hits than I do. Yet I get asked all the time about my videos from hundreds of people. The same with Twitter, so many people comment to me about my Twitter account, yet I seldom have any traffic that indicates that anybody is watching. That is because they have messed with the counter, it’s a very real circumstance. But what do I care? The goal isn’t to make money off my hits, its to get information to people, and it has worked. But the difference now is that they know the momentum is shifting against them and they are now pulling out all the stops, banning Alex Jones, taking down videos from Cody Wilson and his very great “Ghost Gunner” milling machine. It doesn’t matter, because it’s over for them. It’s like the Q-Anon said, get ready for the plan. I certainly am, and have been for well over ten years now. I am sentimental to Smith & Wesson because the day I purchased the .500 Magnum from them I have never slept more soundly in my life than from that day on. And that is what a great company does for America. They don’t deserve to be protested, they should be honored, and I have a feeling that in the days to come the protestors will be a thing of the past and Smith & Wesson will be taken in regard among the great patriotic companies of our times, as more people come to know them the way I have.

Q-Anon is not a conspiracy. It’s a promise.  I have proven that I am more than willing to follow the law and to function within the Constitution.  But if the villains are bad and are in charge of our government and want to use its power against me and you, I am more than willing to take that next step.  It’s not our fault they decided to be criminals, let’s just put it that way.   I have committed a huge part of my life to this legal discussion and I feel I have made a good case that could hold up in any court–so its their move next–and after that, checkmate–or violence, whichever they select.

Rich Hoffman
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