George Lang for Ohio House of Represenatives in the 52nd District: I fully endorse him for re-election without any second thoughts

At the meet the candidates’ forum at the West Chester Tea Party on September 4th 2018 my wife kept introducing me to people as a “blogger” which is a term I don’t find appropriate to what I do. While shaking hands, I’d correct her by saying that I’m an “independent journalists.” When I think of a “blogger” I think of people who deal with surface topics. What I do is often climb into the deep roots of things and my articles are certainly thoughtful, which has always been my intention. Even when dealing with the outlandish, which is sometimes a big part of our world, I always work to evoke some depth to a topic, and for that I’d say more what I do is journalism than just some hobbyist blogger. And I think that for good reason, after all I was proud to have just stepped away from an hour-long call with a producer with the Travel Channel on some work I had done on ancient cities buried under current cities in North America. So what I do and an average blogger do I think is quite different and I made sure to let people know that. The old timers at the West Chester Tea Party all know me of course, but many of the newer members didn’t as I haven’t been coming to the meetings as much over the last couple of years due to a professional project that I have been working on that has consumed a lot of my time—about 60 to 80 hours of work a week, so the Tea Party meetings for me have not been as frequent as an occurrence. But I came to this one to film some campaign footage for my friend George Lang whom I endorse completely for his re-election of the 52nd House Seat in Ohio.

George and I go back a few years, nearly a decade. We first met at the Miami University VOA conference center where we were both concerned about out of control public spending. He was already a trustee in West Chester trying to change a culture that was spinning toward becoming a high tax city rather than what it is today which is a thriving zone for business development. I had just come off a few entertainment projects, one in Hollywood and I was writing my second book and was doing a lot of talk radio. We wanted much the same thing but his role would become much more traditional politically speaking, mine would be to take on the role of antagonist, to a kind of an anti-Saul Alinsky persona but for good instead of evil and that has gone on now for nearly a decade. I instantly liked George as well as about 20 other Republican candidates at all levels of government and I wanted to use my background to help them in some way, so I started the blog you are reading now as a direct response to that sentiment. In so many ways the Republicans were hampered by restrictions that the Democrats weren’t. The two sides weren’t playing by the same rules, you can see a modern example of just what I’m talking about in regard to the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Liberals had always been able to act in diabolical ways against Republicans but the same couldn’t be done the other way and that didn’t seem fair to me—so I endeavored to do work behind the scenes to make things a bit fairer for Republicans. After all, I figured I had a professional reputation and lifestyle that couldn’t be picked apart by even the most tenacious investigator, there was no dirt that anybody could find on me about anything and if things became physically violent, I had those bases covered too. So why the hell not make things in the world a bit fairer? The rest is history.

Sometimes of course I have had to push right up on that invisible line of civility, because that’s the way it is sometimes if you want to be honest. I never expected people like George Lang to stand by me through any of those moments, but to his credit, he has never even tried to put any distance between me and him, where any other politician certainly would have. On one particular event in 2012 when my name was being smeared all over the news, several of my supporters got together at a pizza place to provide encouragement. It was a secret little meeting to figure out what to do next. I was just a little stunned to find that George came to the meeting. I asked him why he would risk such a thing and he simply told me that he believed in me and that he wanted to support me. That was the moment that I realized what a good guy George Lang was. He was in politics for all the right reasons and if things got a little hairy, he didn’t back away from the people he believed in just to gain political points. At the time the Republican Party was very much John Boehner’s and John Kasich’s. Trump wasn’t even a thought, so I felt that George Lang being seen in public with me at that particular moment was very risky for him. I knew I’d be fine because I’m always fine. But for him public impressions were much more important, yet he stood by me.

Of course, George and I aren’t attached at the hip on everything. He has thoughts about things and so do I that are not always the same and my methods of evoking those thoughts are often very colorful, while his are more political, naturally. But I have found him to be one of the most honest people I’ve ever known in politics. Politics is very much like a poker game, friends can become enemies depending on who has what cards and how much is at stake. But I know George beyond that game and the person himself is a very good one—a guy who loves business and the tools that economic development brings to a region. As a state representative he simply wants to do for Ohio what he has done for West Chester, which he articulated well in the video presented here.

The question that people often wonder when they hear campaign rhetoric is whether or not the politician is sincere, and I can testify that George Lang is everything he says he is and does. Peal away the trappings of politics and he’s just a good person trying to do good things for the world. I’ve seen him under conditions of great pressure which is often the best way to get to know people, and I can say that he is very authentic, which is the reason I consider him a friend. People who don’t like him or who would campaign against him have their philosophic issues. They do so for the same reason that there are elements who just hate Donald Trump for no other reason than he is a person used to winning and thinking for himself. George Lang is one of those types of people, and when it comes time to vote in November, people can feel really good about voting for him for their state representative. George Lang is certainly the kind of person you want representing you in Columbus. He’s one of the good guys down to every last cell in his body, and that is a rare thing indeed.

Rich Hoffman

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