The Nature of the Kavanaugh Protestors: Understanding the difference between a radical and a traditional American

I’ve seen enough of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to be perfectly happy with him. No matter what side of the political aisle you may be on, Kavanaugh is just a good, solid legal mind. If that’s what you are looking for, you really can’t go wrong with him. Once again, Donald Trump is proving to be a far superior mind over that of a typical politician. Trump’s business background has prepared him for picking people like Kavanaugh out of a field of choices and it is an unquestionably wonderful skill. Kavanaugh will be confirmed and he will serve well on the United States Senate. I’m a fan of many things that President Trump has done, but obviously one of his biggest legacy items will be his Supreme Court picks. On that he has been phenomenal.

However, as I was speaking with George Lang the other night about his own upcoming election and we were talking about civility in politics and the inner motivations of the left the topic of radicalism came up. In that the political left considers me a radical right-winger, an “alt right” personality that runs around Liberty Township with guns, bullwhips and cowboy hats desiring to take politics back to the Stone Age and any political candidate associated with me should be rebuked. Yet they are the ones who organize crazy lunatics to come to the Kavanaugh hearings and protest with great audacity and stand radically against anything that could be considered conservative political progress. Their only mode of negotiation is that conservatives yield to them. They are very much like a husband that wants out of a marriage and accuses their wife of cheating when in fact it is they who are doing the crime. The unsuspecting wife doesn’t know where the accusations come from until later when it becomes obvious what the husband was up to. Liberals have been accustomed to conservatives yielding to their every accusation, but now with Trump that isn’t happening any more. The liberals don’t know what to do.

In these modern times of a post Trump world, George explained to me that he wasn’t concerned about any radical associations with me. People knew what the truth was. And he’s right, anybody who knows me understands that many of my efforts were far from some crazy right-winger. I am a conservative, more of an Andy Griffin or Little House on the Prairie conservative. My political view of the world would be right at home on the show Gunsmoke. It was the world that moved to the left with each of these cries heard at the Kavanaugh hearings where Republicans just yielded to them trying to be the bigger people in the room. What that essentially did was move the whole country to the left and now that things are moving back to the right, toward my type of conservative thinking, liberals are actually going bat shit crazy. But I would argue that the move to the left was never real. It was like accepting some person who marries into your family with totally different values and the whole family goes out of their way to make them feel comfortable. To accommodate them the family may move off their usual positions for a while, but eventually everything snaps back to where things should have always been, and that is what is happening now in the country.

The term radical never belonged next to my name, yet that was the merit of the discussion I had with George, that we should even have to consider it. To his credit he is bigger than the petty picture that liberals try to paint, and he has come to realize that there is no way to appease them. So he doesn’t even bother, which is smart on his part. Many politicians that are thriving under the Trump presidency are learning the same attributes. It doesn’t do a bit of good to try to appease liberals. They are hell-bent on destruction and will do anything to make it so. Brett Kavanaugh represents judicial stability for the foreseeable future which is the worst kind of condition for their liberal activities, so we should all feel some joy at seeing them wither around in pain over the potential of this new Supreme Court.

I have long predicted an end to the Democratic Party and I think we are starting to see the start of it. I don’t think the country was ever “not conservative.” Like the example I gave, new people moved into the country from far-flung places around the world and we tried to accept them into a kind of marriage. But their values were way too far to the political left and eventually our patience for them just wore off and the country moved back to where it was comfortable, and they started electing Donald Trump and people like George Lang to higher offices. As Americans we were always a good people willing to give those less fortunate a chance. We even bent our values a bit to accommodate them. But when it was obvious that destruction of our country was the only thing that liberals were interested in, we decided to just move on.

That is the desperation that we see in these Kavanaugh hearings with paid protestors and procedural impositions are actually being promoted by the Democratic leaders within the hearings. It is really quite astonishing, that protests are what they think will move the needle of the country toward a more liberal union. I would argue that it only worked the first time because Americans didn’t see it before. They weren’t ready for the vast evil of Saul Alinsky and the hippie movement. Like any startled parent who has to deal with a daughter who brings home a guy with long hair and covered in tattoos and says “mom, dad, meet my new husband,” America tried to be accepting but the whole thing was never projected to work out. And now in spite of the liberal protests, the country is going back to where it always wanted to be. Liberals know what that means, we will never as a nation go back to their world view.

I decided a long time ago that I didn’t like the direction the liberals were taking the country. I was accommodating, but my patience was short and I have always been one of the first to say I didn’t agree. To that the liberals called me a radical because I refused to accept their diabolical intentions—and from their perspective that is a form of rejection that they just couldn’t deal with. But history knows where I’m going with this because we’ve been there before. Turn on any old western and we will see the values of America and the essence of my political platform. Is it radical? Only in relation to the losers protesting the Kavanaugh appointment. Nothing about me is “alt right.” I’m about as far from a racist that anybody could get so no modern description of very conservative fits me. But those definitions are only modern attempts to keep the nation from drifting back to the morality of Gunsmoke. When we talk about Making America Great Again, it is this attitude that we are talking about. And the liberals see that they are now powerless to stop it, which they should have known from the beginning. Only now the reality is upon them.

Rich Hoffman

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