The Cincinnati Shooter Omar Enrique Santa-Perez at Fifth Third Bank: If only…………………………………………

At 9:05 AM on a hot Wednesday in downtown Cincinnati Omar Santa-Perez opened fire in the Fifth Third building lobby attempting to kill as many people as possible with around 200 rounds of 9mm ammunition that he had brought. Luckily there wasn’t just one good guy with a gun, but four as police were on the scene to engage in a firefight by 9:15 AM and killed the loser before more carnage could break out. The smoke didn’t clear the building however before P.G. Sittenfeld put out a Tweet that was discussed on WLW radio with Scott Sloan talking about the scourge of gun violence as if it was the gun that caused the tragedy. Later (an hour or so) Mayor Cranley discussed the issue as an “American” problem again putting the emphasis on gun control as the city of Cincinnati dealt with the fact that carnage had overtaken the news cycle in a way nobody was really prepared for emotionally. Fountain Square hit home for too many people who have considered the area a safe zone from violence, leaving many people in a state of insecurity. And that is where the difference between liberals and conservatives quickly pull apart, liberals want more rules and a bigger government to protect them while conservatives want the process of protection decentralized. The good thing about a shooting was that there were armed police there on the scene to quickly put down the shooter, which is how it should be. If not the cops, they hopefully there would have been a concealed carry holder there to shoot Omar Santa-Perez. But gun control has no place in the argument in any way.

To backtrack a bit on the sad story in West Chester, just a few miles north of Cincinnati where Ellie Weik was taken from her home and killed by the degenerate of Liberty Township Michael Strouse. Strouse dumped the body of the poor kid in a field just a few miles from my home, which I take personally. Even more so because as the good reporting by Karen Johnson from Channel 5 discovered, the killer had taken video of Ellie inside her home and sent it to her to frighten her even more. Ellie went to the police to seek protection but all the West Chester police could manage was to send around extra patrols. Ellie knew she was being stalked, she sought help from the police, but they were unable to help her and in spite of all those efforts, Ellie Weik ended up dead, tragically. Evil can’t be stopped with gun control.

Omar Enrique Santa-Perez lived in North Bend and again Karen Johnson from Channel 5 went to his apartment with her crew and conducted some interviews from the killer’s neighbors which told an all too familiar story—young kid, some said he was unsettling, some said he was polite. He had beliefs that people were watching him, in this case NBC and he had a history of interactions with the police. He wasn’t what normal people would call stable. Yet he was able to dress up in a suit and walk into the Fifth Third Bank right on Fountain Square and open fire with a legally purchased 9mm and for that liberals want to ban guns instead of really dealing with the impact of crazed lunatics roaming freely in our society. Usually people can tell when something isn’t right with potential killers whether it was the sad case of the Weik girl in West Chester or this Omar guy walking up and down the street just looking at the ground. We all know the signs, but we are powerless in a free society to act against them often until it is too late. That gives villains a huge advantage, only they know what they are up to leaving the rest of us guessing, and in a free society we all need to be ready to take action. In the case of the shooting in Cincinnati, the police were there in force and were able to take action quickly. It would have been wonderful if it could have even been faster, but things could have been much worse.

I have written about it and talked about it in great detail, we are in a very dangerous time with regard to young males in our society. If anyone really wanted to deal with the issue of what causes violence in our society it would be to tackle the problem of young millennial men to behave so inappropriately, whether it’s the video game shooter in Jacksonville, the loser Michael Strouse in Liberty Township or this lost soul Omar Enrique Santa-Perez who was so paranoid about people watching him that he actually filed law suits against NBC and TD Ameritrade for hacking his personal devices and revealing information about him to the public. We are finding out more and more often that these young people who grow up without strong males in their lives and mothers who can’t be everything to them are just lost. If they don’t have girl friends or a peer structure to help them live a normal life, they often isolate themselves and let their minds run away from reality. And when that happens the default mode of their upbringing goes back to the video games they grew up with, which are often violent. It’s a huge problem and it will get worse before it ever gets better because the ultimate solution is to strengthen the family and help nurture the minds of these kids before they start stalking young girls to kill them or decide to take out their frustrations in life out on innocent people on Fountain Square in Cincinnati.

Again we see that the real short-term solution to these many problems, which I would attribute to the move of every intuitional network more toward liberal sentiment, is many more guns on the streets and a lot looser gun laws so that good guys with guns can shoot bad guys with guns or “intent.” If we see some pervert looking through the window of a neighbor we should be allowed to just shoot them. Someone should have shot Michael Strouse a long time ago, but because of our overly litigious society, nobody wanted to get involved and a young girl—at least one—is now dead because of it. And the same could be said about the actions of this Omar Enrique Santa-Perez. Someone knew he was no good. It sounds like his neighbors were suspicious but what were they going to do with him? The right thing would have been for someone to engage Perez somewhere safe and see how he reacts. If he pulled out a gun and started shooting, then the conflict could have been resolved away from a highly populated area. But first we have to admit that is the world we are living in. If the FBI wasn’t watching this guy with his history, then what good are they? When Ellie called the West Chester police with video proof that someone had been watching her through a window sent by an anonymous phone number, why didn’t the FBI provide the identity to the police, so they could go question Michael Strouse? While we should be happy the police were at the bank to take quick action, I would find it very hard to believe that the NSA, the FBI or some other agency wasn’t watching this guy, which Perez probably ended up blaming NBC. Yet with all that surveillance, nobody was able to stop Perez from attempting to kill people in a mass way.

In my view Omar Enrique Santa-Perez is a product of the kind of liberal world P.G. Sittenfeld and Mayor Cranley have built as well-intentioned liberals. They aren’t responsible for the shooting, but they are responsible for the liberal policies that have built troubled people like Omar Enrique Santa-Perez and Michael Strouse. It has been liberal policies that have kept good Samaritans from sniffing out the trouble before it begins. What if a good guy with a gun had confronted Michael Strouse peaking in the windows of Ellie Weik in West Chester? Sure a fight might have broken out and Michael Strouse would have been killed. Ellie would still be alive today and the state wouldn’t have had to support this loser in jail for the rest of his life, which will probably be for the next forty years. And what if someone had said to Omar Enrique Santa-Perez at a local neighborhood bar, “dude, you are pretty fu**ed up. You need to get a girlfriend.” Maybe at that point Perez pulls out his gun and the two shoot it out, likely ending Perez’s life. Isn’t that better than a shooting in downtown Cincinnati? We’re not talking about the wild, wild, west here, we are just talking about common sense and peer-to-peer engagement. But these days it can be too expensive to get involved in something that is other people’s business. Too many lawyers want to sue good people getting involved in other people’s business, yet the same state doesn’t ever do their job of protecting people until after a tragedy occurs. And that is where things need to change. It’s not the guns that are dangerous, its liberal politics.

Rich Hoffman

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5 thoughts on “The Cincinnati Shooter Omar Enrique Santa-Perez at Fifth Third Bank: If only…………………………………………

  1. First of all, I’m surprised you still tune in to Sloan for the reason you are perfectly aware of. I need a shower for just typing his name. Ugh.

    Secondly, the local news is sensationalizing this to the tens. If I were an unstable young person watching all this with even a hint of getting my final fame, this would push me over the edge in a heartbeat. Thankfully, it didn’t make national news.

    I called 12 for that reason and gave the news room a tongue lashing. In my final argument they were stunned at my answer to her question. What would I do to fix it.
    Every good person needs to be armed in today’s society. The first line of defense is the one in the mirror, of course. I can’t help but think if there would be any loss of life (had a good girl with a gun) drop that son-of-a-bitch before he blinked. Or 10-15 people in case one misses.
    If people don’t have a side arm 24/7, and the wherewithal to use it, you’re an idiot or just plain ignorant. I don’t know what more it will take to shake the sheep. That’s also the reason there will never be a bloody civil war. Too many spineless serfs inhabiting this nation. We can thank the hippies and their offspring for that. Thank God I’m a product of the “greatest generation!”


    1. I don’t listen to it all the time, very seldom. But on a local issue like that I was curious how they’d handle it. Sloane is a gun guy, but he was so soft that day. It surprised me, but then again like you said, it shouldn’t have.

      You are right, that’s where the whole gun control thing is headed. The way to fix it is with more not less guns. Its just going to take some time for those idiots to realize it.


  2. If parents don’t start putting a weapon in kids hands and teaching them why we (really) have this right, fear will continue to reign on down the generations. Gun racks in trucks were common place in my day. You do that now and the meltdown would be epic.
    It just won’t happen. It will take an “event” on a grand scale. And maybe not even that. It’s a learned respect. I suppose if it won’t come with the possibility of you getting gunned down in Kroger, I’m not sure any size war would do it.
    That’s exactly what this is. A war on uneducated, narcissistic, stupidity.


    1. Yeah, that’s where the fight really is. I think for my part I’m ready to advance not just defending the Second Amendment, but in advancing it. That’s more aggressive than what the NRA is doing, but I think that’s what needs to happen.


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