Michael Avenatti: The creepy porn lawyer

Tucker Carlson did a great job on his Fox News program interviewing Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Michael Avenatti. It was a very articulate way of explaining a very modern condition in America, a tale of two worlds literally. To those who don’t know the situation, for many months Tucker Carlson has been daring Avenatti to come on his show by calling him a “creepy porn lawyer.” Of course the Democratic operative who is also recently divorced from his wife Lisa Storie has been going on every other network but Fox, so for him to agree to sit down in studio with Tucker was like two kids meeting on the playground for a fight after school. The two do not like each other and have been very vocal about it. Yet Tucker is a good debater and he doesn’t back down from a fight which led to this very interesting segment that told a story of two countries, one that is trying to be great again, another that is like the welfare recipient who buys too many lottery tickets in an attempt to get rich. In this case what Tucker Carlson pulled out of Avenatti was that the lawyer was using Daniels as his lottery ticket into a new life, which is pretty sad.

Michael Avenatti was having a midlife crisis after living a very lavish life with his wife of five years Lisa Storie. When he took on the Daniels case to make a power move into the Democratic Party by going big in trying to be the hero that took down President Trump he made a decision to divorce his wife in the process. With the Stormy Daniels case it gave Avenatti a way to pay for his lavish lifestyle and put him at the front of every legal consideration earning him instant respect among his Democratic peers, so he decided to ride the Stormy Daniels train as far as it would take him and up until the Tucker Carlson segment on Fox News, nobody had called him out on what he was doing. On the surface Avenatti was trying to help a woman who was abused by a person in power, Donald Trump. But in all actuality even if there was sex between Trump and Daniels, it was consensual fun between the two. It only became a problem later when Trump decided to run for president and wanted to keep the porn actress quiet and out of the press when it became obvious that he had a chance to win. After all, the relationship was over ten years old at that point.

However, people like Stormy Daniels are not the most self-confident people in the world and they tend to be easy to exploit. As a porn actress she had already exposed herself to an unsavory lifestyle that might have been fun when she was younger, but now as an older woman with a husband of her own was embarrassing. There isn’t much of a way to put a lifestyle like that behind her, which she might have wanted to do until Avenatti wanted to splash her on the front page of every publication in the country for his own needs for fame, and fortune. Daniels went along with the gig the way a lot of women do who don’t know they have other options in life and did her part, for which Michael Avenatti certainly is getting the better deal. Clearly Avenatti was using Daniels in the worst way possible making it just another sad case of abuse, not the physical kind, but the emotional.

When Tucker Carlson says that Avenatti is a creepy porn lawyer this is what he means, people are creepy who do not function from ethical standards. During the Tucker Carlson interview Avenatti tried to make the entire interview about whether or not people who watch porn should watch Tucker Carlson’s show, which of course would put the television host on shaking moral ground with viewers of his show. Yet the unsaid assumption was that porn is not a trait that people find valuable and while many people may go to the local strip joint to see the woman naked who slept with Donald Trump as a matter of curiosity it is not an accurate measure of the values people have. What kind of people voters will support cannot be measured in porn interest, and Michael Avenatti has miscalculated that trend for himself very negatively.

The Democrats think that Donald Trump won the election because he was a crazy playboy who had a lot of money and celebrity, which is where Michael Avenatti has put all his chips, even leaving his own wife for a chance to shoot for the moon. But what they don’t understand is that there is a lot more to Trump than a playboy who used to run around with crazy women. There is a very serious side to Trump that Avenatti or any Democrat simply don’t have leaving their entire effort to be empty in the minds of voters. Out of all the options Avenatti could have taken on Tucker’s show he attempted a kind of libertarian approach where nobody judges anybody for anything because everyone is guilty, and that is not the qualities of a leader, they are just observations of the human condition. Voters like people who make them aspire to better things, and that is why Trump won in 2018 as opposed to in the days of hanging out with Stormy Daniels attending his golf tournament where they may or may not have had a sexual relationship.

Democrats like Avenatti continue over and over again to believe that the way to appeal in politics is to pander to the animal instincts of all human beings. By parading Stormy Daniels out in front of the world touring naked in the various strip houses across the country Avenatti actually tried to appeal to the #METOO movement saying that as a woman Daniels had a right to any occupation that she wanted to pursue. But what Avenatti doesn’t say is that Stormy Daniels is just another slave of the Democratic Party, exploited like any other demographic for the collective gains of liberals everywhere. The deal is that Stormy gets to have a second chance to sell her body for money and the Democrats get to use her to gain power. It’s no different from Democrats exploiting blacks in poor communities for votes, or promoting open borders hoping that the illegal aliens will vote for people with a “D” next to their names. Avenatti obviously thinks that this Daniels case is going to carry him into a high political office and give him great respect. But in reality Avenatti is just another dumb kid who lived too fast, too early and needs to pay for that lifestyle with compromised ethics. All anybody sees in Michael Avenatti isn’t a great lawyer or crusader against Trump—he’s just a pimp in expensive suits and Stormy Daniels is his whore.

When it is said that Michael Avenatti is a creepy porn lawyer this is what Tucker Carlson is referring to. Avenatti is creepy because he lacks ethics, he’s also creepy because he has shown that he will do anything for power. He’s also creepy because he divorced a pretty nice wife to go on this crazy crusade with a porn actress in an attempt to take down a president that half the country loves, and he did it knowing that he was openly whoring himself out to the political powers of the Democratic Party. What makes a person creepy is that they lack ethics or a moral compass, and Michael Avenatti has shown himself to be lacking both, which was revealed quite dramatically on the Tucker Carlson show in a way that nobody else has had a chance to display. And that is why Fox News does well while everyone else pecks at the surface, and is ultimately why calling Avenatti a “creepy porn lawyer” is one of the most true statements that can be made.

Rich Hoffman

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