The Politics of Sex: Using primitive emotions to control Republican intellegence from exposing reality

It was good to see Donald Trump fly into Las Vegas to campaign against Wacky Jackie ahead of the midterm elections. Any rational mind would look at the typical Democrat and understand that there is a lot “wacky” about them. The mind of a liberal just isn’t normal and they are prone to massive corruption. Of course they justify that corruption with the belief that majority opinion rules, so if what they think is a democratic sampling of insanity votes to make it a mainstream position, then by sheer numbers something can be made so. It is a really baffling concept that freezes most conservative minds, because they can’t even imagine such things as a reality which paralyzes them from taking action. It is insane that so much has been made of Christine Ford’s rape allegation against Brett Kavanaugh just a few hours before the senate was set to vote for confirmation of him onto the Supreme Court. The information had been out there for a while yet Democrats had waited until just the last-minute to make their move and everyone was just supposed to play along. Everyone knows what’s going on yet the Democrats did it anyway. How are we supposed to take any of this serious? If the incident happened at all between Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh it was 36 years ago when they were little high school kids. Nobody called such things rape back then, it was just a party and virtually everyone behaved in such ways. Most of the female population and many males could have considered themselves raped if the criteria is what Christine Ford indicated. She is either ridiculously timid if she suffered trauma from an incident like what she described, or she’s just a liar trying to make a political move against a guy who is poised to be a conservative judge on the Supreme Court and as a liberal, she just can’t have that. Would she make up stories to make it so, well, yes.

I was reminded about these insane women who call themselves Democrats when I started to notice Kathy Wyenandt signs around the neighborhoods surrounding my home. She is running for the 52nd Ohio House District as a former Lakota school levy supporter—another tax and spend liberal. Only with her I have some history. My wife recently drug me out shopping and we were at the Kroger Marketplace over by Lakota East and I was reminded of the time that I had a full-blown explosion toward the levy supporters when they stood outside that shopping complex with a survey about me attacking my character in much the way liberals are now attacking Brett Kavanaugh. And it really pissed me off. It has been a few years but I never lost my anger over it and it was all the radical women who ran in Kathy Wyenandt’s group which I would eventually call latté sipping prostitutes because of the way they whored themselves out to the government union interests. It never seemed right to me that they could stand outside of a popular shopping center and call me every name in the book because I have been the face of tax increase resistance in my local community, but the minute I called them names in return you would think I beat them over the head with a bat the way they cried and protested in response. And their justification was that they were women and that somehow, I was a man and I owed them something by way of unearned respect. All I saw was a bunch of fat-assed losers who wanted to raise taxes on our property values and give that extra money to ridiculously paid union workers.

Just looking at Kathy Wyenandt’s endorsements for this Ohio House run that she is conducting and the evidence is clear, they are mostly all unions and progressive groups who are trying to use her femininity to win a House seat for the dirty Democrats. And the politics is the same as in the Lakota school levy situation where a bunch of crazy women were supposed to be allowed to call me every name in the book because I was a man who stood against higher taxes, and they expected to be unchallenged—because they were women. Their ideas about things were supposed to be beyond scrutiny just because they were women. We were supposed to have no value judgement against them, because they were women. Even Kathy Wyenandt’s campaign pitch is that we are supposed to vote for her because she was a “mom.” The entire proposal has always been insane, but it hasn’t stopped Democrats from using that insanity to advance their position.

Well, I have never accepted such a ridiculous notion and I never will. Back at that Kroger incident when I was on WLW radio I really didn’t understand the drama. The men at the station, the producers and talk talent thought I was crazy for even challenging the position that the levy moms were proposing, that as a man there was an unspoken rule that we were all supposed to just yield to whatever some crazy woman thought and said. Even high-ranking Republicans who were working with me on that anti-tax campaign were terrified of pissing off those levy moms and it never made a bit of sense. Women were obviously exploiting in men a primal weakness, the capitol of sex in relationships to control voting blocs. If women didn’t get what they wanted the men didn’t get sex. If you peeled away all the pretense of politeness away, that was essentially what was happening, and men were supposed to support sheer insanity just because women might take away the chance to have sex.

Even right now when this discussion about Brett Kavanaugh comes up and whether or not Christine Ford was raped at a high school party, men are expected to play along or not get sex from their radical feminist wives. Of course, not all women are radical feminists, but those who call themselves Democrats are nearly all crazy. It comes with the territory of being a Democrat. If a man was to go to BW3s to watch Monday Night Football with a group of six or seven women and the man was to say something like, “Christine Ford probably wanted Kavanaugh and she threw herself all over him at that party for which he likely wasn’t even there, but he knocked away her advances leading up to the incident. She probably found some loser who was drunk and tried to molest him to get revenge then under the new definitions of the #METOO movement and used her sexuality to advance her modern political agenda,” the women would laugh and declare that he was right. But they would then chastise him for even saying it and if he stuck with the story they’d push him out of their circle. So guys being guys not wanting to be away from the opportunities that can come with knowing women keeps his thoughts to himself. He may talk about it with other guys, but he certainly won’t let it out around women because it might get him removed from their inner circle. And that often means for the man, less sex.

It is in that way that so many men, specifically Republicans, have been tricked into buying into all this liberal garbage advanced by crazy Democrats. To accept that Christine Ford was so traumatized over events that occurred 36 years ago but that it all climaxed just days before Brett Kavanaugh was to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, you have to be a little insane to even entertain the notion. But because she’s a woman we are supposed to not even ask any questions about integrity because the Democratic proposal is that all women are to be believed no matter what they say. Or as Kathy Wyenandt wants us to believe, because she’s a mom. But of course, that’s not enough, and at least Donald Trump is not playing along, just as I can say that I never have. When he called the Democratic challenger in Nevada to a seat in congress “Wacky Jackie,” Trump was showing more than just some comic association, he was attacking the primary strategy of the Democratic party, using women to avoid criticism to take back seats of government liberalism. And hope that the tricks against men work yet again. But this time I don’t think they will. Because this time people are finally starting to understand how the game is played against them—for both men and women.

Rich Hoffman

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