Defending Cody Wilson: Learning how to throw rocks in glass houses

I could tell stories all day long and well into next month about my adventures and the personal experiences I’ve had with the federal government and law enforcement. I’ve served more than once as my own attorney and have been to court many more times than the average person on everything from lawsuits to REALLY reckless operation of motor vehicles. With that said I personally have always led a pretty squeaky-clean life. Sure, I’ve been very good friends with hit men, and big-time judges and all kinds of characters in between. But whatever conflicts and trouble I found myself in it was where some force tried to apply influence on my life that was not welcomed. I didn’t go looking for trouble, it simply knocked down my door and expected a compliant specimen, which is not what they got. And I have had friends who have been through much worse. Most of them aren’t around anymore, some have done serious jail time, so I have a really good idea what happened to Cody Wilson whom I still think is a good kid and is doing great things in regard to the Second Amendment. Before his arrest in Taiwan I received some very unusual personal contacts about Cody Wilson from people proud of what was about to happen to him because I had written several nice articles about Wilson and what he was doing. It all made a lot more sense after I learned that he was being charged for sexual assault of a sixteen-year-old girl. Once the details of the story had started to trickle out of the media during Friday, September 21, 2018 it was clear to me what had happened. And it reminded me of a friend of mine from a long time ago.

That friend that I’m referring to was a genius—literally. He was excessively intelligent, so much so that living life with everyone else was very difficult for him. From his age of 16 to about 35 years of age he had about every federal agency wanting a piece of his ass. He was a legal libertarian that was far smarter than any attorney, and they all knew it. The older he became the worse it got and soon he had racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to many creditors, namely the IRS and I personally had a front seat to see how the federal government threw their vast resources at him—for which he slapped them away like irritating insects. It was through him that I first learned what a façade most things were in public life and really what the nature of the federal government was and continued to be. In essence, most government employees especially in the big bureaucratic agencies are wimpy losers who are drawn to those jobs so they can have power over other people. They really aren’t very smart and my friend intellectually ran circles around them. But they eventually did catch him and they put him in jail. Do you know how they did it dear reader? They busted him for not paying his child support. Out of everything the federal government tried to levy against him for well over a decade, it was a simple little woman who brought him down for not paying child support payments to a kid that was under six years of age at the time. The mom was living with a guy who had great income and she didn’t need the money, but that wasn’t the point. When it came time to prosecute this friend of mine he had clearly broken the law as issued by a judge, and that’s how they got him. No fancy talk could get him out of it, there was no philosophy that could be used to pick apart the unjust creation of legalisms. He owed money that court ordered he was to pay and that was the end of that. Of course, he was never the same after that traumatic experience and I’d say that was the entire intention of what has happened to Cody Wilson.

I thought of this friend a lot as I was watching Cody Wilson challenge the United States government openly on Second Amendment issues. They really didn’t know what to do with him because Wilson was beating them on every legal front. Even though Cody Wilson is still a young guy, I would have expected that he knew every key stroke of his computer was being watched for a misstep by the governments of the world. I’m a little baffled that he would sign up for an account on The desire for sex, especially newly blossomed flowers in young ladies is a powerful emotion in men, especially young men. Women from the age of 18 to 20 are at the peak of their sexual powers as biological beings and men who come into power want to interact with the best and most beautiful women for many reasons. Now we aren’t talking about the stupid rules of the #METOO movement. We are talking about reality, in how people—all people—really think when the cameras aren’t rolling, and newspaper reporters are asleep or playing Grand Theft Auto on their home gaming systems. At 30 years of age a kid like Cody in a purely sexual sense is surrounded by girls that have been sexually active for over 15 years and as young flowers they are starting to wilt, so they aren’t nearly so attractive. The situation becomes even more so when you get to the age I am, which is over 50 as of this writing. A young man wanting to prove to the world what a stud he is won’t get that experience from a woman who is his own age. This is often why older men carry on affairs with younger women. They can get access to the kind of women they wanted when they were younger as older, successful men and the young women are just that—interested in using their fresh young looks to get whatever assets in life they can. As young flowers they don’t care who sticks stuff in them, so long as they get what they want. All guys are pretty gross so whether the guy is old or young, they really don’t care so long as they get something from men before their petals fall off and they are just another wilted flower angry at life for the cruel injustice and unfairness of it all. Without question the powers of the state were watching everything Cody Wilson was doing and they watched his fame grow where he was on every major news program and was enjoying great success. He had made it and felt inclined to brag about it a bit and the authorities watched everything he did hoping he’d stumble on something, for which he did when he sought out the sex of a young girl, likely pretending to be over 18 but lying about her age. Wilson talked to her on for which the authorities knew all about it and it made it easy for them to question the girl later. After paying her $500 for sex Wilson dropped off the sixteen-year-old girl off at a Whataburger restaurant and thought that was the end of it. But with women and sex it never ever is.

I still like Cody Wilson a lot. But now he has made his personal crusade much more difficult. The federal government obviously wanted to get a felony on him so they could take away his FFL, and keep him from owning any firearms legally. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the 16-year-old girl. There are many government employees in every city and especially the capital of our nation seeking sex with underage people, boys and girls right now. That doesn’t make it right, but the purpose of this case against Cody Wilson is to make a felon out of him to harm his crusade to advance the Second Amendment. That was their only goal. It’s a legal trap to catch smart guys because no matter how much intelligence someone might possess, there is still that biological urge to prove how far you’ve made it in life by attracting sex by the kind of young women that all men desire to spend time with. It doesn’t matter if such a girl costs $500 for straight up sex, or a $1000 date night on food, wine, and a nice hotel room. Or if such a woman costs millions of dollars in giving her a separate house, cars, travel expenses—men will spend a lot of money on having access to a fresh flower that hasn’t had too many bees buzzing around her yet and they do it mostly to tell their peers, “yeah, I’m f**king that. Look at my watch, look at my car, and look at my bitch.” Meanwhile the enemies who work in the state controls watch with the laws of mankind as their arsenal waiting for such aggressions to cause mistakes in judgment.

This is just some advice to people who find themselves in Cody’s position, if you are going to do these things—to be a freedom fighter who is willing to take on anybody anywhere, especially the governments of the world—you have to live a very clean life. You certainly can’t go have sex with young women who may be pretending to be 18 but end up much younger. You have to give that kind of stuff up. I know that’s easy for me to say, at my age doing such a thing would just be creepy. There are lots of men my age who do things like that. The more successful, the more tempting, but that doesn’t make it right. The moment you do, you are compromised, and you lose your moral authority, which isn’t worth giving up. If you want to be a freedom fighter these days and hold the F.B.I’s feet to the fire, to criticize a corrupt Deep State and their press associates—to the secret societies and their global aims not just now on earth, but in space as well—if you are going to rattle cages and throw rocks in glass houses, you can’t have vices in your life for anybody to exploit. You can’t do drugs, you can’t sneak around living a double life, and absolutely no crazy sex. Once you involve other people in your vices, it’s over, so its best not to have them to begin with.

I get almost daily DMs on Twitter, YouTube and Skype from young women who are looking for a sugar daddy and want to sell their youthful assets for a little cash that they couldn’t make working at a retail outlet or as a waitress somewhere. The moment I answered one, the many people who watch everything I do would exploit it and use those opportunities to try to bring me down—because nobody likes a know-it-all smart ass. But to fight the bad guys who want to advocate state-run societies, you have to be much smarter than them, much more morally dominate, and you have to be cleaner than clean. Your personal background has to be essentially cleaner than the day you were born. Every time someone like a Cody Wilson gets caught sniffing at temptation, they will throw the book at you—every time. Because it’s all they really have as a weapon. The greatest weapon of the Deep State and their state-run ambitions is to make sure the world knows that nobody is “holier than thou.”

Years ago when I decided to commit myself to these causes it was for precisely that “holier than thou” reason. I looked at my life and how the bad guys did things and I asked, if anybody can make those claims in modern America, its me. It wasn’t hard for me to live by what I have said here because essentially, I was already doing it. I understand for young people, especially between 30 to 40 years of age that it can be tough because the world tells men, if you can attract hot women to you, then you are a special person. And everyone wants to be special. Donald Trump has had to navigate this very thing, which is the subject of much debate. I look at him and see a person who is pretty much where I am in life as far as commitment to the “fight.” He lives a very clean life now. That’s not to say he did so in the past, but over the last 8 or 9 years, he certainly has, and that has allowed him to do in the Executive Branch what he is doing now. He can throw rocks, he has earned the moral right to do so. But the moment you sign up for or answer a PM from some girl dressed up as a hot chick looking for action, you surrender all the good work that you might otherwise be doing because you dirty yourself and give the “state” ammunition to paint you as just another common pervert looking for sex with underage girls, or indulging in drug abuse, or cheating on a spouse. Once you’ve done any of those things you give up your position, and nothing is worth that.

I stand by Cody Wilson. I think he’s a good kid who felt the pride of being a big shot and he wanted to enjoy the fruits of that to some extent. But my message to him is this—you can’t do it. You may want to, but you can’t do it—ever. If you want to fight these people, you have to be better than them in every aspect. Once they have the goods on you they will never let you live it down, so its best to not give it to them under any circumstances. No good person should have to be a fugitive from justice. Just make sure to avoid those pretty flowers, because most of the time they are traps. And getting snared by a trap isn’t worth the fun of enjoying the flower. The flower wilts in moments and becomes just another decaying specimen. But the good fight of standing up to state sponsored tyranny is something that will last many lifetimes and is much more satisfying in the long run. Something for everyone so inclined to keep in mind.

Rich Hoffman

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