A Message to Republicans: Democrats and Whores are basically the same thing, they both are willing to fake anything

I would have been comfortable saying it previously, but especially now, with the Brett Kavanaugh controversy in Washington D.C. by radical leftists’ groups, but Democrats are evil, vile, despicable human beings. Their foundation beliefs are the root of the problem, they are collective based idealists who do not acknowledge individual rights—so therefor lying has no relevancy to them because their individual word has no personal value. They only see value in collective hive support, so they will do whatever must be done to preserve group associations. This makes them evil because they do not function from any individual responsibility, which therefore makes them a menace to society because all actions are individually based, even if actions are decided to be group affiliated. The decision comes from an individual decision. So do I believe that Dr. Ford would lie about an alleged rape attempt against her from Brett Kavanaugh—absolutely. Just because she’s a woman doesn’t make her a truth teller. Think of all the women who fake orgasms just to make the men in their lives feel useful, and you could build a case for women as a part of the human species with a tendency to bend the truth for the “greater good.”

And this leads us to the midterms. I do not believe that there are Democrats out there ready to take power from Republicans. I think Democrats are an extreme minority and the press is attempting to make everything look like a close race leading up to the election. I don’t believe the polls. I don’t believe the news reports. People just aren’t that liberal in the United States, and Democrats do not represent American ideas—so I don’t see a massive blue wave in the upcoming elections. But I do see a full-on military style assault that Democrats are using to take power from Republicans and in general, Americans of all political persuasions—as a collective, hive-like entity. As individuals Democrats are not very dangerous, no more so than an irritating mosquito. But in the swarms that they attack with, they can suck enough blood from an individual to kill them, which is what they are trying to do to Brett Kavanaugh. We are supposed to forget that not a single Democrat could live up to the standard they are creating for Kavanaugh, going back to a single high school party 36 years ago to disqualify a Supreme Court Justice from nomination. Just think if Republicans held Democrats to the same standard. It wasn’t that long ago when Republican senators like Lindsey Graham voted Obama nominees like Elana Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court even though they were radical leftists. Republicans did the right thing and voted for their character and serving the president whom they disagreed with. But they stuck to the rule of law and did the right thing by the people’s will. That is not what Democrats ever intended to do when the shoe was on the other foot.

I remember when my son-in-law became a U.S. Citizen and had to recite an oath to protect the Constitution when the words, “against enemies both foreign and domestic.” I couldn’t help but at that time to attribute that the Democrats were domestic enemies, they stood against the basic ideas of what America is and ever was and they wanted to overthrow it. To understand what they are against, I would suggest watching just about any American western from 1940 to 1990 and over that fifty-year period, the idea of what the dreams of America was are explored intellectually. Democrats openly stand against those ideas to put it simply and I’m personally not OK with that. Its one thing to live and let live, to be accommodating to other people’s ideas which are different from your own. I would hardly say that I’m an intolerant conservative—it was only a year ago that I had lunch with Stephen Samaniego from CNN and we had a nice talk about regional politics and various bubbles of thought that exists around the nation. Even with all that CNN has done to advance destruction of Trump’s presidency I can talk to just about anybody without being angry. I don’t look for ways to not get along with people. In fact, I would say I am extremely accommodating—I’m far from a radical ideologue. But to speak honestly of my opinions on these matters, I would also say that it is impossible to be friends with a Democrat, because their ideology is not individually based. It’s like marrying a whore, they may tell you they love you, but they make their living sleeping around with anybody with money in their pocket. For the whore, sex is not a value judgment, its collective based—anybody is alright so long as they pay. With a Democrat anything goes so long as the ends justify the means. It is impossible to have a real friendship with such a person, so when Republicans say that “our friends from the other side” they are creating for themselves a weak position. Democrats don’t want to be your friend. They want to destroy you. It really is that simple. If you are a conservative, no liberal wants to be friends. They simply want to use that leverage to undermine your belief system so they can bend it to their will.

With all that said voter turnout for Republicans will have to be massive in these midterms because Democrats do plan to cheat. I think there will be massive voter manipulation and we’ve seen that our own F.B.I. will play their part in making it happen. I remember well how there was not a single Republican voter in Philadelphia in 2012. How does that happen? The same statistics will erupt all across the country during the midterm election of 2018 especially in urban areas. The only way to really defeat those attempts is the way Trump did it in 2016, where the voter turnout was so high that even the attempts at cheating will leave the Democrats short. So take nothing for granted because Democrats have no problem with cheating and then lying about it. Because they do not value themselves as individuals, so they don’t care about lying, about eternal damnation in Hell, or any of the normal characteristics for holding people to the truth. They certainly have no problem lying under oath because many of them don’t believe in God, so to what value does swearing on a Bible hold them to? Nothing.

I’ve said it before and its worth saying now, we are at war with these Democrats. We are in a Civil War. They do not want to assimilate intellectually in the affairs of our nation, they simply want to destroy it. They don’t care what they have to do, they only care to do it. Nothing is too low for them, which is quite evident in the Kavanaugh hearings. If there was ever a cleaner nominee than Brett Kavanaugh, who would it be? My comment to Republicans is what it has been for many years now, you better know what kind of fight you are fighting. Do not think that by playing nice with Democrats that you will appease them and voters. The only thing that we can do with them is to destroy them. Destroy them as a party. They intend the destruction of everything we think of as America, so if Republicans don’t defend it, everything we know will be destroyed. And playing nice with the enemy will not provide a victory, not in the midterms, or in anything—ever.

Rich Hoffman

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