A New Hope for Mankind: Contemplating President Trump’s magnificent United Nations speech

Forget the opposition, forget all the desperate politics from the so-called, “Deep State.” The speech that Donald Trump gave at the United Nations on Tuesday September 25, 2018 was just magnificent. I couldn’t help but think as I was watching it how far we’ve come in just a very short time from when people like Glenn Beck wrote books of dystopia in Agenda 21, and their was great fear of concentrations camps in America where conservatives would be sent under the Obama administration to what we have now, where an American president could go before the body of worldly nations and make a successful argument in favor of personal sovereignty. It was nothing short of a remarkable speech which you can see below. Anybody who is against this president and these ideas are just villainous people hell-bent on the end of America. I enjoyed the speech not just because I support this president, but because it was done with a goodness that could have only have come from American culture with the moral authority generated from a capitalist society.

To consider all the conditions that have been against this president, the Robert Mueller witch hunt, the terrible way that Judge Kavanaugh has been treated, the constant small-minded thumping that has come from the media culture, it is a miracle that Donald Trump could even stand before a collection of world leaders like that and even deliver such a confident speech with all the grace that such a thing could offer. While it was firm, it was not demeaning. It’s true, without Trump there would be no peace talks with North Korea, the American economy would not be doing so well—creating over $10 trillion dollars in new economic growth. There are a lot of aspects of life in America that would not be flourishing in a positive way that they are now if not for Trump’s resiliency and hard work, and even better than all that, they guy knows how to sell it which is always part of the challenge for any politician. Lucky for us all Trump is one of the best that there is at selling his ideas, and even more unique, he isn’t afraid of the hard work to make those ideas happen. If you can see the world beyond the limits of the media’s stagnated vision, we can see the beginnings of a very exciting time for which Trump has set the stage for everyone who dares to participate.

Gone is the fear and loathing of even a few years ago when the Deep State for which Trump referred to during his Inauguration address sat behind him plotting and scheming with mechanisms of manipulation that would have made Shakespeare blush. Yet Trump has been above it all from the very beginning. World leaders can’t wait to shake his hand and be a part of some deal that he leads, and things are happening quickly in ways that nobody would have ever thought. While there is a lot of dystopian concern from radio personalities like Glenn Beck and Alex Jones the personality of Donald Trump’s “bigness” has overcome everything that anybody has thrown at him and positioned us all for a unique stage in American politics for which we have ever been.

The sections of Trump’s speech that talked about communism and socialism were particularly magnificent. To paint such a picture as Trump did went well beyond anything that Ronald Reagan did to bring down the Berlin Wall, or end the threat of the U.S.S.R during the 1980s. It would be easy for Trump to fall into the trap of being overly conspiratorial with all the enemies that he does have in politics but what makes Trump so different, and special is that the guy just knows what winning is all about. I’ve been hearing a saying a lot lately that certainly applies to Trump, “winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners,” and it has been in that basic philosophy that we find our nation and the world in such a positive position currently.

There are a lot of people out there who would love to see the world burn, because at least they could maintain some level of power for which they could exploit through chaos. Trump is trying to take that chaos away and any lesser man would have long ago withered away. Given what he has been through it is simply amazing that he could even stand in front of the U.N. Assembly. Let alone stand up there and give a speech like that for which students of successful republics will be studying for centuries. It was in Trump’s love of winning and his focus on big projects built to the levels of his imagination that is making all this possible, and he’s sharing it not only with America, but with the world. Truly the way to a wonderful, and peaceful world is for each culture to share openly its uniqueness through sovereignty on open markets both financial and intellectually. Not through some intrusive bureaucratic body of aristocrats which is the direction that the world has taken since air travel made it possible to visit any country in the world within a day. The rapidity of transit clashed with some of our old ideas about top down management allowing financial globalists to contemplate a New World Order where the United Nations managed the affairs of Americans and eroded away our Constitution for the purpose of the greater good. But that “greater good” has been redefined by Donald Trump since his election and in just two years has culminated into that very wonderful speech.

World peace and economic prosperity are not created in the vacuum chamber of intellectuals ruling from some palace of politics. They are created by the visionaries of free people who dare to use their vast imaginations to solve complicated problems. It is that specific feature of thinking that makes humans different from all other animals on planet earth and makes our species the hope of a universe. While its possible that we may discover that there is intelligent life out there in space, it is so far only known that humans can gaze at a planet like Pluto and determine that frozen nitrogen is creating unique landscapes on the surface of that planet by gathering information from so far away and using our minds to paint a picture of understanding that would be impossible to any other living thing. Trump has captured that ability of the human race and put it on a big stage for people to step up to, not to hide from.

I don’t know how many times I have said that I am so proud of this president. He is worth all the controversy and pain it took to get to him. But now that he is president we should all consider ourselves lucky to have such a person in the White House doing the good business of the American people. And because of him people all around the world are getting a real chance at life that they had never had before. Just thinking of the people of North Korea and the possibility of the Korean War coming to an end and the people there having for the first time in any of their lives the opportunity for economic expansion. For a change we have an American president who understands that making money is the way to solve many of the world’s problems, and he stood before the United Nations and challenged them to do so, and for that we are entering a new age for which we all have the potential to be better. And that is just a joy to see.

Rich Hoffman

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