Why I Reject Feminism: Women can be lying deceitful villians too

Just for the record the rules of conduct in these modern times where all white men are to be criticized for everything while all women of all colors are supposed to be elevated and considered beyond refute is a condition I reject. The language and the rules of application are not valid in my opinion and I live my life beyond their reach. If rationality is considered in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings we are to believe that just because the Supreme Court nominee is a white man, we are supposed to be suspicious of everything about him, and yet we are to listen to his accuser Dr Ford, just because she is a woman. Under this line of thinking we are to believe anything that Ford might say, even if she were to utter that the moon was made out of cheese, and that is the fault of the entire women’s movement—that women are just as prone to deception as men, so there is no merit to the claim that one is morally superior to the other. Feminism by itself is not a value judgment—just because a human being has female sexual parts, doesn’t make them suddenly good people who could never tell a lie. And of course, we all must accept that all women are good all the time before we can accept their assertion that all white men need to be removed from power because they can’t be trusted—because one ridiculous notion opens the door for all the others that follow. Personally, I don’t accept the first notion at the first door of that thinking. Women are no better than men, nor the other way around. Sexual roles have no foundation in the discussion of power positions in government.

Many people who want to play the game of modern politics cringe at some of the things I say and do because they are not in step with these modern assumptions. But I would argue that in a short time all these thoughts about women power will subside back into reality. I was watching a person who is considered a rather outspoken feminist the other day drive her pickup truck to the store where her male partner was there to receive a ride home. I found it very interesting to watch her move into the passenger’s seat while he took the controls of the truck. At the most basic foundations of human interaction between the sexes, most women unless they are hateful militants who have given up on attention from the males of their lives will yield some powers in a relationship to their men so that to play the role of their sexuality, the submissive yielding to the physical dominate. It’s a very primal emotion that has nothing to do with intellect other than for the necessity of procreation. Knowing that, I simply don’t play the game at all. I’ll say what I want and the way I want to say it because such language speaks to people at their core concerns. I tend to be respectful of all people anyway, so not playing by the rules that feminists have constructed in their modern power grab doesn’t cause me any consternation. That is, until they try to impose themselves on my life in an individual way, and that’s where the trouble begins.

The trend of human society is toward more independence, that started essentially with the advent of gunpowder. Once people could get their hands on their own gunpowder, they didn’t need the power of the state to protect them from enemies. But in the modern context where social media has decentralized power, people no longer need big communication companies to speak to each other, and they can conduct such communication anywhere and at all times, power like this give enormous power to individuality and it doesn’t know or care about sexes. It is an intellectual evolution that is emerging independent of any political urgency. The women’s movement of today only has power from left over political moves started under the umbrella of progressivism. It is a movement created by emotion and desire for more state control when in reality the human race is moving more towards individuality—even in how goods and services are purchased.

Feminism is the last attempt of any statist society to unify portions of the human race toward mass collectivism. The gamble by those advocates is that men will follow because they biologically want the opportunity to mate, so they will follow the women into the abyss. But women aren’t so stupid, only a minority have signed up for the message of feminism. Many young women feel they must pay tribute to the elders, but intellectually, there isn’t much in feminism that speaks any kind of real truth to keep them loyal to the movement. When they go to Wal-Mart with their boyfriends and husbands, they still are inclined to let him drive the pickup truck. They may speak anti-man talk to their girlfriends and political activists, but when the lights go out in their bedrooms, they want a man to comfort them.

I have more women in my life than most people do, I tend to promote women into important positions not for any political concern, but because the ones I have known over time work hard and dedicate themselves to their tasks. On a day-to-day basis I haven’t thought about it much but looking at my own life I have a lot of women in it yet I don’t feel I need to pander to any of them with some false definition of feminism. I treat them the way I would a man and that keeps everyone honest. And I certainly don’t feel I have to tone down my own masculinity to make them feel more comfortable. I am who I am and if they want me to treat them fairly, I expect the same, and it works well. That is ultimately where all these political movements will take us anyway, because common sense demands it.

That leaves this modern attempt to demonize all men as corrupt and immoral just another overreach that will push people toward the opposite direction politically. All women are not honest just as all men are not. Women lie and cheat just as men do—but we cannot turn away from reality just because politics wants to empower women and dominate men under the rules of statism. The evidence in such deceitful practices can be seen in every woman who proclaims that she wants independence and social respect for living life without a man, but then moves over and lets the men in her life drive the pick-up truck out of respect for is dominate sexuality, which she wants in the bedroom. Political movements never have a chance of working if they are not based in reality—and the feminist movement never has been. It was based on a desire for some women who found themselves bitter husks of sexuality to impose on the world an idea that nobody really wanted, not men or women. So when I refuse to acknowledge the premise of the feminist movement understand that the reason why is that it has no basis in reality. It is just a late power grab by the state to unify people under a method of collectivism that is sliding day by day into the recesses of history. Freedom and independence are the cornerstones of all politics in the future—and those attributes do not know any sex—only intellects.

Rich Hoffman

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