Not All Republicans are Weak like Jeff Flake: What anger can mean in the strategy of winning elections

It has helped me immensely to know people who work in the fields of sword swallowing, magic acts, and performing as Hollywood stunt men because it has contributed uniquely to my endeavors as a political analyst. I know the tricks of the trade and can apply them on a massive scale for which these Brett Kavanaugh hearings reflect. Why do you think dear reader that Democrats wanted an F.B.I. investigation into the accusers of the next Supreme Court Justice? Well, yes, obviously—to delay the vote for confirmation so that they might have hope to take the House and Senate and knock away President Trump’s ability to nominate a conservative voice on the high court. That much is obvious to even casual observers. But did you notice how all the F.B.I corruption stories have dropped off the radar, there hasn’t been any talk about Rod Rosenstein, or Robert Mueller and even James Comey has stuck his head back out of the sand to weigh in on the mandates of an F.B.I. investigation into Kavanaugh’s high school days. Perhaps we might next learn from the illustrious F.B.I. that young Brett Kavanaugh wet his pants while in kindergarten and had to sit in time out to consider what he had done as the next breaking scandal.

These people aren’t as stupid as they would have you believe. The efforts behind the entire Brett Kavanagh debacle is a Democratic based that wants to rebuild the reputation of the F.B.I. so that they can continue to be their personal attack dogs. After knowing what the F.B.I. has done to President Trump and his supporters why would we want them looking into the past of Brett Kavanaugh? This is the same agency that let Hillary Clinton off with destroyed evidence so that she could run for president but clamped down on General Flynn and Paul Manafort with every grain of sand the F.B.I. could pour on the scales of justice to convict them—even if they had to water down that sand a bit to create some artificial weight to the matters. Democrats are hoping that the state will support them with newly uncovered evidence that might disqualify Brett Kavanaugh—perhaps he might have cut in line at a White Snake concert in the 80s, or maybe rolled through a stop sign. The Democrats can only hope. Even better yet they might find that Brett Kavanaugh committed murder and that the public will crucify him to death without discovering that the only thing he killed was a bug plastered on the grill of his car while leaving a drive-in movie which they still had in 1983. Yet even more than that is the obvious attempt to get the F.B.I. off the front pages of newspapers and put them back into the role of being the ones investigating again. The Democrats must have people believe in the F.B.I. to allow them to control all the scandals they are personally guilty of for which the government agency provides cover.

The totality of the cries for the F.B.I. to get involved in the Kavanaugh case is purely to market them as a credible agency once again after they tried to overthrow through a coup of legalisms the Trump administration. The only hope that Democrats have is to gain seats and a majority by the time that the F.B.I. turns up nothing on Kavanaugh, but by then it will be too late. Democrats could then try to impeach President Trump and none of this would matter anymore, and the F.B.I. would have its reputation restored well enough to keep their villains out of jail with the Democrats back in power. That is their dream after all.

Jeff Flake is everything that we hate about politics because he forgets what his role is in our republic. We are not a democracy where a pure majority rules just short of the ambitions of anarchy. I watched Jeff Flake’s interview on 60 Minutes and saw there a man who had forgotten he had come to assume that as an elected representative it was his job to reach across the aisle to Democrats and give them a voice at the table of reason. He stated that politics had become so corrosive and hate filled that if he were running for re-election that it would doom his career. What he left unsaid was that he thought the American people were too stupid to know better and that he was the one who knew what they did not—that cooperation and love was what the world needed more, even when villains were trying to undo the country. For him it was more important to show understanding toward his political enemies than fury. I’m sure Jesus would agree with him, but we saw what happened to him. Unfortunately for all the turn the other cheek do gooders, this fight requires bravery and action. When a bunch of radicals yell at you in an elevator trying to make you sanction their accusations with a head pointed at the floor and a look of pain on your face because compassion has ruled your senses. Sometimes you have to hit back. You can’t let them back you into a corner against your will, you must defend yourself with equal or superior force. Until that happens these people will exploit that weakness in Republican approach. They use force and look to the F.B.I. to protect them. If we use force we are prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law just for looking mean at them. That must stop. With Jeff Flake yielding to their pressure he just empowered them to do much worse in the future. In an attempt to be fair to people completely out of their mind with hate and aggression, the Republican Party has indicated that the intimidation works, so they will get worse in the future. At least until they get to my house or community. I’m just giving them a fair warning. Not everyone in the Republican Party is as weak as Jeff Flake.

The whole thing is a scam on a massive scale, it is being sold as the pursuit of justice, but in all reality, the entire goal is to subdue justice. Democrats are using every trick in the book to try to run out the clock in hopes of regaining power, and to restore the reputation of the F.B.I. so they can continue to use them as their personal machine of coercion. Their deal is to get the F.B.I. off the hook and to be there for them when they need to run the Trump administration out of office. That is their gamble. But as I look at the various poll numbers and the voter turn-out indicators, I can only wonder what kind of day it will be after the election when the Democrats fail to achieve their objectives? I have never seen Republicans angrier than I have recently and it is really uncertain how that will translate to vote results. The Democrats have gone all in on this Kavanaugh thing because it is literally their last chance to stay alive as a party. That is the reality behind their magic tricks of deception. When the smoke clears I think they will be shit out of luck. The public is going to catch them in these tricks and the embarrassment will last forever.

Rich Hoffman

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