Another Great Jobs Report: The horse race of economics doesn’t tell the whole story

It was another good jobs report, 134,000 jobs were created in the month of September with the unemployment rate trickling down to 3.7 percent, the lowest in 49 years! All that with a major hurricane hitting the mainland of America, which is pretty amazing. The Trump economy is ticking along nicely, and we are all feeling it these days, if it weren’t for the distracting Kavanaugh hearings, the fictitious Mueller investigation and the general poo pooing that comes out of the media every minute of every day, Americans could be said to be having the time of their lives. It is a time of great prosperity that has surpassed expectations in almost every fiscal way possible. Another consecutive month of positive reporting’s that have continued to increase since the tax cuts at the end of 2017.

Stocks did take a bit of a hit; home markets are down as the Fed has increased interest rates yet again. The Federal Reserve and other market analysts still do not seem to understand what is happening, to them they disbelieve that the market can be this bullish without a downturn as the tend to believe in cyclical tides of cash flow. But these kinds of positive indexes are not created by moving money around and social controls such as interest rate evaluations, they are born from real optimism and creative intellectual growth which comes from a culture that “makes wealth” not one who simply manages it.

Wealth creation is specifically a human trait. No other animal in the universe that we know of presently can do it. It is an act of imagination, the concept of product development for the use of other lifeforms is specifically confined to the roll of imagination which only humans possess to any degree of usability. Many scientists like to profess that dolphins and whales are very intelligent creatures, but when was the last time you saw a dolphin design a car? Being intelligent isn’t the only ingredient needed for wealth creation, it is important to have a vast imagination as a culture because what comes forth from it is the creation of new ideas. Wealth creation is simply a measure of that creativity.

On the same day that the jobs report came out for September it was reported that China was putting spy chips into Apple products and those sold by Amazon. That pushed stocks down for those companies, and the $15 minimum wage at Amazon certainly didn’t help. But this brings to mind the simple question about why China feels they must spy on Americans and attempt to sabotage American companies. Well, it comes back to the basic problem that all Chinese have in their culture, they lack an imagination. The nature of their communist culture has suppressed individual thought, their school systems collective obedience has not taught them how to think, only how to conform, not individual development, and that has destroyed their intellectual capacity as a nation. You can see the trend as China used their leveraged capitol gained in the pre-Trump years to purchase many studios in Hollywood and shifted the house movie picks more toward collectivist enterprises, the net result has been a decaying Hollywood product. The lack of imagination is obvious as sitcoms are reaching back into the 80s to resurrect comedies that worked, like Rosanne, and Murphy Brown. New content is hard to come by in a collectivist culture.

But due to the enterprising spirit of the Trump administration assisted by tax cuts many in America who still possess imaginations are creating products and delivering them to markets expanding the economy. Of those 134,000 jobs reported those are mostly private sector jobs where someone is making new flashlights, car batteries, and golf clubs. Not centrally planned state sponsored government jobs administratively focused. When jobs like that are created there is of course an overflow effect that grows into the following month as more jobs trickle down into every demographic group. When leftists attempt to suggest that there is no such thing as “trickle down economics” they are doing so with the same vigor that attempted to associate Brett Kavanaugh to gang rape. These are just not concepts rooted in reality.

I haven’t talked about Star Wars in a while, but I couldn’t help but think of all these concepts while watching the Blue Ray of Solo: A Star Wars Story, which I thought was one of the best Star Wars films I’ve seen since the 80s. But in going through the bonus content of the release it was obvious that the filmmakers were a long way away from the kind of filmmaker George Lucas was back then. Everyone was just going through the motions and trying to copy what the original filmmakers had created. There was nothing really original in that movie which is partly why Star Wars is losing its magic. In a lot of ways the left leaning politics of the modern employees at Lucasfilm and Disney are suffering from the same ailments as the country of China—a lack of imagination. In the case of Lucasfilm, they have so many tools to work with, yet they just can’t seem to get the job done because they are lacking intellectual imagination. Even though George Lucas admittingly copied off old television shows like Flash Gordon, there was a lot of imagination to provide fresh perspective to the old material. That is not the case now, all we get from Lucasfilm and Disney is an homage to our childhoods. Modern kids don’t care about our childhoods, they have so many other things to occupy their minds, especially video games. So what ends up on a movie screen is a copy of a copy of a copy made by people who are truly underdeveloped intellectually, and it shows in the product.

But Hollywood is the old world, the Trump economy is empowering many new companies that will replace the old models well into the future and that is truly exciting. With the kinds of jobs growth that we are seeing consistently now for many months it is easy to project where all this will end up. We’re not talking about a typical Bull Market, but a long sustainable growth market that will add trillions of dollars of new wealth that will be sustainable well into the future. That is exciting news, but you might not hear it presented that way on the mainstream news—and the reason would be due to the lack of a crises in the information. If you ever listen to a horse race announcer, you would have to understand that their job is not so different from a typical news reporter from the mainstream press. They have to talk up the downsides, such as stocks that dipped because of interest rate hikes, or tariff talk—but if you plot out the results from turn 4, usually the clear winner is easy for all to see and this jobs report is no different. With the creation of new jobs, it means that the imagination of America is being stirred again and those side effects will show up in all aspects of our culture, from our music to our movies—to even our clothing choices. There is a lot to be excited about, but the means of communicating that to mass audiences is missing, because it doesn’t tend to keep people tuned in to the horse race. But in essence, this September jobs reports says that our bets are safe and that the horse we have been rooting for is winning by a mile.

Rich Hoffman

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