This is What Winning Looks Like: Now we need more of it on Election Day

What an astonishing display that was. When it was clear that the senate had the votes to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the way that the political left acted really all during the hearings, but especially right after was astonishing. That is what a minority that has been fluffing their feathers like a peacock to appear much larger looks like when their bluff is called. I would advise all Republicans in the future to do what Judge Kavanaugh had to do in those hearing, and that was to get a little mad and nasty, because it is the only language the other side understands, which is why they keep saying that he shouldn’t have done it. “Judicial temperament” my ass, they want a punching bag in Republicans that they can easily beat, which is what they have had all this time.

It allowed them as a minority party to appear to be an equal contender. But God bless Donald J. Trump for calling them out on it and for bringing to politics an honesty that has never been there before. If not for Donald J. Trump leading the charge in support for Brett Kavanaugh, we still wouldn’t have a judge on the Supreme Court. When the political left, or anybody for that matter, tries to convince us that Brett Kavanaugh should have sat there and taken the unsanctioned role that was trying to be placed upon him—that he was a sexual predator—what you are hearing are villains attempting a hostile take over of our country and their screams of anguish once they have failed.

I would point out several revelations that were made over the last month by Democrats, which I have been saying and the evidence is just now catching up—they are losing as a party. They are on the verge of complete collapse. It’s not enough to say that they are morally and financially bankrupt, they are losing their support everywhere. They have no ideas, they have no smart candidates, and they have no appeal. All they have are these protests where they threaten violence if nobody listens to them, or in cornering senators in elevators in an attempt to push them with force into an altered way of thinking. Talk about bullies, the Democrats are everything the proclaim to protect us from. They are the ultimate mob boss that charges you for protection—protection from them. But when people stop fearing them they have no way to understand what to do because everything about them is in their ability to control the message by threatening fear to impose their will, and that just isn’t how our “republic” was designed to function.

Essentially what we are seeing are a bunch of uneducated people in Democrats who think that America is a democracy ruled by majorities of protestors as opposed to the reason of representatives who vote on behalf of their constituents. That’s why they attacked Susan Collins in the hallway and into the elevator, to terrify her by force into voting in ways that her constituents back home would find repulsive. Then when it didn’t work they threw a fit like a bunch of spoiled brat kids. This behavior to Democrats is how policy is made, it is how they think a country should be run, and it has never been exposed in a rawer way than during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

I think I said it on a radio show before Donald Trump was elected that the Democratic Party was on their last leg, which sounded outrageous in 2016 as Trump was climbing toward the Republican nomination. But his way of attacking them whenever attacked has worked, and it has led the Republican Party to a place now that it has never been since before Teddy Roosevelt was in office at the turn of the last century. Most Americans are conservative leaning people but they let Democrats protest and insult their way into power, but that power was always on wet paper and could easily be destroyed. But it took a personality like Donald Trump to finally win the White House and show other Republicans how to conduct themselves defensively. Brett Kavanaugh is very much a product of the Trump era, nobody in their right mind would expect him to sit there and take what the Democrats were giving him. If he did take it then he would have sanctioned an evil that the Democrats were trying to place on him, that he was a sexual predator. Yet Democrats have been the party of sexual predators. This same trick they have tried to apply to conservatives, that they are racists, or that they have some relationship to Hitler—when all along it was they who were both. For so many years conservatives have been lulled into believing they should turn the other cheek and that was when Democrats just cut off their heads, metaphorically speaking. And that blood sport has fueled funding and election wins for Democrats because it appeared to be a winning strategy.

But nobody has won like Trump has, with everything they have thrown at him the economy is doing very well, unemployment is at a record low, there is nothing to the multiple investigations into his life that anybody has been able to exploit and even after sticking his name next to Brett Kavanaugh during the worst of the hearings Trump’s approval rating shot up to 51%. In every conceivable way the Democrats and liberalism in general has failed miserably. So yeah, it felt very good to see Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court. It was one of the most exciting days that I’ve ever watched in politics. It was wildly fulfilling, in similar ways that it felt good to watch Trump win the presidency on that famous night.

But I’d say dear reader that the upcoming election has the potential to feel even better. Imagine the day after the election where Democrats had to look down the long barrel of future history and see that they had no place in it. When it would be obvious to everyone that they didn’t even have a role in American politics because what they stood for were not ideas that are conducive to Americans? Democrats are moving as they have for a long time, toward socialism and outright Chinese communism. That was their plan from the beginning and what they wanted in America, even up until yesterday before the vote of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was a 1949 revolution like what happened in China. Only to have that they would have to shame Republicans into the corners of their offices hiding from the world as they were called all types of nasty names such as “Nazis” or “sexual predators” and that white males were supposed to shut up and get out-of-the-way of women who were going to take over all politics and businesses because someone looked at their boobies.

As conservatives we were supposed to accept this bizarre reality and sanction their power grab through guilt that was not our own. Yet we held together and Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court anyway, just as Trump has held strong and continued to get wins for America that would not be possible by any other kind of president. Yes, this is what it looks like to be winning. But it’s not over yet, Republicans must vote on election day and show up in force to speak their mind. It’s about time that Democrats realize that they can’t scream and shame their way into power. They have to win elections the right way, and that is what is getting ready to really hit them in the face. But it’s up to us to make that happen and to have the resolve to put the dagger through their hearts. It’s time.

Rich Hoffman

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