Eric Holder and Michael Avenatti want to Fight: I say, great–just tell me when and where, sounds fun!

So Michael Avenatti wants to fight does he? He has challenged Donald Trump Jr. to an MMA match of three rounds in the octagon. If Trump doesn’t want to do it, I’d be happy to take his place. It would be really fun to smash Avenatti’s face into a bleeding husk of disorganized flesh. Anytime Michael, anytime you New York softy. And Eric Holder is talking tough too, he said that when we “Republicans” go low, that they “Democrats” will kick us. Sounds like a threat to me. Hey, it’s not Republicans who are shooting up baseball games, or blocking off roads in protest, or are scratching at the doors to the Supreme Court throwing fits like a baby because they didn’t get what they wanted. Basically, all I have to say to these advocates of violence is that they don’t want to go there. There is nothing to be afraid of from some stringy haired leftist. If the political left thinks they are going to win anything with violence, they have already lost everything. I can say that I’m not going to put up with it. If one of these losers gets in my face, that will be the end of them. Generally, Republicans have been good about not provoking violence, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. Republicans still believe in the rule of law, so they leave those kinds of acts to the authorities. But if you take away that option, I wouldn’t put any bets on Democrats to be the more aggressive. If they want to fight, I personally would welcome that approach. I’d much rather fight than talk.  They are incorrect when they say the way to earn Republican respect is to get “tough.”  From my perspective, it just pisses me off, and if they think that challenging conservatives to a fight is smart, they need a forceful education it would seem.

Violence and the threat of it is one of the most primal emotions for human beings and it is the way that collectivist-oriented people mean to enforce their solidarity. Without the threat of violence, the political left really has nothing to negotiate with. It’s interesting that they have now revealed these strategies openly. But they were always there, violence and bullying is what Democrats have always done to advance their cause. Without their ability to evoke fear in people, they have no way to get people to accept their goofy philosophies. However, that doesn’t work so well in real life. Its one thing to talk tough within your own circles of influence, it’s quite another to challenge people who are actually tough and are not inclined to being pushed around.

As a Republican I’m a bit old fashion, if someone hits me in the face or insults me in some way, I have no problem dishing it back out to them. I don’t go around looking for fights, but if someone brings one to me, I do enjoy fighting. I don’t think Avenatti, Eric Holder or Hillary Clinton understand what the real people who make up the flyover states are all about. Empty threats lose their luster really fast. It’s one thing to threaten violence to a bunch of millennial latte sippers at Starbucks, it’s quite another to step up to a shooting range in Ohio and start rattling off their mouths. This is essentially why Democrats are for gun control, they understand that for their way of governing to work, people can’t have the ability to defend themselves. But in my own case, I would never turn to the gun first with those people. Fists and stamina would be all that would be required.

The best thing when it comes to conflict is to be able to have discussions, and to be able to articulate your position. You should never have to turn to violence, because if you do, you have already started to lose. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy fighting. Personally, I love fighting. I have some conflict with someone somewhere every few weeks. These days they don’t end up being physical altercations where fists are thrown. When I was younger and untested that kind of thing happened a lot more, but these days the fights are usually verbal, and they get intense—and nobody beats me. I have what many would call a “vicious” temper. And I don’t stop once I get going. Some punk like Michael Avenatti wouldn’t stand a chance. The loser Eric Holder wouldn’t even break a sweat. I could turn him into a screaming girl within a minute. If these people want a fight, I would love to give it to them. We aren’t the ones asking for it, but we sure as hell can finish it.

I think such a system of settling issues is good, there are worse things in life than fighting. By not fighting it allows wimpy people like Avenatti and Holder to believe themselves to be tough, because nobody calls their bluff. But one way to have a more honest society is to be able to distinguish between illusion and reality. When someone challenges you to a fight, there is almost a moral responsibility to call them out on it in the name of honesty, otherwise the aggressor is allowed to advocate a falsehood of threatening content for the aims of evil. We aren’t so civilized in life that we have outgrown the need for fighting. These people in the Democratic Party are the mainstream and they are calling for fights, so we have an obligation to set the record straight. Eric Holder won’t be kicking me let me make that clear, nor will anybody else. It will never happen.

I’ve managed most of my life to live with a good, moral disposition. Sometimes challenges come along, and you have to do what you have to do. Sometimes fights are fast, sometimes they last decades, but it is always my focus to win every one of them. There is nothing wrong with having a never surrender attitude, it can help in all aspects of life. But when challenged like these leftist insurgents are prone to do these days, we have to let them know that such threats are not permissible. It doesn’t matter obviously to them that physical threats of violence toward others is illegal. So is drug possession, and many other things that liberals do. But they truly believe that the rules do not apply to them and that they can run around our streets harassing good people with threats of violence. Protestors do not have a right to shut down roadways, they put themselves at risk of being run over. They do not have a right to punch Trump supporters in the back of the head without being destroyed in retaliation. If they aren’t going to live by the laws of our land, then why should we?

There is no higher path–taking the “high” road when it comes to conflict–it is not the best option. What is, is to crush your enemies with verbal and or physical violence. It is best to avoid such circumstances, but if the former attorney general of the United States wants to evoke violence, then he can deal with the mess. But compliance is not an option. Yielding to a bully isn’t either. Threats against us cannot go uncontested and speaking for myself, I really do hope one of these losers tries their aggression with me. It would be fun to deal with it—kind of a free pass legally to decimate them completely, because they started it. So I say to them, bring it on.

Rich Hoffman

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