Sherrod Brown Must Step Down: The Rules of #METOO dictate so

It really became apparent for me during the first debate between Jim Renacci and Sherrod Brown for the highly contested senate seat in Ohio, that it’s really a one-person race. Sherrod Brown, who is currently the three-time senator and its his seat that the battle is over, is effectively not qualified to run. It’s not even a political issue, it has nothing to do with any “dog” bills that Brown worked on to help Ohio residents with their “pets,” it has nothing to do with jobs, or Medicaid expansion. It has everything to do with the rules that we all now live under with the #METOO movement. Because Sherrod Brown was involved in a domestic violence case where his ex-wife had to file a restraining order against him, the Ohio Senator must step down. Sherrod Brown must step down. That’s all there is to it. It’s not dirty politics, its by the rules that his party have helped manifest, and under those guidelines, which were presented in the Judge Kavanaugh hearings as the established criteria it doesn’t matter how long ago an offense against a woman took place, or even whether or not the woman forgave the man—it only matters that the man did something and if a woman says such a thing from her lips. And in this case its more than an accusation, there are court documents which present the case beyond speculation of innuendo. Sherrod Brown was involved in a domestic violence situation for which he was the aggressor and that now disqualifies him for public office.

Before the Judge Kavanaugh hearings where a girl from high school, a woman named “Dr. Ford” came forward with allegations of rape during a drinking party when she was something like 15 years old, we might say that something that occurred that long ago would be purely political in motivations to bring up during a campaign. But Democrats did just such a thing to block the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s second pick to the Supreme Court. And they were more than willing to destroy the good name of Brett Kavanaugh to keep him off the court—and the entire media played along. Lucky for the courts there were enough votes to nominate Judge Kavanaugh to the high court anyway, but the Democrats opened up a lot of cans of worms in the process and introduced them as methods of appraisal for the future. They made a very strong case against Kavanaugh and were willing to stick by them even to the point of having their supporters scratch at the doors to the Supreme Court like cats trying to get inside from a freezing snowstorm outside. They made quite a spectacle of themselves all in the name of the #METOO movement.

Yet Sherrod Brown is trying to hold a critical senate seat against a worthy opponent and the debates between the two are good showing two paths for Ohio voters. Both men are distinctly different giving Ohio a real choice between two options. But after the Kavanaugh hearings and the methods of appraisal that the Democrats introduced, they essentially torpedoed their own candidate in Sherrod Brown. The rules had changed and under those new rules Brown was expected to step down immediately. All that mattered was that sometime within the past thirty years Sherrod Brown was involved in domestic violence. That is the end of the story, he is immediately disqualified. Even if he were to win his seat back, it would be illegitimate due to his documented history as a volatile male aggressor. The proof is in the court documents that his ex-wife filed against him.

Obviously, the Democrats are crying foul, and so is Sherrod Brown. They are used to throwing these kinds of things out there and making political monstrosities out of little issues, but they are not used to those things being applied to them. The media itself looks at the Sherrod Brown case and wants to cry political foul, but they were silent when Democrats were doing much worse to Brett Kavanaugh. We were supposed to believe that this straight-laced judge was a drinker and rapist when all he was ever doing was following the rules of a popular kid in high school. The standard that Democrats were trying to paint on Judge Kavanaugh not a single Democrat would ever be qualified for elected office for the rest of their lives, but they went for broke anyway. Now they must live with the consequences. They introduced the standard that they now have to live with.

Democrats can’t have it both ways, either we are to consider what women say about men and take their word for it 100% or we use other considerations such as a person’s actual record to judge them. Under the terms of the #METOO movement it doesn’t matter how many dogs Sherrod Brown has saved over his career, or how much he worked with the fellow Democrat John Kasich to expand Medicaid, what matters is what he did and how those rules apply to the sentiments of our day. Sherrod Brown was involved in domestic violence and that means that he must step out of public office. It would have been nice if they could have done all this well before the election so that Democrats could have found someone else to do that job but as it stands, timing is irrelevant according to the #METOO movement. We were to believe that the introduction of Dr. Ford’s testimony days before Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote was to occur was out of compassion for the women involved in the case. Well so too is the court documents of Sherrod Brown’s ex-wife. It doesn’t matter that she has come out stating forgiveness because the act of violence occurred regardless of her opinion about it. We all know that at the time of the domestic violence Sherrod Brown was a nobody. Since then he has spent the rest of his years in public office and has accumulated a lot of money as a top donor of lobby investment, so money has a way of inspiring forgiveness and Brown’s ex-wife has now seen the benefits of his public life and what it could do for her and her children. So she has come out and forgiven her ex-husband for the kind of violence that inspired her to seek a restraining order against him. But in the context of #METOO, the act itself is all we are to consider even if the action occurred over 30 years ago. Those are the rules.

If Democrats don’t hold Brown to the rules, then they can never use them against Republicans for any future election. By letting Sherrod Brown slip by, Democrats give up the opportunity to use the #METOO rules in any future election. While that may seem like a good idea today to preserve one senate seat, Democrats may want to consider the long-term options. As it stands, Republicans are going to pick up seats in the senate. They aren’t going to lose them. So what’s one silly little seat in the scheme of things? Is it really worth protecting Sherrod Brown and giving up their #METOO leverage? I say either way Republicans will end up winning. But for those who really think that the Judge Kavanaugh case was about women being abused, how can you really let Sherrod Brown off the hook? The answer is you can’t.

Rich Hoffman

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