Republicans Coming Together at George Lang’s Fundraiser: The war of the midterms is about to occur, then what?

You can’t be the rebel forever, at some point if you are smart and diligent the reigns of power are going to pass over to your direction and you’ll get a chance to show what you are made of. I’ve been a Republican all of my life without ever going through any kind of period where I thought of being affiliated with some other party. But I am also very happy to be a lone wolf who lives on the outskirts of society, so I’ve never been big on the more social side of politics, except when there is a war to be won or a battle that needs everyone to come together to achieve a very defined objective. And it is in that regard that I have an obsession with politics, I do love the smell of a battlefield in the modern context. Politics is very much about wars as different philosophies pound out ideas to shape the nature of society, and to me that is very, very exciting. On the surface, politics looks stuffy, and boring. But when you know what’s going on and who the players are, what might look like a stagnant chess board comes to life and suddenly there is a compelling drama, and that was kind of a central theme at a Republican fundraiser for George Lang that occurred in West Chester, Ohio on October 18, 2018.

I’ve stayed on the parameter for a long time because my brand of Republicanism was way too much John Wayne as opposed to Roy Rogers and before Trump became the flagship of the party I can honestly say that I didn’t think that there was much for a guy like me to get excited about. I don’t want to negotiate with Democrats and find ways to work with them, I want to wipe them off the map as insurgents against American ideas and that kind of attitude really isn’t conducive to “party building.” But something happened in October of 2016 within the Ohio Republican Party where the John Kasich supporters rebelled and ran away from the newly formed Trump Republicans and since then much of the G.O.P. has coalesced around the president in very positive ways, and one of those Republicans is George Lang. So attending his fundraiser for me was a seminal moment. The kind of Republican Party that I had always wanted to see was forming. Some of the players were the same as they had been, but the game of politics was shifting. Republicans weren’t just trying to hold their own against Democrats, they were trying to beat them and that was something I could get excited about. The smell of battle was in the air and I simply love that.

Talking about battles, Ohio Republicans have won a lot of them and sometimes in the spoils of war people have disagreements, and there were people at George’s fundraiser that I hadn’t spoken to in a few years because of some of those moments. But it did give me a great opportunity to get in touch with them again, and that was good. Ultimately the differences were that I was wanting to go in a Trump direction before there was a Trump, and conventional politics at the time said that was dangerous. Conventional wisdom said that the Republican Party was going to be shaped by John Kasich, so political alliances become very much like an episode of the Game of Thrones. But just as quick all those same people are looking at each other in the face and pulling together for the next great battle and there is something very pure in that type of relationship. People are brought together to vanquish a common enemy. We might disagree how to dispose of the battlefield waste, but we do agree on our desire to win and that united people of all different affiliations at George Lang’s fundraiser in a very positive way.

Going into these midterms I have a very strong feeling for the end of a war that has long been coming, and I am happy to know many of the contributors. That doesn’t mean that we can take anything for granted at the polls, we need to show up and support our candidates on November 6th. But I have a very strong feeling that if we do that, we will pick up seats in the House and Senate and the Democrats will be headed for the fate I revealed on a radio show several years ago when I predicted their party would come to an official end. I don’t want to just beat Democrats in elections, I want to destroy them. The political spectrum is just too varied with their inclusion. If we are truly a center right country, which I think we are easily. Not to get too metaphorical but the new Halloween movie says a lot about what kind of country we are and it is making loads of money at the box office. 40 years after the original Halloween this new one has many conservative ideas in it and people are going to see the movie. To me the movie box office results say a lot about the kind of country we have, yet Hollywood producers refuse to acknowledge it to their own detriment. That is because much of the money that flows into Hollywood has radical left leaning intentions behind it, and that is why the Hollywood product these days is so wishy-washy. And understanding that, we at least in politics need a much more targeted representative basis to form our discussions on managing our country. For instance, we should all agree on the kind of education we want, we should all agree that its good to have a mom and a dad raising children. We should also all agree that economics is built by risk takers and investors looking for profit and that jobs are created in that exchange. We need to get the socialism crap out of our discussions in America before we can ever really be effective in communication with one another. So political victories, such as these upcoming midterms are very important, you have to win these wars so you can advance your ideas, which is why I love politics so much.

In America especially, these political exchanges have replaced armed battles on a field of contention. A lot of lives have been saved by creating the republic of America that uses elections to govern instead of armed insurrections and it’s a great system. Trump was a product of that system and these upcoming midterms are a battle to win a war that has been a long time in the making. George Lang is a part of winning that battle, and he can count himself among hundreds if not thousands just like him across the country contributing to the victory. But when the smoke clears that won’t be the end, but only the beginning. Once the Democrats are destroyed the hard work will just be starting, the responsibility of actually becoming one of the rulers instead of just a rebel scratching for a seat at the table. And when we get to the table, we all better know what to do when we get there. And based on what I saw at George’s fundraiser for the first time in over twenty years I think the future is very bright indeed.

Rich Hoffman

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