The Murder of Jamal Khashoggi and Domestic Violance Case of Sherrod Brown: Understanding the media agenda on big news stories

So who cares if Jamal Khashoggi went to pieces, literally. The former Muslim Brotherhood reporter for the Washington Post disappeared in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey several weeks ago and after being pressed on it his murder had been admitted to. Immediately 18 Saudis connected to the situation were arrested and the Crowned Prince has denied direct involvement, but who cares? It’s very strange that with all the violence in the world that this particular story has been front page news all week. I mean nobody wants to see people being killed, but don’t be naïve, it happens everywhere all the time. Why would this one guy, who has been buddies with Osama bin Laden and is certainly not a friend to peace in the world, be so important? Well, part of the answer comes from an article published Friday just ahead of the Saudi admission to the murder shown below. The only reason that anybody cares about Jamul Khashoggi is that he was a reporter, and reporters want to believe that they are part of a ruling class that has some immunity to the violence of the world, that they can cover stories without actually being connected to them, and without fear of becoming the story itself such as Jamal did.

Yet there is something even more fishy about this story of murder that has taken the world’s imagination by storm. Reporters knew a lot about it early in the process even down to the grotesque details of the torture of Khashoggi finger by finger as his body was cut up into little pieces and taken off site for who knows what next. And reporters have personally made President Trump connected to the story as if he had something to do with the actual murder himself by his friendly association with the Crowned Prince of Saudi Arabia. It was Turkish officials from Istanbul who leaked the story of Khashoggi’s dismemberment while his fiancé Hatice Cengiz waited over four hours outside before finally raising the alarm. There was a price on the head of the anti-reformist reporter who was at odds with the regime of the Crowned Prince’s administration, that is the number one purchaser of American military equipment in the world. Saudi Arabia is also the number one ally against the aggression of Iran and the efforts of Israel, so Jamal Khastoggi was hardly just another beat reporter covering news stories in the Middle East. He was an activist and he wanted to marry Cengiz, so he was there to pick up the papers that would allow him to do so, but he never came back out. He had walked into a place he knew would be dangerous for him almost daring his rivals to take action, and they did. So how is it President Trump’s problem?

This is a very similar story to the one that is taking place in Ohio where Sherrod Brown is a three-term senator that suddenly finds himself under scrutiny for domestic violence that occurred early in his life, but under the #METOO movement is suddenly a problem for him. Only the media doesn’t want to touch the story because they want Brown to win the election against his challenger Jim Renacci. The media is willing to put on blinders to the actions of a Democrat but if it involved a Republican, the story would be plastered all over the news. In the case of Sherrod Brown, the obvious bias is clear which makes it relevant to this murder story of Jamul Khashoggi. The media isn’t just reporting news, they are trying to make it.

What the media as an entity is trying to do is cause a disruption between the relationship President Trump has with Saudi Arabia ahead of the November elections hoping that the economy will be torpedoed and voters will be angry with Trump instead of enamored with him which will help with this mythical “blue wave” they keep talking about, which is turning out to be a mere ripple in a kid’s pool. Gas prices are low going into the election and people are enjoying the benefits of a very strong economy, and Saudi Arabia plays their part by keeping prices on barrels of oil low. They also help by keeping Iran on their heels bringing a period of peace to the Middle East that is unprecedented. But nobody has illusions that all the elements of the world are a kid’s game. To maintain that level of peace in one of the most hostile regions anywhere violence does occur—often.

The media is certainly fanning the flames of this murder to hurt President Trump and to put him in a position that would cause harm to the relationship he has with the Saudis. Trump has made great ground around the world eliminating threats and befriending just about everyone, and the media can’t stand it, because they want violence and turmoil. They want North Korea testing nuclear weapons, not thinking of building condos on their beaches. They want Iran strong and powerful, not withering under the feet of a U.S. backed Saudi Arabia. The media as an organization doesn’t want a successful President Trump, they want stories of discontent and rebellion so that they can inspire a socialist takeover of the American capitalist system. They want the midterms to knock Trump out of power and they will do anything to achieve it, even if it causes an international incident.

We often say on the conservative side of things that The Washington Post is the official blog of Jeff Bezos who is very much an anti-Trump activist. Jamal Khashoggi did some work for The Washington Post so his politics fell very much on the side of the average radical reporter that has been beating on president Trump since his inauguration. None of these reporters are interested in just reporting the news as it happens, they are activists employed by news organizations taking big liberal money to reshape the world. We aren’t talking about freedom of the press here, we are talking about aggressive action to overthrow regimes and inspire Marxist ideas to destabilize entire regions, if not the entire world. Trump and the Saudis are the enemy to such strategies, so the media is using the death of this Jamal Khashoggi as a sacrificial lamb to the media’s greater cause.

So what should President Trump do, or the United States for that matter? Well, the big picture must always stay in focus. Khashoggi, the Washington Post, CNN and many others pushing this story of murder were anti-Israel, pro Iran radicals who need to understand what kind of game we are playing here. In that game sometimes if you go into the consulate of a sovereign nation you have been provoking, you don’t come out, even if your soon to be wife is waiting outside. That’s just the way the ball bounces. And nobody should be afraid to say that, because it’s the truth. We aren’t playing patty cake here; the world is a dangerous place and the media isn’t interested in peace. They are trying to stage an overthrow of power on many levels by hiding behind their press passes and using the justification of their cowardice to declare a freedom of the press. The evidence is quite clear, we can see such massive coordination on easy cases like the Sherrod Brown situation in Ohio, where the media work well together to bury a story so they can achieve a greater political objective. Yet on something more obscure such as this case with Jamal Khashoggi, the pattern of behavior is just as predictable. Nobody in the media cares about the dismembered body of a murdered member of the Muslim Brotherhood and Washington Post reporter. All they care about is stopping Donald Trump any way possible. And if they can cause an international incident to derail the confidence of the President with allies he has worked hard to build—for which are helping fuel a great American economy, then so be it. They don’t care how many people die so long as the media gets their revolution of Marxist ideas out into the public, and that is the real truth behind this dangerous matter.

If I were President Trump I wouldn’t send sanctions to Saudi Arabia, I’d send them something better, a gift to show how strong our friendship still is, like maybe a free subscription to Amazon Prime. Or a poster of Jeff Bezos to hang on their palace wall. Because let’s face it, the world is at war. This won’t be the last death. What matters is that the right-side wins, and this time around, the Saudis are helping America bring stability to the Middle East. And if being friends with them makes that happen, then we shouldn’t let some little issue like this Khashoggi murder stop anything. And we should stand by those who are willing to do the dirty work where the rest of us would rather not be.

And while we are waiting for the body of this Washington Post reporter to turn up, remember, we are still waiting to see the body of Osama bin Landen.  We were told to just trust the Obama administration about the burial.  How is this any different?

Rich Hoffman

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