All You Need to Know About Illegal Immigration: Understanding the latest caravan story from Mexico

So right on target for the election of November 6th is a caravan of thousands of immigrants trying to make their way toward asylum at the North American border with Mexico. Their reasons for fleeing wherever they are coming from are due to the deplorable conditions of their homeland and we are supposed to make the judgment to allow them entry even if it is under an illegal status because America is a compassionate nation that welcomes all comers. Basically, it’s a political trap caused in every way possible by the liberal-minded. They caused the conditions that these poor people are running from, the gangs, the human traffickers and the drug culture that manufactures raw poison meant to destroy the mind of North Americans, then they organize them in the way that they know how to gather together in Honorius or Guatemala and travel north to seek asylum in America, and they know when to leave to make the most impact in the media. It’s all very well-coordinated by various members of the liberal left.

I interact with more people from different places in the world than anybody I’ve met in my adult life, and that is not because I’m living a sheltered existence. Quite the contrary, I talk to many more people on a weekly basis at all levels of our social order than most people would have the opportunity to otherwise. I have a very interesting life that involves many thousands of people each week, let’s just say that. And I happen to enjoy the company of people who come from other countries because they tend to be hard workers with deep commitments to their families. For all the talk about hiring American and buying American I have a different take on it that doesn’t fit a nice political campaign slogan. I completely support President Trump’s position on illegal immigration, but as a business man he understands the same problem and is attempting to fix it through his policies on the opioid crises, but when it comes to finding hard workers for a business endeavor, most of the time when you interview 100 people for a job, the people who came from somewhere besides an American city where they grew up in a one parent household and around drugs for all of their childhood, those people aren’t prepared for a job in the United States whereas the kid who worked hard to get into America and get their green cards and American citizenship statuses are, they are hungry for the American dream because they came from places where that dream was far from a reality, so they appreciate what an employer can do for them and the relationship is very good.

When I talk to people very smart on this matter they never seem to get the big picture. Very few people are ready to admit that their children, “The Millennials” are not intellectually prepared for the workplace. They have terrible work ethics that were taught to them by an American culture that took their freedoms for granted. They are used to video games to entertain them, fast food so that they don’t even have to prepare for how they get food on a daily basis because its cheap and easy to get in America. And there are so many social safety nets that they don’t even think about things like insurance, or getting sick because they know the government has their back no matter what they do so they live lives of no consequences, and that makes them douche–bags to deal with. When I get the opportunity to give a Millennial a chance, I do every time if I think they can pass the drug screening, but most of the time I am terribly let down by their behavior. Out of every ten that you try to give a chance to, 9 of them will wash out and make themselves non-employable. Not unemployable, but rather not able to be employed because of their bad work ethics. You could pay each of them a million dollars a year and they wouldn’t be worth .50 cents because they don’t have the intellectual tools to navigate today’s workforce. The cause of this is of course liberalism, too much government in too many people’s lives, from their education systems to the type of policies that made it so that mom could find new dads and the old dads had to pay child support while trying to pay for kids in two marriages none of which the children think much of the father. The net result is several generations now of sloppy minded young people who do drugs too much, sleep too long and have to go to the doctor for every little ache and pain. The value of hard work has been driven from these poor people and they are the products of American culture mired in liberalism.

Meanwhile the liberals haven’t had quite so long to destroy the people of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Even though socialism and communism have ruined the economies of people from many third world countries, the family structures of those regions are very intact. Sons love their mothers and at least the children see their fathers working hard to make basic livings. The quality of living is not good in Guatemala, there is no economy to speak of because socialist revolutions have destroyed all opportunity for outside investment leaving behind gangs and drug dealers to fill the economic power vacuum, the young people do not have in many cases power or internet connections for video games and there are no Taco Bells on every corner for them to acquire food easily without having to make plans on how to acquire it, which is a daily challenge in most third world countries. So those people coming from those places like to work, it makes them feel good to be able to get a job and do well for their families and I find I have a lot more in common with them than I do people who have grown up taking American culture for granted. So the argument over immigrant labor isn’t about low wages as much as it is about hiring people who still value the morality of hard work. To me American work is what I grew up with having both of my grandparents own farms, they worked hard and I learned my work ethic from them, and I find I have a lot in common with a young person from the other side of the world who was taught by their mom and dad to work hard for the things they want in life even if their wildest fantasy is having a car that they can drive to that Taco Bell to get food for lunch at.

But you can’t have open borders, you can’t just let these people roam into your country turning it into a third world country, borders have value and having a way to restrict that immigration keeps the value high for those who do the hard work to get into America as a worker. Maintaining a strong border makes the value of an American job something worth fighting for, for everyone—especially the immigrant. George Soros is dreadfully wrong in his open border view of the world. And so is Paul Ryan and is desire to make the Koch brothers happy with what they call cheap labor. As I said, the situation is much more complicated than that, but even conservatives have a hard time explaining why immigrant labor is better often than what domestic labor offers. Part of making America great again is in making American workers like work again. Any hard-working culture can be said to be a successful one, and America has to relearn some of its past traits that made America great in the first place. Right now there are too many Americans that are lazy, stupid, and overly dependent on government. And that is by choice, not demand.

But ultimately when American “imperialism” is cited as a reason to be mad at American troops or policies in far-flung regions it should be viewed that America is protecting its borders so that caravans like the one presently flowing across Mexico aren’t motivated to risk everything for a potential life in America. They should have it in their home countries. If a place like El Salvador is creating problems for families to have productive lives in, then America has a moral obligation to protect its own borders to help those people have what America has so that they don’t have to make such dangerous journeys, and that is to promote capitalism in those places so that proper economies can flourish. It’s not an accident that such impoverished areas are created in the first place, we understand what makes them—its liberalism, whether the problem is in Syria, or in Central America, it is in the lack of opportunity and the dangerous conditions of their home governments that propel illegal immigration which eventually becomes an American problem as they try to flock into our borders to have what we do, freedom and opportunity. That is why the caravan traveling now must be stopped at the American border and those people sent back. But that is also why it is America’s business to promote capitalism in the regions these people are trying to escape from. The villain in the entire matter is liberalism, the same liberalism taught in modern American colleges and public schools that has destroyed the American work force. Lucky for us in a largely decentralized society, the people have been destroyed but the economic engine left running, so America is not a poor country like the ones in Central America. But to solve the problem on both sides of the issue liberalism has to be abandoned and capitalism used to fix everything. That is the only solution available and until it is, these contentious border crossings will be a problem.

Rich Hoffman

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