Democrats Are a Form of Mental Illness: Richard Cordray and Sherrod Brown are perfect examples

Richard Cordray is just as bad, all liberals are within the Democrat party, but Sherrod Brown during his debate with Jim Renacci over this past weekend epitomized the flawed nature of their party’s belief in economic theory. It was astonishing to hear one of the most liberal senators from the Hill describe his economic vision which mirrors that of the equally liberal Richard Cordray. Brown described this bizarre theory that you grow economic opportunity from the middle out, as in this insulting “middle class” that he keeps talking about. Doesn’t he realize how insulting that description is? Who wants in their life to just be a middle-class voter? Not many people, most people have dreams and hopes of being something better and the American capitalist system is designed to give them a chance, and even those who fall short add fuel to the economic engine that is the greatest that the world has ever produced. But this notion that government manages economies and deals fairness to everyone is just ridiculous. Yet you could see that Sherrod Brown believed that bit of insanity with everything he had in him. If you could sum up Sherrod Brown’s opinion of his challenger Jim Renacci it was that the Republican was an accomplished millionaire before he ever entered public office and as a liberal Brown can’t stand successful people. He hates them. The same could be said of the liberal hatred of Donald Trump, they hate him because he’s a self-made man who is part of the top 1%.

All the liberal talking points whether it be Medicaid expansion, higher taxes to pay for government healthcare, more money for unionized government schools, higher taxes for the climate change cult, no matter how much you go down the list of liberal beliefs is this bizarre notion that liberals like Sherrod Brown and Richard Cordray can be trusted managing the affairs of government when they have a hard time trusting people with their own freedom. And when people become wealthy it isn’t because of any form of self-initiation, it has to be because they cheated somewhere, because that’s all they understand about human nature. Democrats function from a mistrust in basic human nature because they know they can’t be trusted themselves.

Most Democrats, actually all that I’ve ever known, have some psychological problem and they seek the protection of group affiliations to hide their flaws from the world through collectivist notions. They cannot connect reality to their fantasies always looking for ways to fulfil action by collective association. If only everyone had government healthcare, then suddenly everything would work out and could be magically paid for. They have a natural distrust in private markets because to them everything has to be managed by a class of people, and those in the middle-class are perpetually inclined to need leaders to guide them through life because they can’t think for themselves. Therefor, how can a free market approach to healthcare be viable? Yet that is the only way to bring down the cost of healthcare, through competition and getting out of the making people sick business. Of course, the pharmaceutical lobby in Washington D.C. wants people like Richard Cordray and Sherrod Brown to push for government healthcare because that would give them a guaranteed market for their drugs. What Renacci and Trump are talking about are actual open markets that drive down prices through competition, such as the corrective eye surgery example that Jim Renacci brought up during a debate with Sherrod Brown. A surgical procedure that used to cost many thousands of dollars now costs a few hundred because of the competition involved in that field of endeavor. The same approach could be taken regarding everything in healthcare. If you understand the science, there is no reason for bodies to break down. Aging can be turned off and ultimately people could become productive workers well into their hundreds. People don’t need to die in their 80s. Everything in a human body is fixable, including cancer. The entire healthcare debate is a fake emergency meant to solidify political power and keep people stuck in a middle-class for which Democrats have traditionally controlled through political mechanisms.

The reason is that Democrats do not trust people to make good decisions on their own, because the people who end up becoming liberal have problems of their own and can’t understand how a free market of anything could possibly work. They can’t trust themselves with money, the opposite sex, or matters of thought so how can they understand how a free market could determine winners and losers? If the government isn’t there to determine fairness, how can life be fair? That is the essence of their basic problem and it effects everything they do in life. And when they have to deal with someone like a Jim Renacci, a self-built person, they have only hatred in their dealings with them because the wealthy are functioning from a set of rules that the typical Democrat has no knowledge of.

And while the Democrats do have their wealthy contributors, you can understand them through the same method. Those types of people are Democrats either because they feel guilt about their wealth and don’t really understand why they have it while others don’t, or they know exactly why they have it and they don’t want any competitors, so they look to government to keep people from being rivals in their industries. Just because people are wealthy it doesn’t mean they understand economics, sometimes people just get lucky and are in the right place at the right time. But largely, people like Jim Renacci and Donald Trump became wealthy because they became better in a field over their rivals and to the liberal mind that is something that just isn’t natural. Nobody could possibly be better than anybody else because economies are grown from the middle out, instead of the top down.

Yet history is not on their side on this matter. Everything happens from the top down. Nothing occurs from the inside out, its not possible. Something has to always come from something. Something never comes from nothing. Sherrod Brown’s middle-class musings are pure fantasy, the workers do not make jobs, employers do. Someone makes something and the effect of that creation trickles down into the structure of society. Therefore, economies are grown always from the top down, never from the middle out. Never. Any economist that says otherwise is scamming you, even if they say such a thing from our most prestigious universities. Such a thought is pure fantasy and is not conducive to any kind of reality.

Yet here we are looking at grown men running for the Governor of Ohio and a long-time sitting Senator in Cordray and Brown who has the economic IQ of a four-year-old. I would say they were just stupid if it wasn’t a common theme of the people from their party believing the same things. So we have to accept that the problem is a brand of psychosis specific to the type of people who become Democrats. They are broken people fearful of their own shadows and who lack self-discipline in even basic matters, and they can only function in life if someone helps them. And most of us would look at such people and desire to help them, but we should not be obligated to putting them in power, so they can have influence over our lives. Just because they are broken people doesn’t mean the rest of us have to cripple ourselves to make them feel better. And that is ultimately what Richard Cordray and Sherrod Brown are asking of us in Ohio, to cripple our minds, our economy, and our happiness to allow them to feel equal to the rest of us. And to build up some “middle-class” that they can feel they rule over, just to make them feel useful. No, that’s not a wise thing to do, and we should stop doing it. If they need mental help, let’s talk about giving Democrats proper treatment for their mental limitations. But when it comes to the ballot box, we owe it to ourselves to vote those losers out of office—at the very least.

Rich Hoffman

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