What the Media Never Understood about the Tea Party Movement: Dirty tricks don’t work when you are smarter than they are


It’s still early but it looks like the suspected mail bomber arrested in Florida was Cesar Sayoc, a born again former Democrat who had found new life as a Trump supporter.  More details will come out and everything will make a lot more sense.  I was pretty fast in coming out with my thoughts on these bomb threats and the nature of the caravan in Mexico, and I stand by them.  Cesar Sayoc has a bad smell to him, there is a lot more to the story, I’m sure of it. I mean anyone with an intellect developed above the third grade sees what’s happening. They may not feel comfortable admitting it to themselves, because I think we all want to think that our fellow members of society are smarter than our suspicions, but the fact remains that in most cases our gut is correct. The media as an organism of liberalism was just too fast to blame Donald Trump over the bomb stories where someone mailed a bunch of fake bombs to well-known liberal activists. The obvious connection from the terrorist to the packages was just too obvious, CNN and many of the other liberal news outlets were much more concerned about what Donald Trump has said than in who sent the bombs. It was Chuck Todd at NBC that really blew the cover early in the process when audiences didn’t seem to give a rat’s ass about bombs mailed to a bunch of liberals, especially when it was obvious that they were fake, when he said that maybe the Russians were involved. That’s pretty much when any sane person turned off the television and just had to laugh. These people are idiots to think that anybody with a right mind might fall for this obvious hoax of election tampering. The bomb threat was just as I said it was, and later Rush Limbaugh along with others quickly joined the rising chorus, it was a liberal trick designed to evoke sympathy for Democrats and to rally their base. But like every other attempt by them, they had failed, it’s their last gasp at trying to do something to motive their voters ahead of the 2018 election, and it is falling flat.

Talk about election tampering, Democrats are doing anything they can to affect the election of 2018 whether it’s spurring on that sad caravan of immigrants heading for the southern American border walking over a 1000 miles in flip-flops and t-shirts for a chance at a better life. For those geographically challenged that’s like walking from Cincinnati, Ohio to Orlando, Florida. By the time many of the women, children and variety of desperate men arrive many will be very sick and in a seriously depleted condition. The focus on those poor people should be in helping their home countries become more like the United States since that is what all these illegal immigrants are hoping for. It’s not just in America’s national interest that those people have good homelands, but it is in the interests of those poor people to have American ideas spread into their governments so that the corruption and violence they are running from can improve their lives domestically. Not that the United States wants to be a bunch of interventionists, but if more people want to come to America to have a shot at the dreams of life in North America than it is only natural to promote those ideas to places hungry for the results, and that is happening under the Trump presidency, which is backfiring the vile strategists who are really behind the caravan. The goal from globalists was always to use communism and socialism to destroy economies and put them under state control and to use the desperation of fleeing people to overwhelm capitalist nations and to collapse those economies until the only method of getting out from under the chaos was to adopt socialism. That is the point of migrant immigrants and why these caravans are being sent to American borders, it’s an invasion hiding behind the innocence of people just wanting a better life. But the problem is why their lives were bad to begin with.

The Trump presidency is actually solving many of these problems and that has the leftist strategists in a panic because if they don’t win this election, Democrats are out of business so they are behaving just as a desperate political party would under the circumstances and it’s not hard to predict what they might do next. I mean just look at what they have done over the last two years of President Trump, they have attempted every dirty trick that was spelled out in the Saul Alinsky book Rules for Radicals. Many of us have been studying the books of the political left for years now, we know what to expect. When people want to associate the Tea Party movement with the terrorism of ANTIFA they couldn’t be more wrong. I was pretty heavy into the Tea Party activities of my community and still am when time permits, and I can say that what the Tea Party was all about was education. We used to meet and talk about books we read and we applied that knowledge to political activism. But the Tea Party was never ever about terrorism. Nobody I ever knew even at the national level ever talked about mailing bombs to anybody to incite fear into our rivals, and nobody ever talked about killing or hurting President Obama. We just wanted to get him out of office at the voting booth and our means of antagonism was books. The Tea Party movement was about getting smarter and Donald Trump very early on in the process designated himself as a candidate that could be trusted to help solve problems. Much of what we see today was started over a decade ago with the creation of the Tea Party movement and people learning about American history in ways that our public schools had stopped teaching, and the results are what we are seeing all around us today.

There is no amount of liberal activism that can stop that movement now because it is not led by Donald Trump—President Trump is the creation of the Tea Party movement and that is something that liberals never understood. There was never a leader of the Tea Party participants, it was an education-based movement that shared in common a love of learning. And as it evolved, those who had previously been guilty of trying to keep people stupid lost their power and influence over voters, so now that nothing has worked against Trump for over two years and the midterms are looking like a disaster for Democrats every dirty trick is being played by liberals, so their reaction is just too predictable. Including these fake bombs that were sent to try to tamper with the election of 2018. When the bomber is finally discovered it will be some Manchurian instigator for which the unspoken next step was taken gladly by the media as one last shot at stopping Trump from closing the deal to holding the House and Senate. CNN was all too happy to evacuate their building in New York and to give wall to wall coverage about how Donald Trump’s speeches were inciting violence among his base. Instead of reporting the truth that the Tea Party supporters of the last decade had made themselves aware of leftists’ tricks as Democrats attempted to gain power and stitch chaos into the fabric of American society. The liberalized media tried to tamper with the upcoming election with their old friend fear to give power to the hands of Democrats one last time. But everyone is on to the dirty tricks now and even casual observers of political theater know what to make of it, and they aren’t buying it. That has left a level of desperation that we’ve never seen in America before, and if you think its bad now, wait until the day after the election. That will be very interesting indeed.

Rich Hoffman

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