The Liberal Dog Whistles: Evoking acts of terror in hopes of winning an election

Even if the narrative were real, and it may be regarding the violent actions of the former male stripper Cesar Sayoc who is now known as the Florida bomber, and the Pittsburg mass shooter of the Tree of Life Synagogue by the Trump hating Robert Brown that killed 11 people and injured many others, the facts we do know is that the F.B.I. and Democrats have teamed up before to manipulate elections, and that they could easily be doing the same thing now. These kinds of tragedies are always filled with feel good stories about great police work and attempts to build trust into the government safety nets that protect innocent people from these types of scary moments but let’s not forget who we are all of a sudden championing. The F.B.I. made their arrest of Cesar Sayoc based on a single fingerprint that they found on an envelope which is extremely easy to get from a target if you want to lift it for evidence. And without going over the edge with conspiracy theory, without question deep in their hearts the Democrats who have been threatening violence over the last two months, the same type of people targeted by Sayoc are screwballs on the edge of always falling off the cliff like Robert Brown who was such an anti-Semantic radical that it was obvious his hatred fueled most of his life. Yes there are a lot of people in the world like Brown and just ahead of an election where smaller government is certainly on the minds of voters, these warning shots come at a very suspicious time.

Looking at what we know about Cesar Sayoc he wasn’t just a Democrat as I had said when the bombings were first announced. His political affiliation was a bit more complicated, he was one of those Trump voters who came onto the scene late in the game and found refuge as a born-again activist under the #MAGA umbrella. Trump did bring many voters over from the nonpolitical ledger, or the former Democrats who were thinking of walking away for something better. Caser the stripper certainly wasn’t a lifelong Republican, he was a pretty desperate person who lived a messed up life and was looking for a home in the power of Trump’s optimism, to put it nicely. It’s probably possible that he needed to do something in life to be famous but without really harming anyone so he pulled off a political stunt that would put him on a map. However, such desperate souls are pretty easy to push over the edge if your business is in the manipulation of people who makes the timing of all this more than suspicious.

What Democrats need ahead of the midterms is for Trump to stop being Trump—they need him to stop talking. He’s very popular and the size of his rally crowds are truly terrifying to Democrats who are used to being the ones who can activate masses at events to look powerful. Only with Trump its more than just a look, behind everyone who shows up for these rallies are many more who quietly watch the news from their homes and are at least motivated to vote. The Democrats don’t have an answer for the Trump effect, so it is not unreasonable to assume that they have turned to the F.B.I. for help. After all, the F.B.I. very much wants to repair their reputation. Jeff Sessions likely really wants to keep his job as Attorney General, so a fingerprint on an envelope for prosecution will do in throwing a pizza delivery man in Cesar Sayoc into jail to give everyone someone to direct their tensions toward. The van of Cesar was covered in Trump rally propaganda so the optics of the arrest were certainly joyful to the CNN types who want to make the power of government great again, instead of America. We know what type of people are in these organizations because of the evidence of manipulation that we have seen in the Hillary Clinton email case, the Benghazi cover-up, and the attempt to stage a coup against President Trump once he was in office through a leak campaign directly to the press to build sentiment against him to the public. So our thoughts must go to the same type of operators who might take some loose evidence and give the American media a name of a Trump radical to quiet down the president down the stretch. By the time we learn more about Cesar Sayoc and hear from him of his intentions of course the election and their results will be over.

The Democrats, especially lately have been talking about “dog whistles” and how dangerous Trump’s statements are to the members of his massive rallies. That’s because dog whistle dialogue is very much how they operate, they hope constantly to inspire fringe people to act in nasty ways that back their voting blocs, such as within the black communities and gang thugs of big urban areas. And Robert Brown, the anti-Semite from Pittsburg was certainly one of their hopefuls who heard their cries for action. Democrats are always hoping that gun control will push them over the top in elections. I was surprised that Senator Sherrod Brown tried to make an issue of tight gun control in a debate with Jim Renacci at the Miami University campus a few days ago because the answer to all gun violence is just as Trump stated. There should have been concealed carry holders in that Pittsburg synagogue. It’s sad to have to say such a thing while the blood is still being cleaned up from that gruesome scene, but we need more guns to protect society, not less. The police did a good job of putting Brown down when they arrived, but the situation could have been resolved at the point of the trouble with more open gun laws. Yet Brown gave the Democrats something to talk about just days away from the election on one of their favorite talking points, more government and fewer guns. The Democrats message is trusting the government to protect society, society is not competent to care for itself which is always the message behind more gun control. Robert Brown as a neo Nazi type is on the side of Democrats as all such thinkers are from the political left, contrary to the way the media has told the story.

Robert Brown likely would have snapped at some point, his social media footprint indicated a violent eventuality. But deep in their hearts Democrats would have preferred the timing to come before the elections rather than after. That was clearly their hope when they put out the message to their followers to get into the faces of conservatives and to engage them in restaurants and on the streets outside their homes. A lunatic like Robert Brown hears that kind of talk from Democrats and feels more desperate because of Trump’s move of the embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing that as the capital of Israel and was motivated to act in a way that might put more anti-Israel Democrats in power to stop Trump. That is how the dog whistles work with Democrats. I actually had a chance to see that process up close at that same Sherrod Brown debate against Jim Renacci. Renacci had been publicly speaking about the Democrat Senator from Ohio’s domestic violence case and when Brown’s current wife arrived at the debate she received a standing ovation from the Democrats in the auditorium. Nobody told them to stand, or to make an issue of protecting the senator’s wife from the hostile realities of his violent past, but the Democrats in that audience felt they needed to do something to defend their strategic intentions, just as Robert Brown did when he attacked a gun free zone with the hate of his radicalism unleashed and empowered by the rantings of Maxine Waters. There are never fingerprints on sentiment, and Democrats have mastered the methods of delivering sleeper cells of terrorism through just words to their cult-like followers which is always a threat to any thriving republic to have such characters functioning within it. And the time for them to pull out every dirty trick is now, because with the projection of the midterms and early voting as they stand now, Democrats are going to lose more power come November 7th, not gain it.

The situation only appears complicated, which is also by design. Trump has been a fantastic president, few have reported the miraculous meeting that was led by Candace Owens at the White House of 400 black leaders who were wearing #MAGA hats and showing great support for President Trump that occurred on Friday. Instead only these stories of bomb makers and synagogue assassins made the news and that was all by design. Trump’s White House has done more to bring people together than any previous administration and that has ripped away the façade of the political left who have been trying to paint anti-Semites like Robert Brown as “alt-right” radicals when in reality they are quite tuned in to liberal dog whistles. And even desperate people like Cesar Sayoc have found hope in the Trump message and don’t want those dreams to perish under the current political atmosphere. Maybe he did mail part of a bomb to Democrat leaders, or maybe it was all just a set-up to get some news headlines ahead of an important election. But what we know is that the big government people don’t like Trump and they will do anything they have to do to keep him from winning majorities in the House and Senate, even if they have to blow those dog whistles that are so well-trained within Democrat influence.

Rich Hoffman

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