Having “IT”: Controlling the properties of quantum entaglment in sports, politics and business

Probably the most valuable commodity in the existence of any human being is the discovery and utilization of “It.” We always talk about “it,” we are always on the lookout for “it.” Just about everything we do as people is about “it.” Yet with all that pursuit “it” is as elusive as a slippery fish captured in the high mountains of a cold morning when most people have been camping for a week and don’t quite have their wits about them, and they lose “it” in a moments notice. We have dedicated university study to “it,” we have lots of charts and statistical data to try to capture “it” by means of thought, but those who have “it” know that it has nothing to do with anything collective society can provide through groupthink, “it” is a result of personal investment and trust in personal ability honed through a lot of practice. Having “it” is the most powerful element a person can have, more so than all the gold in the world, because by having “it” it means that the world will be beating down your door looking for attention. I’ve witnessed two times in the past several weeks that people who have had “it” were at the top of their game and from outside, “it” was easy to see. The first time was when President Trump came to Lebanon to speak. The second was in the last half of the third quarter and the entire fourth quarter of the Tampa Bay Buccaneer game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Even though I am a Buc fan this article isn’t about football, but in the various mechanisms that humans find “it” and display “it” for use in the needs of life, and I’ll say up front that there is a science to “it” and it involves quantum entanglement.

I said it at halftime, the Buc’s coaching staff should have pulled the expensive quarterback Jameis Winston at half time. Watching the live game as opposed to what you see on television I could see by the body language of the other players that Winston had lost the team—he had lost “it” and people responded to him negatively. Winston had three interceptions in that game and the Bengals were winning at that point something to the effect of 34 to 16. As I said, I had been thinking a lot about “it” lately, some people have “it” and some don’t. When they do you can see “it” from across the room. In fact you can feel “it” the moment they enter a room. They don’t have to say anything, you can just tell. “it” has nothing to do with anything anybody can give you. In fact, it’s not about other people at all, it’s all about how you make other people feel that embodies the quantum entanglement that scientists can often measure at times such as mass prayers and large social events where something like an entire stadium of people are rooting for the same outcome—or are fearful of it.

Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon which occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated, interact, or share spatial proximity in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the state of the others even when the particles are separated by a large distance—instead, a quantum state must be described for the system as a whole. For instance, if a particle is measured with its spin in one part of the universe in one direction, it will have an effect in the opposite way on the other side of the universe ignoring any rules of relativity. Of course, humans, really everything is made up of particles so such a phenomenon greatly influences the behavior of everything, especially human life because as a species we tend to think about such things and record their interactions as opposed to a dog or a cat that might witness such things but not have any observed thoughts on the matter. One of the ways that humans interact with quantum entanglement is in the act of prayer, which has been scientifically studied by physicist to measure the activity of particles under such conditions of mass human concentration. The implicit belief is that when a large group of people pray, they are having an effect on particles on the other side of the universe or vice versa, they are asking something somewhere to spin particles in a positive way in the here and now even if that something is on the other side of the universe, or perhaps beyond it. That is why we can “feel” moments of elation in certain locations such as churches or places of great historical significance. The manipulation of particles can often reside even across the layers of time and space so the quantum entanglement is still being affected even when thousands of years have passed, the particles of that area may still be reacting to something that is happening elsewhere at a great distance.

For instance, Paul Brown Stadium was built to participate in sports activity which is ultimately concerned with quantum entanglements. As human beings we don’t quite understand why we are interested in these kinds of things, only that we are obsessed with the results, so we design sports as a way to capture, “it.” “It” being the positive manipulation of particles in the direction of our desires to influence the outcome of events we might be invested in. The momentum of the football game was heavily in the favor of the Cincinnati Bengals and the crowd in the stands was dancing happily with the result. Obviously, the players could feel it, and it was working great for the Bengals and the body language of the Buccaneers said they were feeling the weight of it. The game of Jameis Winston showed it. At the start of the season he had to endure a four-game suspension for grabbing the breast of a young woman. The Bucs started the season with backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and they had great success. By the time Winston came back the team did not respond well to him. When talking about “it” we must always talk about the unique qualities of leadership. Winston had lost the team during that suspension. He made too much money to sit on the sidelines so the Buc’s management put him in ahead of Fitzpatrick, but the rest of the team just couldn’t feel the magic of his leadership, and it really showed in the game against the Bengals when I was able to observe it live. The moment that the Buc’s pulled Winston from the game the body language changed completely with the Buc’s players, both on offense and defense and they nearly won the game. A last-minute field goal by the Bengals took away a miracle comeback but the observations of quantum entanglement within that stadium on that particular day in October in Cincinnati, Ohio was unquestionable. The game wasn’t a fight to put points on the board which is how human beings often measure success for failure, it was a fight over quantum entanglement. I would go so far to say that the entire invention of such games was to touch the effects of quantum entanglement and to uncover elements of “it” within our society in predictable circumstances—to evoke “it” under controlled thought experiments such as a screaming crowd between the game times of any given Sunday at 1 PM to 4 PM.

In Lebanon, Ohio I posed the suggestion to my daughter who attended the President Trump rally to thousands of people willing to stand in the cold and rain to hear him give the same speech over and over again that there was a lot more to Trump than anybody credited him with. People were showing up to this event to be in proximity to the positive quantum entanglement that the President has become a master of utilizing. If ever there was a person who had “it” it was President Trump. When he arrived, the place erupted into an intense greeting as if a rockstar had showed up. Trump purposely took the stage slowly making eye contact with as many people as possible and when he looked at you, you could feel the energy. We often accept such behavior in musical performances, but here was Donald Trump with just his voice, no instrument, no song to sing, just him to evoke in people such emotion. Trump understood the necessities of leadership and they were on full display and ultimately that was why Republicans suddenly were cool, because as the new leader of the party Trump was influencing the quantum entanglement of existence itself. A person can be said to have “it” when they can evoke such emotions in mass groups of people. Whether its President Trump or Ryan Fitzpatrick the nature of leadership is in having “it” and “it” is the ability to evoke the particles that interact with other people and influence them in ways that lead to success. That is done by either influencing them in the here or now or manipulating them on the far side of the universe, but when it is happening, that is when we say that someone has “it.”

I usually stick around at these big events and that was certainly the case at the Bengal game and the Trump rally. I watch people leave until there is nothing but empty seats. I do this because I like to track the influence of “it.” In Lebanon the venue that Trump had spoke in the meaning of the evening was gone the moment Trump and all the spectators had left the area. “It” was gone so it wasn’t the place that created the excitement. It was the people, the audience reacting to Trump who was able to evoke in them a quantum entanglement of particles that made them feel positive toward the outcome. I did the same at Paul Brown Stadium, I waited until everyone was gone and it was clear that “it” had left too. The circumstances of quantum entanglement were not evoked by the place itself, “it” came from the players on the field and the spectators that either rooted for or against their intentions on the field of play. The whole game was an artificial rendering of quantum entanglement meant to discover “it” within a framework of entertainment but for the very serious need that humans have to touch such greatness that truly is an element of the universe that has great power.

Of course, on a more serious note we deal with “it” every day, or in the cases of most people, the lack of “it.” Successful business people know how to utilize “it” at will. People scratching at success pray for “it” and sometimes by random happenstance they get “it” even if only for a short period of time. They might call it luck but I call it the successful manipulation in a positive manner the utilization of quantum entanglement. Whether it’s in successful business transaction, politics or sports, we can see “it” happening all the time. But controlling “It” is the obsession that we humans have with quantum entanglement and using the mysterious particles of the quantum realm to our advantage as tools of implementation.

Rich Hoffman

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