Donald Trump’s Interview with Chris Wallace in 2018: One trying to preserve the politcal order from thousands of years, the other a CEO born out of capitalism

A few interesting observations about the Chris Wallace interview with President Trump on Fox News, now two years in office, it is quite clear that even the most politically astute, and experienced, still don’t understand why the Trump White House is so magical. For so many centuries, really for several thousand years all aspects of the human race have been built around ideas of democracy and society as established by the Greek and Romans. But those are limiting factors, under the banners of capitalism new kinds of leaders have advanced and they are now in direct competition with the assumptions of the old, and that is what is going on with this very interesting interview. Chris Wallace is trying to hold Trump to an ancient standard of political leadership whereas the president is behaving as any culture building leader would, and the clash is rather obvious.

What is missing from the politics of old is that charismatic salesman who looks at everything as half full and leads their team of industrialists through every kind of terror with a smile on their face. It’s not that we haven’t seen characters like Donald Trump before in history, but never have they been at the top of government running countries until this specific moment in time. Not a single Roman emperor, or Greek philosopher was ever in a position across the world as President Trump is presently. Not a single king or queen of England, France or Spain had such a glass half full personality driving their population. So when Chris Wallace asked President Trump questions about his administration, his relationship with the press, controversies from political insurgents and the like, Trump’s answers are literally new to the world.

Yet in just about every business across the nation Trump’s leadership style is somewhat recognizable. Under the most powerful economy of the world a certain kind of personality must emerge and logically speaking it was only a matter of time before one of them ended up in the White House. What has the globalist seekers trying to unite the world under one flag for which they control so terrified, which was only exacerbated by the Fox News Wallace interview was that after everything that has been thrown at Trump, he is still an optimistic salesman selling nationalism across the world. Nationalism is spreading all over Europe, and even into the Middle East and Asia. Trump as a natural Chief Executive Officer knows how to set up a sale and through the mechanisms of political order has established a norm that globalists just cannot compete with, and everyone knows it. Trump unphased and loose on his feet with probably the best news man in America that is left in Chris Wallace had delivered the world into a completely new age of thinking.

Determinations of leadership used to be considered not on merit, but by birthright or conquest. Never has such leaders of economic dominance been in a position to lead nations, they have always had to grovel for appeasement to leaders who were unworthy of real leadership. That checks, and balance system has dominated since the dawn of mankind, so this Trump phenomenon is a very new thing. Chris Wallace was asking his questions based on the way things were as Trump was answering them based on how things would be from now on. After only two years in office he has turned the entire system on its head. After another six, the world will be changed forever. That is what was obvious from that Fox News interview.

What was even more interesting was the grand picture of the situation which I thought of specifically as I watched the interview. Chris Wallace is a Democrat, but he’s a good reporter who is about as fair and balanced as they get. Many people consider Fox News to be a conservative bastion of reporting, but that clearly isn’t the case. Since the days of Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes and the waning influence of Rupert Murdoch the news station is becoming more and more liberal moving dramatically to the center. I would never have considered Bill O’Reilly a bastion of conservative thought either, he was a centrist in my book to a large degree, so it’s not like Fox News represents the standard of conservatism. They are just more so than other stations which is why conservatives watch them more than other outlets. But that could change quickly and likely will over the coming years. Fox News for me is nearly unwatchable during the day and on weekends. I would not say that Fox News is friendly to the President. They certainly weren’t on the Chris Wallace interview, yet Trump continues to give Fox News exclusive access to him which has helped them dominate in the ratings war over the ever-changing media landscape. But one thing that has become quite clear, news like most other things is becoming more and more decentralized. Social media is now taking over where Fox News and others have dominated and by the time that Trump does leave office, it will be a completely different story.

One thing that continues to come up regarding the president which was talked about in great detail during the Wallace interview was the Russian conspiracy and whether the new AG should recuse himself. Any CEO of a company could easily root this problem out and see it for what it is, a kind of employee uprising meant to wrestle control of the company away from its leadership, an insurrection. Most politicians would have no idea how to handle the optics of that problem but for Trump, it’s no big deal. He’s not going to allow the Mueller investigation to run the culture of the country and give Democrats the power they hope it will. Now that the election is over and they have seats in the House, enough to make fools of themselves with, Trump is going to let them hang. Any good CEO would see this as a clear strategic option. Emperors and kings from the past would look to appease the mob, but leaders created under the banner of capitalism are functioning from extra values that most people around the world don’t yet understand, so the results and methods of getting those results are yet uncharted in political life. But Trump knows what to do and just how to do it.

For centuries we have allowed liberal artists to write anti-capitalist books and movies portraying the American industrialist as a villain. But in reality, most of them are brilliant tactical thinkers. I would say that even the manager of a typical American fast food restaurant has more leadership skill than the typical dictator or emperor of a destitute third world country and that is the miracle of American capitalism, the ability to produce such minds and put them to work in the world. And the current hatred of President Trump is to maintain that illusion. But time is running out and reality is telling a different story and as Chris Wallace tried to hold the White House to the standards of old, Trump is just too optimistic for that world. He easily skipped across Wallace’s tough questions and left the interview as still a glass half full guy, which is what makes this presidency so much different from those of the past. And very exciting to be a part of.

Rich Hoffman

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