Who Made Who: Trump made them, not the other way around

Since the election there has been quite a subtle shift, even from Fox News which many think is fueling the Trump presidency. There has certainly been a lot of anger leveled in the Fox News direction. But those thoughts come from people who really don’t know what is going on, they are clinging to ancient truths that no longer matter, and ways of thinking that are simply outdated, such as reverence for the military, concern about ancient Gods—in this case global warming, and a non-business first approach to virtually everything. Before Donald Trump won the presidency, the business class were only supposed to contribute money to political campaigns, they weren’t supposed to be making any of the real decisions, but that has changed, and likely forever and the resentments from those in the old world who were quite something to talk about back then, are suddenly finding themselves useless and passed over. As I said, even Fox News has been very critical of President Trump over military funeral visits, the dealing of Saudi Arabia and their assassinations, and every dip in the stock market. In truth Fox News doesn’t command the ratings of nearly the kind of audience that talk radio does, or the monthly publications of the NRA, so who really cares if Fox News goes even more liberal as the new CEO there seems to want to take it. It won’t make President Trump weaker, it will just inspire people to switch to new methods of getting the news they want, like Alex Jones online. People are going to get what they want one way or another and President Trump is a creation of that desire and the old guard just hasn’t come to terms with that notion yet. That much was very obvious on Saturday Night Live the weekend before Thanksgiving 2018. The following video makes their hatred of Trump abundantly obvious.

Petty is the word for their approach to President Trump but it really shows what kind of people are running things at NBC. The world is changing under their feet and one of their old superstars is now in the Executive Branch looking like he will easily win a second term. In a few years many in the modern media won’t be around any longer, the world has literally changed right under their feet and they were too busy bitching and trying to change the nature of human beings to notice it. As progressives attempting to play down all the attributes that make human beings great, such as thinking, a desire to change their environment, and a strong desire to change the direction of history in every generation, liberals have put themselves on a rope hanging from the edge of a vast metaphorical cliff which is coming untethered by the moment. And it can certainly be understood why they are anxious, and even angry. But that still doesn’t excuse them for their ignorance.

Speaking for myself, but as a representative of a Trump supporter it’s not important to me that Trump visits the military on Thanksgiving. I could care less, we aren’t at war in the world. The Afghanistan situation is a mess only because politicians made it that way. The way Trump has leveraged to win conflicts around the world is through economics. If the United States has all the money, and the wealth generated as the world’s largest oil producer, who cares what despots are doing around the world who are literally begging for a piece of that wealth. In Trump’s view we shouldn’t even have troops overseas, his goal is to get them home. This comparison to what President Bush did or Obama for that matter is just ridiculous. While Trump was making himself into a billionaire George W. Bush was abusing alcohol and cocaine living off the wealth of his family’s business. While many say that Trump benefited from his own father’s business there is a great difference, Bush chose to mooch off that wealth doing very little in his life to advance it while Trump was driven to the point of obsession with making his own mark in the world. Bush and Obama were not leaders, only in title. Trump is a true pace setter. He doesn’t have to live under the terms of presidents from the past who were essential failures.

There have also been many comparisons from those who don’t know much about history that Trump is a lot like Teddy Roosevelt in that he is an unconventional president who is facing many opportunities to bust up monopolies. With Roosevelt there was always a kind of hatred of those who had wealth as he was a lot like George W. Bush and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth never really learning how money was made. Trump did learn. Roosevelt went to war with the railroad and oil tycoons of the early 20th Century but Trump isn’t so inclined to ruin the billionaires who are working against him in the tech sector. Saturday Night Live was almost coaxing Trump into a fight with Jeff Bezos who has become the political left’s new champion because he is currently the richest man in the world. But what they don’t know is that Jeff Bezos could spend every last dollar of that wealth on the presidency and he couldn’t win it. You know why dear reader? Because he couldn’t win over people like you and I. I personally like Bezos as the head of Amazon and his ventures into space, but he’s kind of a weird guy. He couldn’t walk into an arena like Trump does and command so much energy. Trump built his wealth the old-fashioned way, through real estate in a tough market. Wealth by itself isn’t an automatic ability to do everything in life. Trump is smart enough to know that business deals with Saudi Arabia are good for America. Who cares if they assassinate a reporter from Jeff Bezos Washington Post? You see, there are other ways to skin a cat—direct conflicts are often not the way to go.

The drop in the tech stocks is for two reasons, the uncertainty of a potential Nancy Pelosi House of Representatives and unstable news from oversea markets. Once the smoke clears those tech stocks will be bought back up and will shoot back up to over 26,000. People who buy at the lower rate will become rich in just a few months, so buy up. The dip isn’t caused by tangible value, only by emotional reaction to a changing world. Regarding the House, as I said before the election, Republicans had to guard against massive cheating by Democrats and that looks to be just the case, not just in Florida, but in most of the counties where Democrats picked up seats. Early voting ballot tampering and massive I.D. fraud look to have given Democrats a few thousand votes here and there where they needed them. Trump seems to be OK with the Democrats taking over the House and the cheating that got them there because it paints a contrast that only helps him in the upcoming 2020 election. But the markets are nervous with all these socialists getting news time because Democrats are clearly anti market and that obviously has investors nervous and in a selloff mood.

The desperation is obvious by the other side and Saturday Night Live represents that vantage point. Their view of the world is so petty and ridiculous, yet that view has ruled for many thousands of years so we can’t blame them for their anxiety. And too many still think that if only they can capture Fox News into full liberalism that the Republican march toward a much more productive and optimistic 21st Century could be stopped. In truth, people will find alternatives, it’s not the news that makes people, its people who make the news and the networks are learning those hard lessons right now. Even at the core of NBC right now is the belief that they made Donald Trump, that they made him a star who could then win the presidency, and that they have the power to take that away. In truth it was the other way around, it was Trump that made NBC a star and opened the door for reality television, and that same influence is at work in the White House. And there isn’t anybody on the political left, or the right who can do it was well as Trump. And they hate the reality of that truth.  Remember the old song by ACDC called “Who Made Who?”  Trump and creators like him made the world, the media and many others are just living in it and it drives them crazy.

Rich Hoffman

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