The Death of Globalism: Climate activists and their great hoax are losing as Paris clearly shows

If you went to a baseball game to get to know a “globalist” better, especially a wealthy activist like George Soros, Barack Obama, or even George W. Bush what you would discover is that they are only people doing what they think is right. They wouldn’t come across as the vile, evil people that they really are because they think they are doing the right things as a collective society focused on collective attributes. They think that the way to end all wars is to take away all the things that people fight for, national borders, wealth acquisition, and innovation. They don’t care about all the good things that come from conflict which has advanced civilization, like aviation, radar technology and even medical practices because as progressives they are actually regressive who wish to step back in time and worship the collective deity of mother nature because in their youths they listened to old Beatles songs about coming together and that India had all the spiritual answers so our tasks in life were to divorce ourselves of our individuality and accept that we are all the light not the bulb. So we should endeavor to remove personal identities, possessions such as wives and families and private properties with fences around them and become citizens of the world and when we die, to assimilate into the great unknown where we become united with the same collective consciousness that moves the streams on earth and fills them with fish, or makes an eagle fly from tree to tree because we are all part of each other, and we need to learn to accept it. Yet, they are all wrong, and always have been.

Those globalist minded activists that have been running things for a long time, because they sold themselves in sheep’s clothing trying to hide the wolf within, are losing their influence. In 2016 things changed dramatically for them when a majority of the nation ignored all the traditional factors of election winning and voted to put Donald Trump in the White House. The guy was smart, self-made and wealthy so he could fight the fight that it would take because most of us have jobs and have to go along to get along to pay our bills, our mortgages and interact with people we have to make livings with who don’t always share our values. And with Donald Trump, he was an old man at the end of his life and had nothing to lose, so he could literally afford to piss off all the right people to do some great things for the country he loves while he still could. The globalists had manipulated the election process over the years to prevent just those types of circumstances from occurring all in one person, yet like a single sperm penetrating the egg of a human female against all odds of birth, a new movement was conceived, global populism and a reverence for the nationalism of their domestic countries. And now the world has evolved under great turmoil to a truly terrifying place for the average progressive.

People in Paris should have known that if they allowed their socialist country of France to adopt open socialism—or any socialism for that matter that the money would run out. For the last two weeks thousands of protestors have taken to the streets in the tourist part of town over high gas prices for which President Macron has promised to enforce to support the efforts of the mythical climate change that the globalists keep talking about. Everyone knows that the way to unite any opposition is to find some common flag that everyone can rally behind so globalists have been trying to use this climate change issue as that flag which was meant to transcend the concern of nations and their borders, and put people’s minds onto the fictional premise of deity worship in regards to mother earth. But now people have seen in President Trump that populism of a conservative nature is working and in sectors all across Europe there are challenges to the old order and even in the poor and broken hell hole of Tijuana, Mexico the mayor there is trying to become his own version of Donald Trump. People have seen that they have options to what the globalists have been offering and they are turning away from them first in spirit but now in elections.

But what about the 1,656 page climate change report by over 13 federal agencies called the National Climate Assessment report issued every four years by congress and is blaming every forest fire, flood and hurricane on climate change assuming that the earth never had these things happening until humans developed technology? What are we supposed to do with reports like that from supposedly respected institutions? After all, it is reports like that which has encouraged President Macron to raise taxes on French fuel costs artificially to pay for all their socialism. People are supposed to care about killing their planet and change their behavior domestically, not to hit the streets vandalizing popular tourist centers.

It is easy to become convinced that these globalists are winning because even in the United States socialism has now openly taken over the Democrat Party and they promise to make life hell for President Trump with countless congressional investigations underlined with a genuine hatred for all aspects of American capitalism except when they want to sip a latté at Starbucks. People like George Soros and even the Koch Brothers thought they had this whole globalism thing in the bag and the world was on an irreversible path, but Trump has beat them and taken away the fuel of their movement, and coming in 2019 the new sentiment of nationalism is destroying the cultural attempt at globalism. China is losing in the trade war in a major way against the United States. Russia isn’t even a consideration, notice how they have had to quit down in Ukraine and other places around the world? Korea is uniting and talking. Iran has been decimated and can barely feed themselves let alone sponsor terror around the Middle East. Mexico is actually defending the American border because they are terrified that Trump will close that border and destroy their tourist industry wrecking any aspects of a legitimate economy that they have left.

All through the Holiday season the global minded who run all the big networks these days, are trying to focus on the bad stock market numbers as a blame game on the Trump administration. But it is the uneasiness around the world that is causing that, the Democrats running the House of Representatives and destabilizing the markets, the tech stocks being caught data collecting for the ominous purpose of government conspiracy and losing the confidence of their consumers and a Federal Reserve that has been looking to play their part in the conspiracy by raising interest rates too early to slow down the steam and give globalists a few more tries at the plate before everything really takes off. But the writing is already on the wall. It’s too late. Now that people have tasted the freedom of Trump’s populism and seen the renewed benefits of nationalism, the trajectory of success is self-evident. And in truth, the world is turning to Trump for their answers, which is a great thing. And the globalists have lost in a big way, and for those who stand against them, thankfully so. It’s about time.

Rich Hoffman

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