Are You Going to Take it Dear Reader: The Crimes of the F.B.I. and Democrat Party require action

I think for me the final straw was the arrest of Cody Wilson for having sex with an underage girl. Sure, he’s only 30 and being an international celebrity on television all the time probably went to his head a bit, and suddenly he had access to engaging in sexual relationships he previously never dreamed of. But it was likely all a set up because authorities were really quick to pick him up and since he hasn’t been seen or heard from since posting bail from jail in September. Of course for those who don’t know who Cody Wilson is, he was the guy who had made an incredibly solid legal argument on the expansion of the Second Amendment through his company Defense Distributed with the invention of the Ghost Gunner, guns that could be printed on a 3D printer in your own home. The federal government wanted to shut him up but couldn’t so they loomed behind him waiting for the kid to make a mistake, which as smart as he was, he eventually did. But if you add to that mix the open war against Alex Jones, Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, Julian Assange, Paul Manafort and many, many others an obvious pattern is emerging and it came out of Barack Obama’s mouth just this last week as kind of a bold proclamation by the establishment forces that have for many years operated as subtle insurgents seeking to destroy American individualism through the institutions of American life for a crime of complete submission to a vast foreign interest that only the hard-line elitist care about and want at all costs. Obama had the gull to say that nobody from his administration was under indictment or endured conspiracy which is highly enraging for anybody who really knows what’s going on and it has put in context a real tragedy of our modern life. The villains are here and among us and we all have an obligation to protect the American Constitution from them as they are domestic enemies.

In my view if people break the law they should be tossed in jail and have the key thrown away. And regarding Cody Wilson I feel the same way even though I had a few correspondences with him and came to like him quite a lot. But Barack Obama stayed out of trouble because he had attorney generals who were perfectly willing to protect the presidency and there was an F.B.I. that was there to protect him from any challenges. The evidence was always there but it was largely hidden from public view. It only became obvious when the election of 2016 showed that someone outside of a very carefully controlled system could be elected president still who had the personal financial power and drive to do so, that the establishment decided to show their fangs. Even people like Paul Ryan who were supposed to be Ayn Rand conservatives before 2012 were hoping for President Trump to fail, and that is the reason for the constant beatings into his life just for daring to sit in the White House after fair election.

I heard it again from James Comey who over this past week gave a very disturbing interview with a little private outfit when the topic of Mathew Whitaker came up, the new attorney general appointed by President Trump. In that interview Comey indicated that Whitaker wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer but that he believed the new AG would mind his affairs if he wanted to maintain his relevance in history, or something to that effect. It was really a clear indication on how these people think, how they can break laws openly but justify it because they feel they are preserving institutions. They really don’t care what the impact is to individuals so long as institutional preservation is intact—the old communist mantra created by Karl Marx about the “greater good.” So long as the greater good as they define it is preserved, then crimes of any kind are perfectly justifiable and that is how they can sleep at night going after all the people around the president whom they can hoping to play a big squeeze game on the Executive Branch itself. Comey’s mission as indicated by his subordinates was from the very beginning to use the power of the F.B.I. to overthrow an American election, and then they feel they have the right to lecture the rest of us on law and order. To squeeze legally people like Jerry Corsi just for comments made about Wikileaks is to use the law as a weapon against the American people and is an obvious threat to all republic government. What Mueller and the F.B.I. is doing isn’t any different from what they are doing in China with their attempts at a “social media scorecard.”

In communist China they are working on a system called “social credit” which means that depending on your score it will determine your access to the world. For instance, if you post on social media things the government doesn’t like, your score may be low and that could limit your access to buying a train ticket or getting into a movie theater. The goal in China is to use peer pressure and access to the world in general to correct behavior they as a government would deem incorrect. The government of the United States particularly revealed by the actions of the F.B.I. are criminal in nature. But since they are in the act of nudging people into social controls, they are forgiven by the larger order of global politics. Well, I didn’t sign up for any of that and I’m personally not going to acknowledge any institutional power that thinks it controls it. What I have seen from Bob Mueller, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder Bob Mendez, Dick Durbin and ultimately their funding platform of George Soros types are people willing to break the law for war like actions against my country and I’m not going to stand for it. I can say that much. As I’ve said before, they are lucky they have Donald Trump in the White House because they won’t like the alternative.

And that leads us all to what they think the ultimate objective is, what do they think will happen if they prosecute Donald Trump, or they arrest all his kids and put them in jail—or they push all the voices of resistance off the radio, people like Sean Hannity, Alex Jones and Roger Stone? Do they really think that Americans will act like the Chinese and just accept state controls over all our lives with these not so subtle “nudges?” I would propose that they have only been successful because they have hidden their intentions, which is why Hillary Clinton was allowed to have a secret email server that even Barack Obama knew about because he knew the American people could never be allowed to find out what was on it. James Comey knows it too, they have had to operate in secret because the American people could never be allowed to know. So what does that say about their illegal actions—are they really in control or are we? The answer is obvious. But it’s not Trump that has the pressure put on him, its Bob Mueller. Because he can only go so far. He can try to make a big deal out of the Trump Tower meeting with a Russian chick that lied about the content of the meeting to get an audience, but Hillary Clinton was the one really guilty of so much bad behavior during the campaign that she is far more vulnerable. Anything that the institutional controls attempt to do to Trump will have to be applied to everyone and the other side can live up to the reputation.

Sure, Cody Wilson was the last straw for me, but I saw it again very up close during the Jim Renacci run for senate against Sherrod Brown. Brown had a court history of domestic violence but the #METOO people or media wouldn’t touch the issue with a pole of any length, because the whole movement was a ruse. If anybody really cared about domestic violence abusers they would have come out against Sherrod Brown with the same vigor as they did anybody, but the goal was never justice, it was control, just like what China is attempting to do. And I can just say that personally, I’m not going to take it. I’ve seen enough and I’m not OK with it. And if you really want to see how bad the situation is, just look at how public education radicals are treaty Betsy DeVos. The evidence of insurrection and hostile communist sentiment is quite clear. It’s not a conspiracy theory by some radical nut jobs. It’s an act being played out right in front of our faces, and it requires action to defend the idea of America from those who want to destroy it from within.

Rich Hoffman

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