Everything You Need to Know About Roger Stone, Julian Assange and Robert Mueller: Why its moral and obligatory to fight the institutional terrorism of the F.B.I.

First, I will have to say that I think Roger Stone was in direct contact with Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy, even though now he says he wasn’t. I have no problem with him presenting his case to the F.B.I. the way he is because strategically it’s the correct and moral thing to do. Additionally, his interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s Sunday Morning show was fabulous. I would advise everyone to watch it and take notes. When I wrote the article the other day about endeavoring to always be the smartest person in the room, Roger Stone is a great example of how effective such a person can be. Stone was fantastic in his interview and set the chessboard up wonderfully against the Mueller special counsel probe that is completely politically motivated and is entirely constructed to destroy the Republican Party that has evolved under the Trump presidency. While lying to federal agents is against the law and nobody should do it, when the other side is lying as they did about the Clinton emails and DNC tampering in the election of 2016 with F.B.I. involvement and help from the Department of Justice and the Obama White House itself, Republicans can’t disadvantage themselves if that is the way the game is being played, and it is.

The name of the game is fear and if you make yourself smarter than your opponent any tactician knows that the battle is usually over before it ever begins and that is what Roger Stone is doing to the F.B.I. Mueller’s investigation is doing what they always do, isolate their target by getting testimony on all their support systems. Because humans still have a very primitive need to be liked and accepted by their peers, so the F.B.I. in these types of investigations will put the squeeze on a target’s family and friends to get a plea deal started so that the target will maintain the stability of partners through loyalty. This is how the F.B.I. gets people to “flip” in their testimony. Catch them in some other crime, give them a plea path out of it if they will lie before God to save their skins from eternal damnation in the jails of America. That is how the game is played, yet Roger Stone made it known to the world that he wasn’t going to play which puts Mueller in a precarious spot. If they indict Roger Stone and he doesn’t cave to the pressure, then all this work they have wasted millions of dollars on goes nowhere. If they don’t indict Roger Stone, then their case goes nowhere. They essentially have checkmated themselves out of the game which is why they are stalling with the results.

A smart person never has anything to fear because they are prepared for anything, and they always understand the game that is being played, not the one they wish was played. We might all want an honest system of government and be able to trust the F.B.I. but we can’t. They are corrupt by institutional necessity and will always seek to protect the institutions they serve over individual preservation. And they sustain this behavior by tricking individuals into supporting this structure at all cost to themselves with these invisible criteria which is always defined by perspective, the truth. In an altruistic society, which America has become, the individual is expected to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of the institution. Conversely individuals like James Comey, Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton can lie to the faces of everyone and still think of themselves as sanctimonious because they serve the institutions, not the individuals, so as long as they lie to save an institution, they rationalize that it is a moral endeavor. But if Roger Stone lies to save himself, or Donald Trump for that matter—they consider it evil because serving the needs of the individual from the perspective of the institutionalist is evil.

The real story behind Wikileaks is that they uncovered crimes that the DNC were conducting, and if there were really a desire for freedom of the press, Julian Assange would have won the Pulitzer Prize for it already. But Wikileaks is all about individualized knowledge that exists to keep institutions in check, and that from the perspective of the F.B.I. makes them evil—by their own definitions. Democrats and the American press see nothing wrong with trying to blame the Russians for their loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 Election because it fulfills several tactical parameters of objectives for which they are starving. First Russia backs Syria and in other ways Iran. They also have backed North Korea so if you are an anti-Israel globalist who wants to see western influences crushed in the Middle East you want to assist the enemy of your enemy. If American ambitions could be tricked into fighting Russia, then a war that obtains their globalist objectives could take place and advance their position while their real antics go unpunished and undetected by the America public. So if by provoking Russia with a phony story started World War III, Democrats would have no problem with that. They don’t care how many people would die, because remember, they are serving institutions, not people.

Wikileaks is functioning the way media was supposed to, as well as The Drudge Report and in a lot of cases Alex Jones. Even with all this new technology it was never intended by Google and Facebook to empower people, which it has done, it was always to corral them into little pins of political discourse that could be controlled by a “like” button. The same essential techniques that are used to “flip” witnesses under F.B.I. indictment. It’s all about peer pressure and forcing individuals to crave the opinions of their friends and family over the justice or righteousness as defined by individualized sanctity.

That’s why I say Roger Stone is smart. Sure, he’s probably lying to protect Julian Assange, because that is where the F.B.I. is going, to try to paint a picture of Russians giving Assange information that was then given to the public to destroy Hillary Clinton. But the original crime was Hilary Clinton, and her actions. The powers of government conspired together to cover it all up as well as the press, so they are all guilty of lying to the public and in doing anything possible to protect the institutions behind so much corruption. But Roger Stone has denied them of all that. There is essentially nothing the F.B.I. can do to Roger Stone now that he went on the Stephanopoulos show and laid out his case instead of allowing the F.B.I. to stick him behind bars before the story could get out. The story of honesty isn’t about Stone, Assange, or Donald Trump—its about the power of our government to cover-up a story and to use false narratives to suppress the truth. So, if you love Truth, Justice, and the American Way, you will love the Roger Stone interview on ABC shown on Sunday morning of the first weekend of December 2018. It’s not because Roger Stone may have lied that you will like it, but because he refused to play a game that gives power to the institutions over the individuals that make it up. And that is a new thing for Republicans, and something that could easily change the course of history.

Rich Hoffman

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