Breaking the Vico Cycle: Capitalism is the key to the truth

Another aspect of the direction of our curiosity that we will have to come to terms with, as a human race, is that we’ve been here before. We are on the Vico cycle and honestly, I’d like to see us break that trend and not make the mistakes of that past that were made. That is the reason behind most conspiracies, is that the ruling powers don’t want to admit that they are on the same trajectory. They want to believe that their government, their religion, their political philosophy is the latest and greatest and that this time they have it different. I have spent much of the last thirty years studying ancient cultures and comparative mythologies so my opinions are built on a vast understanding of the problem which most people and institutions wish not to think about. As much as I love NASA, the Republican Party and even the Christian religion, I understand their limits which are going to come undone now that information is decentralized and adventure is again becoming monetized. Without question once we allow for space tourism that cat will be out of the bag, we will discover ourselves on the face of the moon, and along the old ancient sea shores of Mars. We will find the source of many of our ancient mythologies and it will be difficult to come to terms with. Our institutions will struggle to find their relevancy, our religions will blow apart, and our politics will collapse in on itself with the realization that we’ve done it all before.

That is why it is important to understand that the only real value that there is in the entire universe is that which is created through human productivity. Of course the governments of the world have had a tough time sending rovers to Mars and taking pictures of the moon and having to scrub the photos of archaeological evidence of previous cultures already there. For me personally there were three main things that brought my mind to this obvious reality, the first was in learning about the Cholula pyramid in Mexico south of Teotihuacan. It is the largest pyramid by volume known so far in the world and it is nearly completely covered with dirt that makes it look like a natural hill over 200 ft tall. On its top is a Catholic church Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, built there by the Spanish conquistadors to make their mark and attempt to erase the religions of their predecessors as they made themselves the change agent of Mayan and Aztec life.

The second was the realization that in my area of Ohio, within the United States there used to be a vast kingdom of giant humans, people over 7 ft tall, who inhabited the area and were buried in many of the giant mound complexes so known to the region. One such mound is just down the road from my home, about 5 miles or so and is of a similar size as the Silbury Hill complex at Avebury in England. The top of the mound had been looted many years ago but has otherwise not been properly excavated even through the very nice college of Miami University is just down the road. Up the Great Miami River is a twin of this mound called the Miamisburg Mound which is of a similar size and scope. It had an excavation at the end of the 1800s, they found a few bones and nobody has touched it again since.

There is no desire to touch it again by our institutional knowledge. Instead our political system has used the American Indian as an excuse to do nothing creating an artificial constraint called the NAGPRA. The third thing was in reading the great James Joyce classic novel, Finnegan’s Wake. That’s where the whole Vico cycle came alive to me and I realized that Joyce had written the book in a coded language to hide its contents from the political and religious powers of our times, so that only clever, smart people could unlock them. Knowing just those three things—and there are many others, but for me those three things confirmed my suspicions beyond any reasonable doubt that we will find our own history in outer space and learn that life on earth was just one more conquered frontier on our quest to survive.

Human society didn’t just do one thing for millions of years then suddenly blossom into thriving civilizations building magnificent pyramids and telling stories of monsters and gods battling it out in the cosmos. Those stories were told before a long time ago in places beyond earth. What is hard to admit to ourselves is that our political order and our institutions in general are more interested in their own power than they are in the science of discovery. Even the puritanical scientist that claims they want to save the whale, the polar ice caps, or even the history of the moon and Mars are hungry to make their sponsors happy with their results which of course come from institutions and politics that desire to keep all this information from the public so that they can hold power for just a little while longer. At least you can trust the healthy industrialist which seeks to monetize discovery because the value of that ambition is a measurable claim, we can all trust. Science we cannot because they are often funded by the political order of our day and their results often are skewed so that they can gather up money for efforts that don’t contribute to any real productivity, which leaves them always at the mercy of those who are willing to give them money to publish results the current political order desires.

That is why they make fun of those who point to Mars and to other celestial bodies and say that the origin of mankind didn’t come from some monkey in the desert or on the plains of Africa, but they fled from some tragedy out there beyond the barriers of earth and they sought refuge in a new and vast world after they lost their homelands due to circumstances that are yet to be revealed. And now we are plotting a course to return and to discover the truth of it all, which we always needed to know, but for which our present politics just couldn’t fathom. To study how even the F.B.I. could seek to destroy President Trump because he was truly elected a people’s president and is as independent of the old order as the modern age would allow us to get, then it isn’t hard to understand why NASA must scrub photos from the moon and Mars that show signs of life for which their bosses have said, the public will learn of it when they are ready, when their religions will allow them to grasp the truth. But in reality what they really mean is that they want to hold power for as long as possible because once humans colonize the planet, they will no longer care about what politicians or church leaders think on earth. They will be on the frontier experiencing a whole new way of life, one that is determined by the value of productivity, not ancient reverence to dying ideas.

If you want to know the truth about science consider that what they are saying they are seeing on Mars has already been covered up right here on earth, at Cholula, at the Ohio mounds, within the book Finnegan’s Wake. If we can’t deal with the reality right in front of us, what are we going to do when there is no civilization to hide it through a barrier of civility? That is why values have to be determined now and finally—a system of understanding reached that is divorced of past sins. Capitalism is the only real truth that there ever was and once we bring that to the stars we can’t allow for the suppression of the obvious. We have to come to terms with it and not make the same mistakes again. Its time for the Vico cycle to end.

Rich Hoffman

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