People Who Work in Government are Generally Stupid: Watch the movies ‘American Made’ and ‘Chappaquiddick’ to understand why they hate Trump

I recommend you do two things right now dear reader, go on Netflix and watch Chappaquiddick and watch wherever you can find it, American Made with Tom Cruise. I watched it on HBO. They were both remarkable films. Chappaquiddick of course is about how Ted Kennedy left a young girl riding in a car with him to die when he accidentally drove off the road in an inebriated condition in a bay where she drowned, and he escaped, mysteriously. What was astonishing about this movie even if it did attempt to paint Ted Kennedy in the best possible light was that he was so enormously stupid and incompetent. For a guy who was being groomed to be president of the United States the way his “handlers” treated him was astonishing. It was a really interesting look at life behind the scenes of a crises regarding people at the highest level of politics. It then becomes very clear why all those people who have come to handle presidents of the United States over the years have come to resent President Trump, a man who is street smart, instinctive and does not want their advice. Then you will really have your doors blown off when you watch American Made, about Barry Seal, the ex-TWA pilot who was coaxed by the CIA to become a drug smuggler for Pablo Escobar.

I knew a lot of this information but I never really thought of Barry Seal the smuggler being at the center of the Iran Contra affair, the Clinton scandals in Arkansas and being the payoff man to Manuel Noriega. Looking at these distinctly 1980s events knowing what we do about how the FBI and the Department of Justice handled the Clinton email scandal and their attempts to remove Trump from presidential office before he even set foot in the White House it made the movie American Made that much more powerful. The two things that bothered me was the way that the CIA picked Barry Seal for the job, knowing he would become a drug smuggler, and actually allowing it to happen so that they could prop up a flood of cocaine into the United States and prop up insurgents in Central America with cash. Barry was a bit of a daredevil, so the CIA set him up with his own airport in Arkansas overlooked by Governor Clinton specifically and they gave him plenty of property to build a smuggling empire.

Much like Chappaquiddick when Ted Kennedy had just accidentally killed a young woman and was making calls the morning after from the desk of the sheriff’s office—because the Kennedy’s controlled all of politics in that region, there was a scene in American Made where Barry had just been arrested by the local law enforcement, the F.B.I. the ATF and other agencies and was hauled up before the state attorney general to spend many lifetimes in jail when President Clinton called her and commanded her to release the drug smuggler. I’m sure many of the scenes in the movie were exaggerated to compress time and events, but it was really strange to see it happening in a historical context. Then to have that same drug smuggler in the White House as an advisor to Oliver North and the Reagan initiative against drugs called “Just Say No.” They used Barry Seal to conduct a sting operation against Pablo Escobar which worked. But Escobar sent a hit squad into the United States to kill Barry Seal. Once assassinated the White House needed a new way to get guns to freedom fighters and drug runners in Central America so they used the Iranians, which spawned the Iran Contra Affair.

I have read books and books on all these topics individually but until the movie used Barry Seal to string them all together did it really click how things worked. It helps to look back in hindsight and knowing what we do today of course, but I thought it was amazing to put all these elements into one movie that had so much to do with how the world has been shaped today. It doesn’t take much of a fantastic mind to imagine that even today the people in politics who support open borders are doing so to help the drug trade funnel drugs into the United States. After all, the CIA was clearly involved at a high level into the whole operation and one can only imagine what the sinister desire was to allow it to happen. But on the most basic level it was to funnel cash into impoverished areas to act as change agents against communism and other anti-capitalist forces. Perhaps a good idea in intent, but a disaster into practice.

When I was a kid, even up to my mid 20s really, I thought of people in the F.B.I. and CIA as being elite law enforcement types who were the best of the best. The fully grown adult in me knows now that they are just people like anybody else and usually, they aren’t very smart. In fact, most people working in government are pretty stupid, which is why they are attracted to government and not the private sector. That is very disappointing, but a grim reality. Yet they struggle to maintain that illusion not just to themselves, that they are smart and important, that they go to GREAT effort to only allow puppet presidents of the people to be in the White House so not to shatter their reality with evidence. The real action is out there in the people like Barry Seal who do the work of these agencies, then are expendable when their work is done. We see the same kind of activity in our modern times around this whole attempt to destroy President Trump while real crimes were openly committed by these very same agencies. We don’t want to believe they could possibly do such a thing, but they obviously did.

Its one thing to know something, and I’ve heard stories from conspiracy theorists for years about the CIA drug smuggling and gun running operations—heck, that’s how ISIS was started by the Obama administration. Obama was in support of the Muslim Brotherhood caliphate all around the Mediterranean and Assad was standing in the way. In Syria the Assad family had previously fought the Muslim Brotherhood for control and weren’t about to allow some Islamic radicals to take control of the country from the family rule. So Assad gassed his own people and the Obama White House ran with the story to bring international pressure down on Assad. When that didn’t work the United States started funneling guns to rebels who then became ISIS. This is a very old story that happens over and over again. But what we all must ask ourselves is why it continues to happen.

The hatred of Trump is that he is truly a people’s president elected outside of the controls that were obviously in place in the two films I mentioned. In those movies, the presidents or potential presidents were just pawns of the greater politics involved, where the so-called Deep State operated. In the case of American Made, the Deep State was the CIA breaking the law for what they considered a greater good. Barry Seal was a criminal completely propped up by the CIA to make the drug runners in Columbia extremely wealthy so that they could destabilize the communism that was in fashion in Central America. And you can hear the same rationalizations from James Comey today about Trump, trying to justify why he broke the law to keep a people’s president out of the White House…. essentially because he felt he knew better than the rest of us how to deal with world affairs. And that is how these disasters happen.

I remember the events of my youth well, the Chappaquiddick situation and the antics of Barry Seal and I’m not going back to that. I voted for President Trump because I have lost faith in the F.B.I. and the CIA—in the Presidency itself. I am not going to sleep just so that losers in those intelligence agencies can give us the illusion of a Republic while they work behind the scenes under great illegal circumstances to overthrow our way of government. I do not find those options acceptable, and Trump is my solution to that long-standing problem. And if you want context dear reader, then watch those two movies and apply what you learn to our modern circumstances. And many answers will become quite clear for you.

Rich Hoffman

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