Shut Down the Government: We don’t need most of those employees anyway

Shut down the government, do us all a favor. What they are talking about shutting down if a budget resolution isn’t reached is essentially a much-needed layoff of employees that aren’t needed anyway. They call them in government “non-essential” employees because the world continues to spin whether or not they are at work. They aren’t needed. And the last time this happened where an actual shut down occurred the parks services was cut so national parks were closed as a unionized extortion tactic meant to put pain on the public to provide political support for their cause as well. To that I say shut them all down too. The government shouldn’t be in the park business anyway, turn them over to private control and get the government out of the way at the Grand Canyon, the Smoky Mountains and elsewhere, shut them all down and turn over management to private enterprise, as they should have always been. It is amazing that after all these years there has never been a Republican who could withstand a shutdown showdown with the lowly Democrats. Not even Newt Gingrich managed to be successful during the Clinton years. Bill Clinton easily waited out Newt and Bob Dole while he carried on an affair with Monica Lewinsky instead. It was no skin off his back and Republicans came running back to him within a few weeks, and Democrats have had the high ground on the argument ever since. That is, until December 11th, 2018.

Of course I fully support President Trump’s efforts to shut down the government and to take that power away from Democrats. Most of the government workers effected do not vote Republican anyway so why not do it? What is there to lose by sending home employees the government doesn’t need anyway. All essential functions will continue to operate so where is the problem? Any small government advocate should be very excited to see such a thing happen. After all, there isn’t any better way to shrink the size of government than by getting rid of the people working in it that you don’t need. Once people realize that a government shutdown really doesn’t affect them then they’ll move on to something else, so why not do it?

I’ve never liked government employees. I know a lot of people who do work in government and they are to my judgment lazy people who are too slow in life to really advance the human cause. I put up with them out of kindness, but when talking to them and discovering their values they disgust me. I can’t wait to get away from them generally. It doesn’t matter if they are F.B.I. agents or just clerks at the BMV. They are what I term slow people lacking ambition, which is why they work in the protective umbrella of government services. The pay is artificially good because it isn’t set by any kind of market value giving wages an artificial ceiling that can’t be supported by reality and the requirements for performing a task are nearly nonexistent. The postal worker who spends most of his day drunk and off work because his liver is so polluted from all the years of drinking that he’s now sick all the time still gets a raise. It’s a pathetic system that only people in government benefit from.
These are generalities of course. It could be argued that every military service person is a government employee and we all know that we are supposed to salute them for their willingness to die for us at every juncture. Some would argue that the military is essential personnel that is negatively affected by government shutdowns, but to that I’d say we accomplish more around the world with contracted work. That is where the real dirty stuff happens anyway, not the front-line soldier sweeping a mine field in some hostile land who probably shouldn’t be there to begin with. It’s the soldiers of fortune who do the real work most of the time, and they get paid. Believe me, they get paid well—and during a government shutdown, those signatures still get made.

The kind of little fight that Trump had with the liberal progressives Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi is precisely why I voted for the President. I don’t want a bunch of back slapping and “getting along.” I want someone who will sit in the Oval Office and fight on my behalf. Not some wishy-washy get along loser like we’ve had for several decades now who lets inferior government workers run all over them in the form of the Democrat party. These calls for civility in public discourse are the same idiots who want the game to continue because they profit off the chaos in some fashion or another. The government should never be such a large employer and there is no way at this point to create incentives for nonessential people to leave government work unless it becomes a destabilized employer anyway. We all know that there isn’t any management in government work so what hope of reform is there unless we have more of these government shutdowns. We need to get those people affected into some other line of employment and what better way to do it.

What is most disgusting is that during a shut down most of those affected workers will get paid anyway for sitting at home on their asses. Not right away, but once the shutdown is resolved, they get a check whether or not they have done anything which is a disgusting system that only government could come up with. Government is the ultimate socialist experiment which by its nature avoids proper market adjustment conditions because the entire system is built of sentiment, not necessity. People seem to forget that France is and has been a socialist country for many years. After weeks of protesting taxes on gasoline prices to protect the environment on a made-up global warming initiative designed to incite panic among progressives, and thus foolish legislation and artificial tax collections, the President of France Emmanuel Macron proposed a raise for all workers of 100 euros and an exemption on overtime pay as well as social security for retirees. How did he come up with that number? Those labor costs aren’t set by any market circumstances, they are an artificial reaction to an artificial problem and all that does is inflate the value of labor costs for the entire country. How can a government just set a wage price to appeal to a bunch of protestors running around the streets of Paris overturning cars and burning garbage cans? The answer is he can’t, not without destroying the economic value of what France produces. This is the problem with all governments who set prices with the failed socialist notion that such things are best managed in such a way avoiding market realities.

It should be extraordinary, but it was and I hope to see a lot more off it where President Trump has these open fights with congressional Democrats. He’s doing essentially what I’d like to do and I voted for him to do just such a thing. And for the record, because everyone keeps saying it on all sides of the argument, we do not have a democracy in America. A bunch of thugs can’t just run around the streets overturning cars and vandalizing street signs and get a raise. We have a representative republic. We elect people to do jobs for us and that is how Trump was elected, even though the government system still refuses to accept that premise and have been working very hard to erase that election. But that’s the system we have and more fights like what happened in the White House over the funding of the government and the funding of the border wall need to occur. Additionally, we need to shut down the government more often so to push people out of that work that we don’t need so we don’t have to pay them for “nonessential” work. What a preposterous notion—paying people for things we don’t need as a nation just so that the government can count itself as a major employer. That is not the way of a capitalist nation, only a socialist one, and it should have never been introduced into the American concept to begin with. So people shouldn’t cry when it goes away. Shut down the government and move on to the next topic.

Rich Hoffman

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