The Illegal FBI Activism Against General Flynn: It could happen to any of us

How bad is it you might wonder, as we have previously considered the implications of the attorney for Michael Cohen’s sentencing by the FBI, and Paul Manafort, both people close to the president in some way or another. Well, the General Flynn case paints an accurate picture of just how out of control the FBI was and still is in regard to attempting to overthrow a president elected the correct way into occupying the White House. In a recent onstage interview James Comey who was leading the FBI at the time explained how he sent a couple of FBI agents into the White House to interview General Flynn and obtain incriminating information that was actually a crime created by an investigation that Flynn wasn’t even sure was happening as he was in a friendly mood during the transition and hadn’t yet learned the activism against him. And Comey attempted to lay all the blame at the feet of an unorganized Trump White House as he revered the good ol’ days of President Bush and President Obama who were very professional and procedural in their handling of management. And in that simple statement James Comey justified everything illegal that he personally assisted with in trying to overthrow the presidency by using the FBI to do so, including the seed he planted with the Mueller investigation.

Michael Flynn is a retired general from the United States Army with over 30 years of experience. These days people should be falling all over themselves to honor him, but due to his relationship with President Trump, it made him a target for anybody and everyone who wanted to bring down the Executive Branch. The intent of the FBI was clear, they sought to entrap the general into incriminating evidence by going into the White House and pretending all was well during the transitional phase then using that information later during the Mueller investigation to leverage him into working against the president, just as was attempted by Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort. Cohen the lawyer of course will say anything if the price is right, which is why he’s a lawyer, so he turned on Trump and would say anything. But Flynn turned out to have nothing incriminating to offer but, in the process, he has lost nearly every material possession he had worked a lifetime to get just to cover his legal expenses.

The radicals at the FBI had no problem following Comey’s orders which were clearly in rebellion to the new president simply because he didn’t feel that the people had made the right decision and that Trump just wasn’t going to be allowed to be in the White House. Using the tools of the FBI Comey openly sought to overturn the election. And in his arrogance, he has had the audacity to call himself a hero by implication. As Trump discovered the level of Comey’s role as a FBI director and possible leaker to the press, the President fired him and for that Comey has said it was obstruction of justice. Comey claims it was obstruction because a phony investigation into Russian tampering into the 2016 election had been initiated by Democrats to essentially keep Trump on his heels and keep the forces against him in their jobs. There was never any Russian tampering, but because of the DNC funded dossier which claimed Russian connections and prostitutes pissing in a bed the Obamas had slept in, the FBI figured that the best way to keep all their dirty hands from being noticed was through a false accusation at Trump and force him to defend it—which would keep them all in their jobs.

It was one of the first things Comey brought up to Trump was that Russian dossier and he did it to gain emotional leverage on the matter, and to protect his job. If Trump discovered what Comey had been up to then the leaked documents the FBI director had leaked to the press would inspire a special investigation completely politically motivated to further hinder the president in the efforts he had been elected to conduct. The FBI thought they knew better than the people who elected Trump and they worked to abuse their power to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the incoming administration and help them pave a possible trail to prosecuting members of the transition into being compromised. That is how Flynn became wrapped up in the whole ordeal to begin with. When the FBI spoke to him at the White House Flynn thought it was just members of the same team chatting about the circumstances of the world. Not that the FBI would use everything against him which only turned out to be in how Flynn remembered some dates that were irrelevant to anything in the matter. The whole conversation was a perjury trap.

If that was all there was to it, we might just say that the law is the law and that Flynn should have been more careful, so he gets what he gets. But that’s not how it is, we know that the FBI helped cover up the events of the DNC, such as Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch to discuss how the FBI would handle his wife’s case on the illegal email server they were investigating. Or in allowing Hillary Clinton and her staff members to destroy their cell phones and laptops prior to turning them over to the FBI during their investigation. Or Comey trying to merge the law into the Department of Justice decision not to prosecute the presidential nominee without undermining the rule of law his agents expected to live by simply because Lynch had decided to call off the investigation so that Hillary could run for president of the United States. The Democrats surrounding Hillary Clinton broke many laws, much worse than anything General Flynn had done, or Michael Cohen yet nothing happened to any of them. The FBI only went after Trump Republicans allowing themselves to become weapons of a political nature which is not what they were ever supposed to be.

What has happened to General Flynn just for being associated with President Trump is a travesty of justice. And we are all warned not to mess around with the FBI and cast our opinions otherwise the same fate might befall us too. If you mess with America’s intelligence agencies, they have the power to destroy your lives, and that is the message behind Comey’s activism. Because even if a member of the team gets fired, the system will rally behind the fallen soldier and destroy the life of whoever did such a thing. In Comey’s case his wife was a Hillary supporter and he obviously was operating as a Democrat, even though he has attempted to misdirect people into thinking otherwise. Just as he has covered his role in all these illegal activities by trying to associate them with justice instead of overthrow and election tampering. It was never the Russians who tampered with the election, it was Comey and his employees. Yet to cover their tracks they would rather start World War III if it made the President look bad and fulfil their political objectives for future elections. The FBI was in the business of overthrow and they are the ones guilty of espionage and election tampering. Certainly not General Flynn. He has been a pawn in the game that nobody really knew was being played, but at least now we do. The question is, what are we going to do about it?

Rich Hoffman

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