The Corrupt FBI: Until they fix their own problems, they have no authority to pass legal judgement on anything

I’m going to make a not so bold prediction and state that Judge Emmett Sullivan is going to throw out the guilty plea by General Flynn on Tuesday because it is now obvious that the FBI obtained that plea through deceitful means. I know everyone doesn’t pay attention to these stories because there are a lot of other things to think about that are a lot more pleasant, but this FBI case against Trump and the people of his administration is the biggest story on planet earth. It’s not so much about politics or whether you are or aren’t a Trump supporter, it really comes down to the nature of justice. If the FBI isn’t punished for their misdeeds in the Trump case then we have no real justice. There is nothing we can trust regarding law and order. If the Flynn plea sticks, we could be said to never trust anything from any court ever in relation to the United States of America, because if they can’t get this right, they could never get anything correct. The Robert Mueller special council case against the Trump presidency initiated by the Democrat operative James Comey is the biggest corruption case in the history of the world, because much of the Washington D.C. establishment has been in on the game, and if punishment is not issued then the entire legal system is in jeopardy. For those not so familiar with the case you can catch up with this video of Judge Jeanine from Fox News.

The same Mueller who has been pressing General Flynn for information on Trump effectively ruining his life, and who pressed Michael Cohen to flip against his old boss, and with Paul Manafort in jail who was the campaign manager for Trump for a short time in 2016 knew that employees on his special counsel such as Peter Strzok and Lisa Page had over 19,000 texts wiped off their phones by the Department of Justice prior to handling them over to the investigation, destroying evidence. By Mueller’s own rules against the people he’s been pressing, everyone involved in the FBI who either destroyed evidence or allowed for the destruction of evidence in this case should not only be fired, but should be in jail with Paul Manafort as well. You can’t have it both ways Bobby Boy. You can’t convict people of a crime when you are the one who committed the crimes, and in this case, much more severe crimes. No wonder James Comey is running around doing television because he knows that he’s in the middle of all this mess and if he wants to survive, he needs to try to spin the story away from him while his friend Bob Mueller continues to attempt to bring down President Trump any way possible. The FBIs only defense in this case is to hope that they keep everyone else on their heels so that nobody has time to deal with the crimes they made in trying to manipulate an election and overthrow a sitting president. That is why this is the biggest case of corruption in the world, because without honest American elections, no place in the world can have any hope of doing anything right. If it fails in America it will fail everywhere.

I continue to feel sorry for Michael Cohen, an attorney who gets paid to say anything on behalf of his clients. Now he’s facing jail time and the FBI has exposed his criminal conduct on other matters, so he is out there singing like a canary on a spring morning with the windows open. He’s hoping to get a reduced sentence so he can stay out of jail so he’s helping build credibility for the Mueller case to get that reduced sentence. Sure I think he’s lying. I also think there was probably some hanky panky going on with the girls that were paid off by Trump, but I didn’t vote for a saint by any means. Trump was a playboy and Melania knew it. That is there deal and if Trump wanted to keep some women from yacking, I really don’t care about that. Most of the world does not live by the kind of ethical standards that I expect, so that disappointment is trivial to me. The question was whether it was illegal or not. For that Michael Cohen has essentially had his life ruined and pushed into becoming a spokesman for the Mueller investigation.

Yet we are supposed to think that paying off an ex-Playboy bunny and a porn star to keep past relationships out of the newspapers is bad, but we are supposed to not be angry that the Department of Justice met with Bill Clinton, the husband of a presidential candidate to work out a deal to get the FBI off her tail over her illegal email server, or that Hillary and her staff destroyed evident before turning them over to the FBI, and that the DOJ themselves now have been caught destroying evidence as well to hide their actions against President Trump during the transition phase. We are supposed to forget about the illegal spying on his campaign. The illegal DNC funded dossier meant to be used as leverage against the incoming president and the illegally obtained FISA warrant. But we are supposed to be concerned about payoffs to women, forgetting about where or when certain things happened, or crimes of people in the Trump campaign that aren’t even related to Trump—but are inspired to apply a guilt by association verdict? Give me a freaking break!

I’m a law an order guy. Even though I may be one of the most surveilled people on planet earth I am also one of the most honest. People could rifle through my life all day long, and likely they do, and they couldn’t find much of anything illegal. I will admit that I am a person who drives very fast, so speeding on the road might be something they could find, or running through stop lights when I know its safe. But on matters of ethics, I don’t know anybody more ethical than I am on all matters, and I know a lot of people. Honesty is important to me and I live by it. So when I say that I do not recognize the authority of the FBI because they have lost my trust, I mean it. Nothing they do until they put some people in jail from their own side can change that. They are as corrupt and evil as any organization on earth. And I’m not willing to give a free pass to the field agents the way Sean Hannity does. I don’t think this corruption is just at the top, because in my experience that type of activity cascades down to everyone. Corruption is a cultural problem, not an isolated one, and if the FBI was willing to destroy evidence with the Trump campaign, and so openly with so many people involved at the highest levels, then what else have they done. Can we believe anything they’d done over the years? I would argue not and the burden is on them to restore their credibility. It isn’t on me to believe them, or you dear reader. The FBI and DOJ under the Obama administration really screwed up and its their burden to fix. And until they do, they as an organization have lost their authority. They mean nothing to me, I can tell you that.

Rich Hoffman

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