Why the World Needs Trump’s Border Wall: Defining values that make for good and bad lives

Yes, the United States must have a wall between the Mexican and American border, a real, physical barrier that people can see and which prevents unwanted crossings. And the reason why is more than just a political discussion, it’s a deep philosophical difference that is required to be recognized for the benefit of existence. Not all people in the world are equal, some feed thoughts that are quite disastrous to themselves and those around them while others are quite productive and leave in their life wake benefits that cascade into those around them. But due to the freedom of human beings to engage in free thought, the quality of their thinking produces people of differing values. When you magnify the results of many people in such a situation then it can be said that entire nations have radically different values which then become apparent at places like the Mexican/American border.

On the American side of that border is a capitalist country that uses a monetary system to determine values from everything to what kind of house people choose to live in to the more tangible elements of success and failure. On the Mexican side are the results of a failed Marxist revolution that has left in its wake a collectivist mindset impoverished and in a primitive state. The people are the same on both sides of the border, they are human with one head, two arms and two legs. But what makes them different is in what they think about. And of course, what one thinks about is what one becomes. When basic survival is the primary concern embarked on in Mexico it should come as no surprise that they live in dreadful habitats close to mud huts, and in some cases they do. Food, and sex are their primary concerns, then in raising the products of those thoughts, the children that spawn from them.

In America there is more to the culture because capitalism has provided more options to think about, thus there are more conditions for which to build a life from. Houses are different, the cars are different, the people dress different, act different, there are more food choices—all this because capitalism provides more avenues of thought other than just basic survival. When these results are multiplied across the range of human experience for that country the net gains generated from thought are obvious to even a casual observer.

Enemies of capitalism of course recognize this problem and they have every intention in the world of trying to blend the lines between the two so that one side does not feel superior to the other, because their advocacy is for a more socialist world. So the capitalist mode of thinking must be attacked in two basic ways, through the promotion of no barriers, and through the easy flow of drugs which at the high level of strategy between global interests, are intended to poison the minds of the capitalists so that they can no longer think such beautiful thoughts which make such a great American country. So the smuggling of narcotics into the American country is part of a globalist strategy to ruin the minds of the residents so that the distinction between the two countries, Mexico and America, are not so obvious. Drugs keep the people who use them in a state of primitive ambition which puts them on the same level as the typical socialist, and that is the strategic goal. The tactical application is the dealing in actual drugs to the customer base in the capitalist zones. Therefor, a country that wishes to retain its intellectual virtue must make that process difficult.

Individual liberty is surrendered when the choices that are made have an impact on the individual sanctity of those around them. This is why I am not a “libertarian.” Unfortunately, everything affects everything else, so the drug user who is in their home doing drugs for their own enjoyment is actually destroying quite a lot on the outside world, especially if they are raising children with the same reckless values. So a nation has a right to make drugs illegal if they rob a country of the ability to protect individuals from the incursions of impositions created by the drug induced. The illiterate drunk standing on the street corner is a similar villain because their presence lowers the thinking of those around them. There is nothing more disgusting than a perfectly healthy adult puking on the side of a bar after drinking too much and people having to observe such a thing thinking about it the rest of their night. Such observations lower the appeal of a capitalist society and bring people’s thoughts to lower quality ambitions by default.

The freedom to live, and think is a universal appeal but what is left for us to define is the quality of those definitions. The people of Mexico are living, and a bum in the desert is thinking and living freely while they exist in the back of a 50-year-old mobile home with the doors barely hanging from their hinges. But if such a thing were placed into the middle of a neighborhood where the average home value was $500,000 it could easily be displayed that the quality of thought for the entire community would be lowered. Having to look at such a monstrosity or talk to such a free-wheeling person at the community pool would lower the expectations of all the other residents and those thoughts would bring down the entire social structure of the ambitious capitalist culture and evoke negative judgment. So while we can say that everything and everyone should be free, the monetary value of some measurement must be applied to create the law and order that government can never provide.

To protect that value, we must have a barrier of some kind to disguise good thought from bad, and to make it much harder for the bad to influence the good. What the enemies of capitalism want is to remove value from society so that they can redefine it under collectivists assumptions. That is their objective and why they are so against Trump’s border wall proposals doing anything they can to prevent it from happening. Their desire is to blend the cultures so that the quality of thinking on one side is diminished and the other side uplifted because they can have access to the more advanced culture. But the barrier is needed to inspire one culture to look at what put them in such a dismal place and to correct the behavior. The determining factor as to what one side does and one side doesn’t do well is determined by the value of economic means—which are produced by the quality of the thinking that produced those attributes. The culture that doesn’t have such benefits might wan to point across the border and declare the people living in million-dollar homes as villains because they spent most of their lives having 20 children by five different women, and not learning who to do things that mattered economically, but that doesn’t change the nature of reality. The border wall is for the benefit of those on both sides. Those living in bad circumstances need to come to terms with it instead of focusing all their attention onto fleeing into a capitalist country that has opportunity. They need to make opportunity for themselves. And until there is a physical barrier illustrating the difference definitively, they won’t be inspired to do so.

Rich Hoffman

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