Take the Shutdown: It could be a lot worse

Shut it down! Shut down the government, forever as far as I care, and build the wall! Build the wall tall, and wide and draw that line in the sand and stick to it. It is time for an impasse and to stop the Democrats from dancing in Washington bars to the music of American Pie, driving our Chevys to the levy but the levy is dry. The levy is dry and the Chevys are out of business and its time to have the real conversations that should have always been going on, walls mean a recognition of American values and those values aren’t in expanding government as a primary employer of so many non-essential employees. The government is too big, too expensive, and too damn slow and it needs to be cut back, and budget showdowns like the one we are dealing with are just the ticket. Bravo President Trump!

There was a lot made about the flexibility of president Trump to cave into what Chuck Schumer called the “hard right” where voices like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and even me were pretty hard on the president not to cave to the pressures of the Hill, to pass another budget impasse and kick the can down the road into January. But that is typically the role of any CEO, they listen to all the conditions and make the best deal for their side of things. Trump is always willing to listen, so he changes positions a lot. But when a radio personality like Rush Limbaugh makes a statement, its hard not to pay attention because he does have his finger on the pulse of the world. Limbaugh has conservatively 14 million weekly listeners, more than that if you count hour by hour ratings through the week. That more than most magazines and television shows, and is a huge platform to speak from. But those listeners don’t come out of thin air, they are a very real population sector that isn’t represented by other forms of entertainment, and they effectively make up the Trump base. Why shouldn’t Trump listen when the noise of Washington D.C. is attempting to use chaos as a cover for pork belly money projects that exacerbate the problem of out of control budgets?

And what bleeds our budget in the U.S. economy more than a lack of border security? Sure if people want to buy drugs they’ll find a way to get them, but why make it easy for enemies of America to poison our work force? Personally speaking I am an employer and I hire hundreds of people every year, if I want to hire 5 traditionally white American citizens, 3 of them will fail their drug test. It’s a massive problem and the enemies of America have been successful in poisoning the traditional workforce with the product they smuggle across the Mexican border with North America. I would go so far to call it a detrimental circumstance. Now also as an employer, I have my needs and they will be fulfilled, but it requires every company to think outside the box to deal with that problem. So why make it easy for such malicious characters to continue shipping the poison into America?

Without question, Democrats are all about open borders and dissolving the sovereignty of nations so that there can be one global government managed by the United Nations. That has been their plan for a long time and now that things are coming unraveled due to the Trump presidency, the strings are showing. It wasn’t so obvious to most people before because they believed all this garbage about continuing budget resolutions and monstrous government projects that just employ people to play on Facebook all day getting paid for doing nothing. Government didn’t listen when people were speaking. I have been speaking about this lunacy for years, all of my adult life. Trump was elected because many people like me stopped listening to the bullshit and started demanding results. Trump is in the White House because of the Rush Limbaugh audience and the NRA members, and the Sean Hannity audience then to a smaller extent the Fox News audience, the people who still like Clint Eastwood and John Wayne movies, the products of old Hollywood. And the pain that Democrats and Rino Republicans are feeling is that they tried to institute a change agency culture from the perspective of the Beltway and people have rejected it.

There are places in California and in New England that have subscribed to this Beltway culture of big government progressivism renamed from its previous communist terminology. Seattle and Portland are cities that are openly embracing socialism for instance. But most of the rest of North America isn’t going for it and the momentum is shifting away from them and they can feel it. There was literal desperation in Nancy Pelosi’s voice when they reacted to Trump’s proposal to shut down the government over Christmas if he didn’t get his border wall money. Because if he is successful, they will lose forever their leverage of public sentiment and that will literally destroy their base, which is already in trouble from young radicals wanting to pull the entire party further to the political left. What all of Washington D.C. culture has been espousing for decades has been out of touch with the people who put them in office and Trump was sent to the White House to clean it up. All Rush Limbaugh did was remind President Trump of that.

I did my own personal bits on the matter and we all should, after all if President Trump doesn’t have our support when he needs it most the options for us are a bloody one, and nobody wants to see that. I don’t want bloodshed, I always prefer a legal means of solving a problem. But we can’t give our country away to a world desperate to loot off our progress and to insist on socialist forms under a global flag. If the world wants help becoming independent and more capitalist in nature, I’m all for helping them out. But I am not going to allow America to be destroyed because the world’s education institutions produced a false philosophy rooted in Karl Marx and Immanuel Kant instead of the great late Adam Smith. Adam Smith’s thoughts on capitalism are far more powerful and the proof is in America. To protect that value for the world to see we need a border wall which is exactly what Democrats are afraid of revealing, the obvious differences between capitalism and socialism. If drug dealers and Marxist revolutionaries cannot flood the American population with Trojan horse insurgents, then how does the Democrat party survive in the future? The answer is that they don’t.

So I applaud the stand the Trump administration is taking. I fully support it. I don’t care if thousands of government workers are at the homeless shelters out of work, because its better than armed insurrection. A lot less blood will be spilled this way, which is how the system is supposed to work. But a word of caution to the big government types, the CIA, the FBI and all the losers who watch every little thing I do as well as others like me who listen to Rush Limbaugh, are proud NRA members and are severely anti-drug, anti-illegal immigration and Trump supporters through thick and thin—be happy Trump is protecting you from a real judgement day. Take the government shut down and shut the hell up—for your own good.

Rich Hoffman

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